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Chapter 42: The End

Harry's breath hitched as he felt the hands tighten around him.

"Boy, ask her our questions!"

He was backhanded, and yanked back from the slab, and pushed to the ground. One of the Unspeakables gripped him by the front of his tunic.

"Boy, we know where your little friends are, your Severus is- if you don't comply, we will rip them-"

"Now, now, isn't this getting to be a bit violent?"

Harry's head whipped around to see Dumbledore walking towards the group calmly. His eyes twinkled down at Harry.

"Now really, there's no need to rough handle him. Harry always does what's right, right?"

He was picked up, and Harry stared at the Headmaster. Dumbledore gave him a gentle smile.

"Ho…how did you get here…why are you here?" He breathed.

Dumbledore's eyes flicked to the priestess, who was unmoving. "Well, I, like many other wizards, have been searching for the Oracle quite some time. In the pursuit of knowledge, of course, we would all like our own questions answered…throughout your time at Hogwarts, I grew to care for you."

He smiled.

"You're one of my favorite students, you know. I know we're not supposed to have favorites, but you were so…talented. Full of promise. Of course, I keep an eye on my more talented students- you have to, just in case. Otherwise, the power goes to their heads. I cannot let a mistake like Tom happen again."

Harry swallowed. "You…you think I'm like him?"

"Oh no! Of course not!" The man chuckled. "No, no, you're clearly more powerful than he."

Harry felt a distinct tinge of foreboding rising up within him.

Dumbledore went on. "Harry…I cannot allow you to continue this journey any longer. It's dangerous. I'm here to take you home."


Dumbledore's eyes grew steely. "Perhaps you misunderstood." He motioned to the Unspeakables, who dragged Harry back towards the slab once more, only hesitating a bit. Night was falling upon them quickly now, the only light was coming from the fire.

"You see, Harry, there are many, many versions of 'home'. For some, it's the House that they grew up in. For others, it's their favorite place. Then, there are those, the Great Ones, the consider 'home' to be in the Great Beyond, where they can finally rest and be at peace."

Harry's breath quickened. What was Dumbledore saying?

"Of course, this is after they've done what they were destined to do. Your destiny was to kill Voldemort. You did that, Harry. You weren't supposed to live."

Harry started to struggle in the men's grip.

"However, it seems Fate fashioned you a new Destiny. She granted you with the gift of becoming a Seer. It wasn't hard to use these abilities to our advantage, but now, you have one more Gift to give us before you pass on to the Great Beyond-"


Harry gasped, hearing the snarl behind them.

"Severus!" He cried.

Persephone, Gabriel, Severus, and Olive attacked the Unspeakables at once. How had they gotten there? What-

He was dropped to the ground, and he narrowly missed hitting the slab on his way down. He dodged some spell fire from an Unspeakable's wand. None of them were trying to hit him- apparently he was too valuable. They wanted him alive…if only for what he could give them.

Harry turned to the Priestess, who was as still as stone. None of the spells were coming near her either. He moved towards her, looking back as Severus and the Headmaster dueled. He looked up at her with wide eyes, and drew in a breath to speak.

A scream filled the air, and Harry turned to see Gabriel mauling one of the Unspeakables.

He looked back to the Preistess, hesitating, and went to his lover's side. Severus scowled at him.

"I'm sorry!" Harry cried out, running in front of Severus. The Headmaster drew back in wand just in time, eyes narrowed.

"Harry, step aside."

Harry shook his head quickly. "No. You won't hurt him."

"Harry! Stop this foolishness! Step aside!" The man ordered.


Dumbledore looked grave. "You leave me no choice."

The man, quick as a flash, cast his spell. Severus pushed him aside roughly, and Harry landed on the ground, just as Severus fell to Dumbledore's cutting curse. It slit through his stomach, blood spraying everywhere.

"Severus!" Harry screamed, going to his side.

Olive dispatched the next Unspeakable, and then went to the man's side. "Harry, let me help him."

Persephone and Gabriel approached Dumbledore, having finished their Unspeakable snacks. The man hadn't the time to run away before he was attacked viciously-

Olive worked hard, trying to heal Severus, but he was loosing entirely too much blood-

"No…please…" Harry begged. "Please don't leave me…"

Severus' eyes met Harry's dazedly. Harry held his hand tightly between his. "Please…I can't another person I love leave me…" He sobbed.

Persepone went to Severus' side, wiping her mouth free of Dumbledore's blood. "Olive…"

The Elf shook her head sharply. "We cannot, Persephone. His magic has been too tainted by that Dark Lord…if you were to turn him, he would turn into a Monster-"

Harry's breath hitched at the thought. Olive pushed herself even further. "Harry, you need to let go of him. I need more room."

