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It was Alice who chose to have the party at a luxurious and most likely costly hotel, making Edward wonder what the occasion was and chuckle at the thought of Bella's reaction. Edward sat down in the plush chair waiting for his sister to arrive. He shouldn't have rushed in the first place, he knew Alice liked to be fashionably late to her own party. He rolled his eyes. He got off of the chair and looked in the mirror that was in the waiting area.

He ran his hand through his hair that he attempted to neaten to no avail, it had a mind of it's own his mother said to him when he was younger. He adjusted his midnight blue tie that Alice told him to wear. He dusted off his white shirt and black pants that Alice, of course, recommended more like demanded he wore.

A soft, gentle hand was on Edward's shoulder, he smiled as he saw her reflection in the mirror. Her caramel hair was in a fancy updo and she wore a knee length warm brown one shouldered dress that had an empire waist that was ruched by the bust line, completed with a pair of two inch black heels. She smiled warmly back at him and extended her arms out to him.

He hugged her tightly and she laughed. "Trying to take over your brother's job of squeezing me to death?" she joked. He grinned at his mother.

"No just getting you prepared for Em." She rolled her eyes attempting to hide a smile.

He saw his father approaching from behind his mother. He was wearing an outfit similar to his own but his shirt was dark crème color and he wore a tie to match his mother's chocolate brown dress. His blonde hair was neat unlike his own. His father smiled at the sight of his son and wife.

"How are you my son?" he asked taking his wife into his arms, wrapping his arm around her waist and holding her to his side.

"Fine dad. You wouldn't happen to know why Alice is throwing a party right?" Edward questioned his parents. They shared a glance, knowing exactly why their ferociously hyper daughter was throwing a party but couldn't tell him. Edward noticed the small exchange between his parents and tried to read their expressions to no avail.

They shook their heads, he set aside his noticings for now perhaps they only had a suspicion and nothing definite, he wanted definite.

"So how's everything at home?" Edward asked. His parents inwardly sighed in relief that he didn't push the subject any further.

"Great. Your mother just redid the house again for the springtime." Edward was alarmed. "Don't worry she didn't touch your room." his father added, his son could be so melodramatic sometimes.

"So how's your life in New York? Have you found a girlfriend yet?" his mother inquired. Edward gulped inconspicuously, he dreaded this topic. He knew his mother wouldn't approve of his behavior, not to mention his father as well. Frankly he was surprised they didn't know yet, they were rather perceptive.

"No," he said.

"What about Bel-" his mother began only to be cut off by her other son.

"MOM! DAD!" his voice rang throughout the room. Esme rolled her eyes while her husband just smiled. Emmett ran over to his mother and hugged her undoubtedly tighter than Edward had. He sighed, relieved that Emmett was so impulsive and stopped or held off his mother's question, for now.

"Put your mother down Emmett before she runs out of air." his father said with authority.

"Ooops." he said sheepishly. "Sorry mom."

Esme gasped for air and nodded unable to speak. Edward chuckled at his family, they always knew how to make him laugh. Trumpets sounded from somewhere, perhaps the speakers, wherever it came from Alice really went all out. The doors to the ballroom were opened.

As opposed to it being bright, the lights were dim but the room wasn't lit by the overhead lights but by small lights wrapped around the pillars in the room. Blue sashes of thin fabric stretched across the ceilings and from pillar to pillar. The refreshments, which included a small bar and finger foods, were next to the makeshift dance floor complete with the DJ who was still setting up. The tables were covered in a white tablecloth. It didn't feel all too formal anymore, it looked more like an exclusive club.

"Alice really outdid herself this time." Carlisle muttered while Esme smiled at the handiwork of her daughter. People filed in steadily but surprisingly they knew most of the people there. The Cullen family, Hale family, Swan family, work friends, college friends and a few friends from each person's high school, an abnormality when it came to Alice who invited everyone from her Facebook friends and phone book and then proceeded to steal everyone else's friends.

Once everyone but the party's hostess was comfortably settled either at a table, sitting by the bar or dancing she walked in with Bella and Rose.

