Note: Don't expect Harry and Severus to get together right away. I'm such a tease. This is going to be a long! story, it's all finished!

Harry Potter and the Forgotten Fates

Chapter One: A long summer

Harry Potter was very upset. It was a few days after his birthday, and he'd received nothing this summer except for a few vague notes from Ron and Hermoine. He just had a feeling though that something big was happening this year. Of course, Voldemort had returned. His dreams had made it so.

His dreams. That was one big mess that had started almost as soon as he got back to Privet Drive. All he could remember was Cedric dying, the life in his eyes just…gone. He often woke in the middle of the night. It was awful. Currently, he was lying down in the bushes by the window, listening to the news and staring up at the clouds. He could see a giraffe in one of them, and a spider in another. He was still rather on the small side, he still hadn't reached his growth spurt, and Harry was expecting for it to never come.

Damn malnutrition. Although his hair finally started growing from its stuck length just above his shoulders. It was now brushing just past them, and Harry found he sort of liked the length. He smiled as he spotted a dog up in the clouds. He hoped to see Sirius before school started.

His aunt and Uncle started to talk. "Glad to see the boy's stopped trying to butt in." Vernon growled. Harry rolled his eyes."Where is he anyway?"

Petunia sighed. "I don't know. Not in the house."

"That boy, watching the news, what is he really up to-"

Harry crept out of the bushes before they started looking for him, there was nothing on important anyways. He ended up walking the park and sitting on one of the swings. He sighed. He was exhausted and tired, a combination of too little sleep and not enough food would do it. He sighed, running a hand through his hair.

He glanced around at Privet drive. Stupid little cars and stupid little houses, there was nothing magical about this place, and there never would be. He was cut off from the magical world, and he felt terrible. He felt like he should be doing something this summer, other than just staring out the window and hanging about in the park. It was a little better at night, no nosy neighbors or stupid-

Harry saw Dudley and his friends coming around the corner. Speaking of stupid. He stood, not wanting to play their little game right now of 'chasing Harry', but still managed to get caught.

He curled into himself as usual as they struck him, as usual, teasing him and saying all sorts of things. He hadn't gotten caught in ages, and this just felt like icing on the cake. "Not enough to beat up ten year old kids, is it? I heard you got Mark Evans 2 nights ago-"

"He's a freak, just like you are!" Pier Polkiss said with a particularly vicious kick. Harry groaned, moving away. The boys eventually tired of picking on Harry, and they went to their separate places. Harry stood up slowly, ignoring his cousin as he started to walk back to the house.

"Hey, you're not so brave at night, are you?" Harry frowned in confusion. His cousin went on as they paused by an alley between Magnolia Crest and Privet Drive. "What are you talking about?"

"You're always screaming. At night. Do you have nightmares Harry? You're always calling out that boy's name…Cedric, is he your boyfriend or something?"

Harry scowled at him, drawing his wand, something rising up inside him. "You have no idea what you're talking about Dudley-"

"Put that away! You're….you're not allowed to do magic-" Dudley said, frightened.

Harry could feel blood coming from his busted lip and he backed up slightly from his cousin, lowering his wand. He was better than this. He wasn't going to fight his cousin because the boy wasn't worth it, he was just an idiot…

He shivered slightly, and it was growing dark. He had a bad feeling about this…

He backed up and raised his wand once more as he saw two dementors coming towards them. He saw Dudley put his hands up to his ears, his face scrunched up in pain. "Make it stop! What are you doing?!"

Harry frowned. "It's a dementor, stay back-"


Later that evening, Harry laid in his bedroom, a little more beat up and much more angrier than before. Not only was Mrs. Figg somehow connected with the magical world, Petunia knew something about it too. He was almost expelled from school. Although Dumbledore had talked the Ministry into giving Harry a trial instead, it wasn't much better. He thought he remembered hearing something about self defense being okay…

He winced as he stood up from the floor, he was sore all over. It was so strange, hearing his aunt speak about the magical world…he thought she'd avoided that altogether, like a sort of memory charm or something.

He grimaced as he lied on his bed, staring up at the ceiling.