Gabriel pulled Harry back, to give the elf more room. He turned his back on the scene, not wanting to see another man he love die. His eyes flicked to the Priestess, whose face was stone. He approached her.

"What can I do?"

"Live." She said, pointing her athame to Severus. "But he will be mine."

Olive cried out as Severus flew through the air to the priestess. The man fell to the slab with a thud.

"No! You can't-"

"He sacrificed his life for yours. Yes, I can." She said. Severus's dark eyes went to his.

"Severus…Gods, I…"

He shook his head weakly, reaching up slightly to touch Harry's cheek. He breathed in sharply as the athame dug into his bloody mess of a stomach. The Priestess twisted it, and her eyes began to glow. She pulled the athame out of the man's body, and pointed it to Harry.

Her voice turned guttural as she prophesized.

Born of Dark,

Born of Light,

This being is full of might,

Mother's sight,

Father's fight,

Is combined;

She is the dawn,

Full of grace, yet brawn,

A new goddess legend is born,

Like Fair Diana,

She lives between two worlds,

She unites,

Magic and mundane,

Are one

Harry stared at her in shock, and he looked down. Severus' hand dropped down slowly, the light dying from his eyes.

"Severus…" He sobbed.

"You will live, while he dies."

"No!" Harry screamed, bending forward to clutch at his lover. "You can't do this! You can't do this to me!"

"I am just a tool for Fate, just as you are a tool for Destiny. Your story is not yet complete. You live."

He shook his head. "I can't….I can't…not without him." He cried. "I don't want to."

"You have to."

Olive went to Harry's side, touching his shoulder. "Harry…"

"No, I'm fucking sick of Fate and Desitiny, and all this crap-"

"Harry!" Persephone hissed. "You can't say things like that-"

"Severus is dead! Why can't I die with him?"

Olive tilted her head, her hand going from his shoulder to his stomach. He frowned, moving away from her. Her eyes flicked down to his stomach.

"Harry…you are with child. That prophecy was about you and…your daughter."

His breath hitched. "What?" He looked to Severus. "But…but…I can't get pregnant…"

"I can feel it." Olive said quietly. "Not even a few days old, but she is there. Harry…she is the Dawn, she is this girl that the Priestess spoke of. You….you have to live."

Harry found out that his daughter had been Destined for greater things- even greater than himself. His Destiny, after all, had been to have her, and bring her to the Black Forest Community.

There, she learnt amongst all the Beings there, going across the river to the muggle school to learn there as well. Others joined her. The cubs, and the other children of witches and wizards…the magical and mundane worlds integrated. It happened slowly, but across the globe. It didn't take long for incidents of magic to be reported in the news, or for the Obliviators to just finally give up…

It finally came to a head, and the Statute of Secrecy fell, when it was clear that magical communities were in no danger of being destroyed by the muggle's knowledge of them. Dawn, Harry Potter's daughter, was just one of many witches and wizards that grew up amongst the muggles…yet she stood out.

Not because of who her parents were, or where she lived…but because of what she did. She grew to be a Great leader, a representative of magical beings across the globe, leading everyone into a new era. Next to her…Harry Potter was only a footnote.

Neville went on to teach Herbology/Botany at a muggle University. He married Natal, one of the first elves that left the safety of the Black Forest. Draco received his Potions Mastery, married a Veela from the Black Forest Clan. They lived a very fashionable life in Paris, where he continued to work with the Winters.

Luna ended up writing a book on all the creatures she'd discovered, and many, many of her classmates would feel guilty for the rest of their lives for calling her Loony. She became a celebrated success, and ended up marrying Rolf Scamander, another naturalist. They lived next door to Harry when they weren't travelling the world. She was quite the babysitter.

Blaise and Susan lived together for a time before the two of them broke up. Susan ended up becoming a teacher at the village's small school, marrying one of the werewolves there. Blaise ended up having a string of male and female suitors, breaking the hearts of many. No one seemed to mind. Much.

Hannah ended up staying at the Elven pastures, where she was rumored to have quite a number of male elves 'working' for her. Everyone just thought she just liked to see them working shirtless in the fields.

And Harry…well, Harry was relatively happy, living a life of somewhat obscurity. He never ventured out much from the Forest, choosing to teach in the villages' school with Susan. He did his best, raising his daughter. He didn't do it alone- there were many friends and family willing to help him. He never married.

This story is finally finished. I hope you like it. I hated to kill Severus off...I was cringing the entire time, believe me. But I had to. ::runs off crying, escaping the mob::