Edward's attention immediately focused on Bella who wore light makeup and a sleeveless lined midnight blue dress that went up to her knees with a sweetheart neckline in the front and an empire waist. The black shoulder straps connected to the back of her dress and wrapped around to the front, meeting under her breasts. He could see her laugh at something Rose said and she twirled around. The dress had a scoop neckline on her back, covering most of it as she usually preferred.

"Look Bella, there he is." Alice pointed at Edward and Bella moved her gaze to him. She smiled and waved. He smiled his crooked grin, her favorite smile of his although he didn't know that. She was even more breathtaking tonight if only she would realize that, he thought to himself.

Bella blushed as she focused in on the tie resting on his chest, they matched. She should have known that Alice would pull something like that.

"Well, go!" Alice said and motioned for her to go. Bella nodded at Alice finally noticing that Rose disappeared, probably off to find Emmett. She wobbled slightly on her heels that Alice managed to force her into as usual and headed towards Edward without a backward glance at Alice, who smiled to herself at her 'vision' of sorts and the familiar feeling of Jasper's arms wrapping around her waist from behind and the warmth of his lips on her neck.

Bella and Edward smiled at each other and he patted the bar stool next to his, "Reserved for you."

She laughed and sat down. "Lemon meringue pie and chocolate deluxe cake?" the waiter asked. Bella was perplexed while Edward nodded.

She gave Edward an amused look. "Hey! We always get this at Alice's parties. Don't you wonder if this tastes any better than the one at Ferrara's?" She pursed her lips and nodded, he always seemed to know her better than she knew herself.

Edward grabbed the fork and stole a bite from Bella's pie. She glared at him in mock-anger. "Mmmmm. I think I'm going to order that from now on." he said thoughtfully.

"No," Bella said taking some of Edward's cake, while he looked at her with a perplexed expression. "You need to get the chocolate cake so I can steal some from you." she stated letting the delectable cake melt in her mouth an expression of pleasure spreading across her face.

He grinned at his best friend and her love of comfort foods. He surveyed the room, he spotted Rose in her red strapless metallic tafetta dress and Emmett on the dance floor, while Alice in her magenta sleeveless sheath dress was sitting beside Jasper watching everyone. He asked himself why did he know such terms about dresses and came to a conclusion that he was listening to Alice too much.

His eyes landed on a strawberry blonde woman that walked through the door. "Oh god. Hide me." he said grabbing Bella and shifting her slightly, so he could hide behind her. She looked at Edward quizzically as a piece of lemon cake dangled off of her fork, "The door," he said quietly. She turned to look and find out what the source of Edward's issue was.

"No! Don't look!" he said loudly, startling his best friend and was thankful that people ignored him. "She's my dad's secretary or something of the sort and she's completely obsessed with me. She even has a website, ." he said quickly, shooting glances at the door where she still was.

"The psycho-blogger?!" Bella giggled trying not to burst out in hysterical laughter while remembering some of Edward's hilarious stories.

"Oh no!" he said as her gray eyes landed on him and her face brightened. "Come with me!" he said to Bella and pulled her away from the cake that she as about to take a bite from and onto the dance floor.

"What are you doing?" she asked confused that he wanted to dance and annoyed that she couldn't finish eating the damn cake that Edward got for her. "Do you want me to break your leg or something?"

He ignored her protests and wrapped his arms around her waist, bringing her closer to him and gently swayed to the luckily slow pace of the music. "It's all in the leading." he mumbled to her. "Just dance with me." he asked her quietly, seeing the psycho-blogger get closer.

Bella's heart sped up at how close they were and she complied with his wishes. She gently placed her arms around his neck and watched her feet to make sure she didn't step on his foot. Their movements were rigid as they rocked back and forth on the dance floor. "Bella don't look at your feet, trust me I won't let you fall." he whispered into her ear. She bit her lip and nodded and brought her gaze to his eyes that looked at her.