The next morning, just before dawn, he went outside to get the newspaper for his aunt before he started fixing breakfast. He glanced slightly to see a trash bag of clothes from the neighbors, he saw a pair of jeans. He looked at his own hand me down clothes and sighed. He grabbed the bag quickly and the newspaper. He dropped the newspaper on the kitchen table and rushed the bag up to his room quickly, stuffing it in his closet before anyone else in the house woke up.

He went back down to the kitchen and started to cook breakfast. He was sick and tired of wearing Dudley's old things, and the stuff that his aunt had given him recently were practically hanging off of him. No, he wasn't going to take it anymore, and by the way things sounded, he was being watched, with no way of getting to go out and shop.

He ate his grapefruit silently as everyone else came into the kitchen for their breakfast, tucking into eggs and bacon. It was completely silent this morning, and he received more glares than usual. He stole up to his room before the yelling started, and waited for his cousin and Uncle to leave before he took the trash bag out.

The clothes were nearly brand new looking, mostly jeans and t shirts. They were definitely smaller than what Harry usually wore, but they looked like they would fit him better than Dudley's things. He heard his Aunt leave for the day, and he started to try them on.

Almost all the jeans fit him perfectly, some a little more snug than others. He yanked off his too big shirt as he looked in the mirror. Despite the bruises and cuts he had from being beat up the day before by Dudley's gang…he looked pretty good. Even though he was a bit on the thin side from his 'diet', he had some muscles still from quidditch…He turned with a slight grin, looking down at his ass. He looked awesome!

He pulled on a cherry red t-shirt, smiling slightly as he saw it hug him closely, riding up just a little. He packed his 'new' clothes up in his trunk before pulling on his Dursely clothes again. He didn't want his aunt seeing his new clothes and take them away.


Just a few days later, Harry bolted upright as he heard a noise in the kitchen. He knew he was alone in the house, as the Durselys were out tonight at some award thing. He drew his wand and opened his door silently. He was praying it wasn't deatheaters. As he turned on the landing, he heard whispers.

"This place is a little too clean for my tastes-" A soft female voice spoke up.

"Why are we standing here in the dark? Lumos!" Another woman spoke up cheerfully.

Harry blinked at the light, but didn't lower his wand as he saw a group of people at the foot of the stairs. They all stared at him, and Harry stared back. He saw Moody, and Remus…

"Who are you?" He immediately thought that the last time he'd seen Moody was his polyjuiced form.

"Harry, we're here to pick you up-" Remus spoke up, but Harry interrupted him.

"What do I hear when the dementors come near me?"

Remus blinked in surprise, and Moody grunted in approval.

"The night your parents died."

Harry lowered his wand slightly, looking to the others. "And who are all of you?"

"Aurors Kingsley Shacklebolt, Hestia Jones, Tonks, and Moody of course." Remus said quietly, each of them nodding slightly to Harry. Harry finally lowered his wand, keeping it in his hand as he made his way down the stairs.

"Where are we going?"

"Cant say, kid." Moody grunted, looking down at him.

"He has Lily's eyes." Hestia murmured. Harry looked down, and Remus came closer.

"Harry, what's that on your face?" Harry stepped back slightly, but the man gripped his chin, making him look back up.

"It's nothing-"

"Is that a bruise? Are they treating you right here?"

Harry snatched himself away from Remus' grip. "I'm fine. It was just Dudley and his gang. No big deal. Can we go?"

The others exchanged a look. "So, where's your stuff, and your room?"

Harry sighed. "My broom is in the cupboard under the stairs. It's locked up, I don't have the key. And…" He trailed off going up the stairs.

Tonks followed him up, frowning slightly at the locks on the door. "What's all this for?" Harry ignored her, throwing in some of the books and junk that had spread around his room over the summer.

"Let me 'pack'!" Tonks said with a wave of her wand, and everything was shoved pell mell into the trunk. "Not very good at the house holdy things, my mum has it where the socks fold themselves, you know. Um…so, is that everything?"

"Oh, wait." Harry said quietly, reaching under his bed to get his cloak and photo album. She looked at him strangely for a moment as he put them in carefully.

"Was that an invisibility cloak?"

"Yeah. My dad's." Harry said shortly, and they went downstairs with Harry's trunk.

Everyone was waiting for them, and someone shoved Harry's broomstick in his hand. "Woah, a firebolt! I've only got a cleansweep-" Tonks murmured.

Harry grinned. "Yeah, Siri gave it to me."