Soo I got mixed responses so I'm going to put up the first chapter and when I'm done with the Grease scenes I'll put up the next one. This was just something new I thought I would try, it's a cross between Made of Honor (plot) and Twilight (characters). It's in third person, something I've never tried and I thought I would give it a shot.

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Stonybrook Academy, 1998

He walked around in the midst of people at the party with a napkin in his hand. Girls said hello at every corner and winked seductively. Oooh she's hot…No! he thought to himself. Can't break the rules.

He smiled and followed the directions on the napkin and walked towards Jessica's room. The mahogany door with the small mirror and dry erase board was right in front of him.

"Now where did she say the key was?" he mumbled to himself while running his hand on the top of the door frame. "Here it is!" he said as he unlocked the door.

"Jessica?" No one replied. He shrugged and opened the door and shut it behind him as he entered the room. He looked around the room, overlooking the piles of clothes on the floor and the piles of paper on the desk. His eyes locked on the sleeping figure curled on the bed. He began to shed his clothing and climbed into the bed in his boxers.

"Hey Jessica." He said, his hands roaming her body. He didn't get the expected moans and he most definitely didn't feel any skin or lace. Hmmm, she must be a deep sleeper.

He planted his lips on her.

The figure stiffened and shot up, shoving him off. She screamed and opened her eyes slowly when she realized he or she stopped. "What the hell?" she shouted as she glared at the figure that she identified as a him.

This isn't Jessica… he thought to himself as he observed her, deep brown eyes and wavy chocolate colored hair, subtle signs of curves but masked by the baggy clothing.

The girl continued to stare at him in disbelief for two reasons, he was absolutely gorgeous with his messy auburn or copper or reddish brown hair, lean but toned body and she knew of his infamous reputation, who didn't? His deep green, emerald like eyes trapped her, entranced her in a way but she shoved those sensations aside. She reached for a bottle from her bureau.

Now what did Jess say?... "You're not Jessica! You're her geeky roommate!" he exclaimed, proud that he realized who she was.

She smacked him in the head with a pillow and began to spray into his face. He screamed in surprise and in pain. He fell off of the bed and onto the floor, writhing in pain. She finally stopped spraying.

"I can't see! I can't see! What is that stuff?! Mace or something?" he asked while trying to wipe the substance away from his eyes that continued to sting, wincing as he attempted to open his eyes.

"No, its Sheer Freesia from Bath and Body Works." She said innocently.


The ice cold water hit his face as he stood over the sink washing his eyes attempting to soothe the constant stinging. "Oh crap." He heard her mutter as he turned the faucet off. He looked at himself in the mirror observing himself, his green eyes, his messy bronze hair and his muscular body. He winked at himself and walked out of the bathroom satisfied.

"I do that all the time!" she muttered again as she began to pick herself off of the floor. He ran over to her wrapped his hands around her waist pulling her up from the floor. A shock of electricity flowed between them and they gasped in surprise. He let go of her and he stared at her as she turned red.

"Uhm, so… h-how did you… get in to our dorm room?" she asked him while playing with her hair subconsciously.

"Jessica told me where the key was." He said masking his disappointment that she didn't mention the spark between them. Maybe she didn't notice, he thought to himself.

"Typical Jessica. Doing whatever so she could get laid." She said shaking her head. She reached for her mug of coffee from the table and took a sip of refreshing coffee.

"Like you wouldn't do the same." he said and smirked. She almost choked on her coffee as he said that and glared at him. "What? I believe honesty is the best policy."

Sure she thought he was gorgeous but that didn't entitle him to ridicule her. "Do you really want to know what I think of you? Being honest and all?" she smirked.

"Yes." He said calmly, hiding his excitement from finding out what she thought of him.

"Fine, Edward Cullen, you are the most egotistical person I have ever met. You are self obsessed, bumptious, resplendent, vexatious, narcissistic, overweening person I've ever met!"

He stared at her and said, bewildered but impressed, "Big words." All the girls he had ever met were throwing themselves at him but she was different, she was actually completely honest and spoke her mind.

She smirked. "I have an English major, go figure." And I bet he didn't understand half of what I said.

"So what is your name? All Jess told me was that you were some geek." he said, she glared at him and his choice of words.

"Isabella Swan, Bella please." she replied as she took another sip of coffee.

"Well I'm sure you know who I am." he said as he chuckled.

She rolled her eyes, "No kidding, Edward. I know all about you and your rep. You slept with half the girls on my floor excluding Rose and your sister of course."

He smiled, "And don't forget you."

"Yeah and me, but I would never with someone like you." she shot back confidently although it was more confident than she believed herself.

"You're different from everyone else. You are probably the most honest person I've ever met aside from the obvious." he said sincerely.

She blushed, "Thanks and it's really not that hard being different from everyone else considering they aren't all that smart here at Stony."

He laughed, he never laughed with anyone outside of his family before this was… refreshing.

"Well Bella, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship." he said and smiled. She flushed a light pink and simply nodded, afraid her voice would betray her.