"Her last blog was a three page description of my personality." he whispered into her ear. "She thinks I'm a charming guy unlike you who said I was a pig headed jerk that you would never sleep with in more or less words."

"Well, I lied." Bella said with a small smile, remembering their first encounter. "What?!?" Edward exclaimed quietly, while dipping her. He was curious, eager to find out what she really thought of him at the time.

"I thought you were kind of hot and charming in a way." Bella mumbled grudgingly, I still think of you that way.

"I knew it!" Edward said, unintentionally pulling her closer to him.

"Well you made it sound like I was a slut or something. And I quote, 'Like you wouldn't do the same' while we were on the topic of Jessica." Bella snorted.

"Because at the time I wanted to get you angry and possibly get you so pissed off that you do something stupid like sleep with me." he said nonchalantly. Bella rolled her eyes, that plan would never have worked, she would have ended up murdering him instead. So he wanted to sleep with her when they first met…

"Why haven't you since?" she asked without thinking. Stupid Bella! she chastised herself. Sure she was genuinely curious but did it make her sound too eager? Edward was stunned by her question. He didn't know how to answer her. He didn't want to offend her by saying he didn't want to, he didn't want to seem like he was coming on to her by saying that he thought she was absolutely gorgeous. So he decided to say something completely different, "Because I like having you in my life." Bella rolled her eyes but smiled inwardly.

"Hi Edward!" an eager voice said from behind Bella. Edward cringed when he heard Tanya's voice but continued to dance with Bella as if he didn't hear her, wishing that the strawberry blonde would magically disappear. He felt her tap his shoulder, making him stiffen. He had no choice but to look at her and politely say, "Hi." to which Bella had to stifle her giggles.

Tanya swooned at the sight of his crooked grin and wished that she had her camera so she could upload the picture onto her website. She replayed the sound of his voice in her head and smiling stupidly. Edward eyed Tanya with mild curiosity and wondered why she smiling like an idiot while he was still dancing with Bella who didn't give herself as much credit as she deserved for not being able to dance well, she was amazing. Bella also noticed Tanya's goofy smile and dazed expression, she couldn't help but let out a small snort.

Tanya snapped out of her dream and looked around for the source of the noise that disrupted her wonderful fantasy. Her eyes locked on Bella's form in Edward's arms. "Who's she?" Tanya asked with clear disdain in her voice.

"She," Edward said looking at Bella, "is my girlfriend." Bella blushed while her heart fluttered at the word girlfriend. Meanwhile Tanya looked on in disbelief and asked, "Why didn't you tell me you were seeing someone?"

"Because I don't know you." Edward said offhandedly twirling around with Bella. Although Bella didn't like it when other girls flirted with Edward she couldn't help but tease him.

"But we are in a very open relationship." Bella added watching Tanya's face brighten. "I wanted to talk to you about that love. I don't think I want to be with anyone but you." he quickly added with a small glare at her. Bella bit back her laugh, "I don't know if I'm ready for that kind of commitment yet, you know my rules." she said with a coy implying smile.

"I'm a bit of an emotional retard." she added looking at Edward, who was nodding, knowingly. Tanya made a noise in her throat, "Well I think I need to write a new blog!" She spun around abruptly and walked away.

"She's so scary. It's like her computer is her life." Bella said seriously after Tanya left the dance floor. Edward nodded watching Tanya stomp furiously up the stairs towards the exit. Bella noticed how much closer they got during that whole episode. His arms were tightly wrapped around he waist as hers were around his neck. Their faces were so close together, so close that they could kiss, it didn't help that the music was romantic. She settled for the next best thing, laying her head on his shoulder. She inhaled his scent much like she did the previous day but tonight she was savoring the scent since she would be leaving for Washington the next day. It felt so right dancing in his arms, her head nestled in the crook of his neck, it was so comfortable, comfortable enough that she wanted to take Alice's advice, whether or not she was right, and tell him right there and then, I love you.

She felt his chest expand as he took in a breath. "Well thank god she's gone. Come on let's get out of here." he said unwrapping his arms from her and walking away. Bella stood there frozen, she felt a sense of emptiness.

