~The Death of a Shirt Part 5~

The Return of Uranus


*Author: Lita Ami Bunny*



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The Return of Uranus


Seiya walked pensively through the forest, wiping the remains of the ketchup off his shirt as he traveled.

"Ok." Seiya thought out loud. "I've tried chemicals, fire and even an anvil! But nothing worked!"

Seiya slumped to the ground and continued. "I need something new, something original, something to secure the fate of Chiba Mamoru forever!" He finished, laughing menially.


Sailor Uranus looked up into the darkness.

"Where am I? Neptune?" She asked out loud in her robotic voice.

"You are inside the shirt!"

"What?! Who said that?" Uranus asked, trying to find someone, anyone, in the darkness.

"I am the 'good' spirit of the shirt." The voice replied.

"Oh brother," Uranus groaned, holding her head. "Wonderful, if it isn't bad enough to have gotten 'kidnapped' by a SHIRT but now it's so called 'spirit' is talking to me as well!" she finished, sobbing hysterically.

"But Uranus," The voice continued. "I am the GOOD spirit of the shirt! Bob!"

"Oh please." Uranus resumed crying. "Nothing about that cursed shirt is good."

Bob growled. "You are minnnnnneee!"

Uranus screamed as the spirit of the Earth Shirt possessed her as it had to Mamoru.


"Come on just a little further!" Sailor Mars said as she and the Senshi, Starlights (except Fighter), Chibi-Usa and Chibi-Chibi fought through the underbrush on their way to find Uranus.

"Are you sure she's this way?" Venus asked Mercury, who was typing in her computer.

"Yes." Mercury replied. "The computer said that she should be right about..." she trailed off.

"What?" Jupiter asked moving toward Mercury.

"It's gone! All energy traces have vanished!" Mercury cried in despair.

"WHAT?" Saturn and Pluto screamed the same time, rushing toward Mercury.

"Don't worry." Neptune stopped them. "She's ok, I can feel it."

Sailor Moon looked up at the sky. "Uranus..."


Mamoru walked through the streets of Tokyo Shopping District, pushing past anyone who got in his way. He was a man on a mission!

Mamoru hummed his theme song (read Darien the Marvelous Man) as he looked into the window of, yet, another store. If he couldn't find his beloved Earth Shirt, he was just going to buy another one!

"Ah-ha!" Mamoru laughed under his breath as he looked into the window of another promising store.

He pushed his cape back, making it fan out behind him. "I will find you now!" he said giddily as he rubbed his hands together gleefully and skipped into the store, ignoring the stares of the tourists and cries of the children.


Haruka sighed as she stepped out into the sun, entering the Shopping District.

Whistling she walked along, playing with her newest form of attire...A replica of the great Earth Shirt.

However, there was something different about Uranus...something not right.

"Here is the perfect place to gather energy for Master Bob." Uranus pulled out a foldable stand and laid out her merchandise...little robot replicas of the Earth Shirt with glowing red eyes.

Laughing wickedly, Uranus stood behind the counter and waited for her first victim. Folding the real Earth Shirt up and hiding it safety in a drawer.


Seiya walked stealthily after Mamoru, waiting for his chance.

Suddenly, Mamoru stopped and spun around, looking at something across the street.

Without warning, Mamoru suddenly dashed across the street and into a new store that had just opened, Bob the Great.

Seiya frowned, wondering what could have Mamoru so worked up.

Seiya followed Mamoru to the front of the store and gasped in horror as he saw what was inside, miniature Earth Shirt robots!

Gasping, Seiya rushed off to find the Senshi to inform them of this newest form of evil!


"Oh come on! We'll find her!" Minako said happily as she slurped on her ice cream cone.

"I hope she's all right." Usagi said worriedly.

"Well, we could be moving a whole lot faster if not for SOME people." Rei said angrily as she glared at Ami and Taiki, who were walking along slowly, hand in hand.

Ami blushed and Taiki looked away.

Yaten laughed. "Well, Ami and Taiki sitting in a tr..."

Seiya ran into Yaten, knocking him to the ground.

"HEY!" Yaten yelled angrily.

Seiya pretended not to notice. "Usagi-chan! I have just spotted a place of great evil!"

Setsuna and Michiru snapped at attention. "What? Where?"

Usagi remained calm. "Seiya, how do you know it's evil?"

"It's filled with little Earth Shirts."

Everyone gasped in horror.

Makoto slammed her fist into her hand. "Anything that takes the shape of the Earth Shirt is evil! We must stop it!"

"Where is it?" Chibi-Chibi asked.

Seiya glanced at her. "It's at a new place called...Bob the Great."


Haruka looked over at Mamoru, who had just entered the store and was observing, with great interest, the Shirt Robots.

She walked over to him. "How can I help you Mamoru-kun?"

Mamoru looked up. "I am looking for a, HEY! That's MY Earth Shirt!" he yelled pointing to the Earth Shirt Haruka was wearing.

Haruka stepped back defensively. "Hey hey! The shirt belongs to me!"




"NO WA..."


Haruka and Mamoru looked up toward the door, and standing there was, Sailor Moon!

"I will not allow such evil being as these...Earth Shirts, exist on our beautiful planet! I am Sailor Moon, and in the name of the Moon, I will punish you!"

"Sailor Mercury."

"Sailor Mars."

"Sailor Jupiter."

"Sailor Venus."

"Sailor Saturn."

"Sailor Neptune."

"Sailor Pluto."

"Sailor Star Fighter."

"Sailor Star Healer."

"Sailor Star Maker."

"Sailor Chibi-Chibi."

"Sailor Chibi-Moon."

Everyone finished, using their poses.

Haruka laughed. "You cannot possibly even fathom that you can defeat the all powerful, Master Bob?! How stupid!"

Mamoru grimaced and jumped out of the window, not wanting for his cape to get harmed in the upcoming fray. "I'll be back!"

"And I'll be waiting Cape Boy!" Haruka called after him.

Then she turned back to the Senshi, who were staring, wide mouthed at her. "As I was saying. Master Bob will take over the universe and everyone will be in awe at his wonderful, refreshing sense of style!"

Sailor Saturn stepped forward. "And just WHO is this Master Bob person?"

Suddenly, the drawer under the counter glowed an evil green and yellow and out came the Earth Shirt, which has gown three times in size than the last time the Senshi saw it.

It opened it's red eyes and began to speak...

"I, am Master Bob!"

Haruka smiled and the Senshi gasped in horror.


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