New York City, 2008

He yawned and stretched his muscular arms over his head, the sheet uncovering his bare chest. He looked over his shoulder to see his most recent girlfriend lying there her hair cascading her eyes closed. He silently got out of bed and picked his pants off of the ground and pulled them on. The girl noticed the change of weight in the bed and rubbed her eyes groggily. "Leaving so soon?" she asked, smiling while running her hands along his chest as a attempt to make him stay.

He chuckled, "Yes, duty calls." He buttoned up his shirt and fastened his watch to his wrist.

"Well in case you decide to come back tonight," she began and reached for a piece of paper. "Here's my number." she said and smiled slyly.

He took the piece of paper without hesitation and smirked, "You know I can't come back tonight but I'll be in touch."

"You and your stupid rules, can't you just break them once?" she whined.

"No can do." he said while he tied the laces to his leather shoes. "See ya next week." he said as he parted winking.

"Mhmmm." she said and plopped back into bed groaning.


He shut the door to his Aston Martin Vanquish and zoomed away. He smiled as he drove while people stopped on the sidewalk to stare at the highly ostentatious car driving quickly in New York City. He had all the money he could ever want from inventing the coffee collar, that he thought of after seeing Bella cry out in pain from holding her cup of coffee (they use it in the movie and I couldn't think of anything music-y that's used everyday so oh well :P), why not show it off a bit.

He stopped in front of the Starbucks on 52nd Street and made sure to put the car alarm on for his precious Vanquish. He opened the door and whistled while he waited on the extremely long line.

He had no reason to look at the menu anymore, he knew exactly what he had to get, he knew her too well. He decided to look around at the people there. There were the business people, teens, college kids and her. He observed the woman waiting on line in front of him. "Next on line!" the cashier called and she walked away. Darn, he said to himself.

"Next!" He stepped forward to the cashier.

"Hello. Welcome to Starbucks, what would you like today?" she inquired, eyeing him carefully thinking he was single.

"One Tall Iced White Mocha Latte with 1, one Tall black coffee, two sugars and a blueberry muffin." he said while looking at the red head that was previously in front of him on line and was currently waiting for her coffee.

The cashier nodded discouraged, "Is that all?"

He nodded in reply. "9.68 please." (I'm not going to go to Starbucks to actually check the prices but it is kinda expensive for a frappuccino so I'm just making a random number)He gave her 10 dollars and waited for his change, which he quickly placed in the tip jar.

He walked not so subtly towards her and she giggled. "Iced Mocha Latte, Iced White Mocha Latte with 1 and black coffee, two sugars." the barista called placing the drinks down quickly and rushing back to continue making more beverages. The red head grabbed her drink while he grabbed his two drinks. He turned to leave when someone tapped him on the shoulder.

"I think I have your drink. Sorry." the red head said. They traded respective drinks and said goodbye. He looked at the napkin that she gave him as well and it read, "Victoria, 917 681 1109"

He smiled and slipped it into his back pocket while he put the drinks and muffin into a tray and walked quickly to the HarperCollins publishing building on 53rd street. He walked into the plain lobby and the security immediately waved him in, he was a regular here. In he went to the elevator and he pressed the button that brought him to the 4th floor. The door slid open with a ding! and he walked out and down the winded hallway to a closed door.

He knocked and her voice came though saying, "Come in!" He opened the door to see her brown hair tied up into a messy bun biting the pen while staring down at a stack of papers, blushing profusely. She was wearing an outfit no doubt picked out by his sister, Alice. A light blue blouse with the first two buttons undone revealing a midnight blue slip and a pair of black skinny jeans finished with a pair of flats. He had to admit she looked amazing as always but she would never believe what he said despite his history with women.

She looked up and a smile graced her face. "Hey! I'm almost done," she said.

"Well I brought you your favorite." he said grinning.

She grinned as he placed the cup of coffee and muffin on her desk. "Yum," she said as she took a sip out of the coffee and a bite from the muffin. "I didn't have any breakfast, thanks." She said while chewing and continuing to scribble away on the stack of papers.

"So what had you blushing?" he asked leaning casually against the door frame. As if on cue she blushed again.

"The usual. Editing racy romance novel." she shrugged with a light blush on her cheeks.

He chuckled, and she couldn't help but notice how he always sounded musical no matter what he did. She smiled to herself and made the final mark on chapter 12 of this insane novel that had no plot whatsoever. "Done!" she practically screamed and jumped out of her seat only to trip on the rolling chair.

"Owww." she said softly and began to pick herself off of the ground when the familiar electric current ran through her, his hands wrapped around her waist as he pulled her to stand on her own feet.

"Thanks, as always Edward." she said flushing red, her heartbeat erratic.

"Don't worry about it. Let's go." he said smiling, extending his arm out to her. She smiled and held his arm and the walked out of the office and into the bustling New York City streets. To any bystander they would look like a couple but no. They were simply the very best of friends.

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