This next story is dedicated to anyone who's ever had to go on a team-building event or weekend with their company or co-workers, and had to face the idiotic challenges and hilarity that usually ensued from such insanity. It also includes some specific situations a person could run into while camping.

If you have never had the pleasure of attending a corporate team-building weekend, then a brief explanation might be in order.

Some company Directors and Presidents like to send their employees on what they consider to be motivational sessions.

They put people through a wide range of "exercises" that are supposed to help motivate you, help you to get to know your fellow employees, and to help you learn to work together to solve a common goal. The events can be done inside, or outside, over an afternoon, or a full weekend. You must complete the tasks as a team in order to move on to the next (event). Other events are done against another team. Yes, just like survivor challenges.

The following story combines events that I've had to participate in (seriously) and stuff I found while researching.

This is a team fic, with lots of humor, and a healthy dose of whumping. There's implied romance (of course, who would I be if I didn't include a little sexual tension) but nothing too racy! And yes, I'll be posting fast and furious (as usual). :)

This story is dedicated to sb4ever and Whirlwind421 for their suggestion I do some more humor, and to Cindy, pdljmpr6 and Lanse for their comments (and for listening) to my nutty plot-bunnies!

And now, I give you -- Richard Woolsey's Team Building Fiasco


- Nika