She should have known better than to fall in love with her best friend, but sometimes love just cant wait and that's what happened to her. It hit her, hard and she couldn't stop it from happening. She shouldn't have felt a pang of jealousy when Edward flirted with other girls, she shouldn't have grown so attached to him, she shouldn't notice the way his hair fell into his eyes and how he brushed it away with the back of his left hand. She was his best friend, and nothing more. That was the way it was going to stay no mater how much she wanted it to change.

Edward walked through the dancing couples. He turned around expecting to see Bella right behind him but she was still standing on the dance floor, her arms limp at her side. "C'mon Bella!" he called to her.

His velvet voice called her and she snapped out of her daze. She nodded and forced a smile and followed him. They linked arms, tradition to Edward, teasing to Bella and left the party that was in honor of Bella, celebrating before she left for Washington.

Alice watched their entire night together and smiled sadly at her best friend as she left. Bella knew Alice was watching her at some point, but she didn't know Alice saw everything, from the tradition of eating cake to their departure. Her brother was a moron, he just let the best thing that happened to him slip through his fingers. Hopefully he wouldn't be too late in realizing he loved her too.


Bella laughed as she and Edward, arms still intertwined walked through Central Park. The sun was rising behind them, casting it reflection on the lake. She had to tell him now. "Hey Edward?" she said quietly.

"Hmm?" he asked.

"You know how I was on the list to be promoted to editing better books instead of these horribly written romance novels?" Edward nodded. He didn't understand where this was going. Was the party to celebrate Bella's promotion? Or not… he thought as he saw a sad expression cross her face.

"Well, I got it," Bella said, smiling at the smile that appeared on Edward's face. "But I have to go to Washington for three or four weeks for a writers convention." The smile quickly disappeared and was replaced with a look of utter disdain.

"Three to four weeks?" Edward said slowly. She nodded. He didn't know whether to be happy or sad for her. He was both. He was proud and exuberant for her but at the same time he was really sad.

Edward was silent and Bella was getting anxious. What was he thinking? His face was so blank. Was he mad at her for not telling him? "Say something." She whispered looking up at him.

"When do you leave?" he asked. She gulped. She was waiting for him ask that question. He would probably hate her now. "Tomorrow night." She whispered, avoiding his smoldering gaze, instead staring at her feet.

He let out an aggravated sigh. Just like I said, he probably hates me now. Bella thought to herself. "Why didn't you tell me sooner?" he asked her. He wondered to himself why she told him now? Did she not trust him? Was she planning on disappearing from his life?

"I-I don't know. I guess I just wanted to forget about it and I did, until today at least." Bella said seemingly fascinated with her shoes. She felt his hand reach under her chin and life it so she looked into his eyes.

"Don't feel guilty Bella. I would have done the same thing." The look in his eyes were genuine and sincere. "But what am I going to do without you?" His eyes sparkling with humor now with an undertone of something serious. She scoffed in a vain attempt to disguise her sadness as she realized he wouldn't have any problems.

"You won't have any problems. Trust me." Bella said leaning against the edge of the bridge looking at her saddened reflection in the water. Edward's face appeared next to hers in the water. He was perfection and everything more and she was… not. She wasn't ugly, she knew that but she couldn't compare to Edward. It's clear that they weren't made for each other. They were just destined to be best friends for life.

She felt his hand on her arms. "You're cold Bella," he whispered quietly. "Come on. Let's get you home." He said quietly, wrapping his arm around her waist. It felt so right to her, like she fit but at the same time she knew she didn't. Edward looked at Bella. He sighed. Did she really believe that he wouldn't miss her? She was his best friend, of course he would miss her.

He nudged her and she looked up at him, blinking furiously. "Don't cry Bella," He stopped walking and took both of her hands. "Don't ever think that I won't miss you because I will. I can promise you that much." He said with a smile. Bella half smiled in response. Well that's a start… she thought to herself, settling back into conversation with Edward.