Characters: Barney, Robin
Rating: PG
Spoilers: mid Season 4, Naked Man
Prompt: Something involving an aquarium, a root beer float, and a trench coat.

Author's Notes: Another BroTP LJ drabblethon entry!

Conversation at an Aquarium

Robin put her hand once more to her forehead and pinched the bridge of her nose. She'd just had a long day of interviews that probably wouldn't result in call-backs. Now she had her cellphone pressed between her ear and her neck as she tried to piece together what Barney was telling her.

"You're at the aquarium."


"And you're wearing a trench coat?"


" a trench coat all you're wearing?"

"That would be correct, madam officer."


"It's true ma'am. I was not myself."

"Are you drunk, too? It's four in the afternoon!"

"Only some beer...of root. In a float with white, creamy delicious ice cream. Perfectly legal, officer. They sell them on the pier."

"Could you be more disgusting? Aquariums are for children. Why are you talking to me like a cop?"

"When someone pulls a Naked Man in a dolphin wrangler's office, the police need to be alerted. Like a good American I volunteered my blackberry."

"But you're the Naked Man! Why doesn't the dolphin wrangler use her cell phone?"

"Why officer, I swear I did no such thing. It merely happens that her cell phone was on the desk under my pile of clothes, which were recently relocated to the basement waste disposal sink. And the land line has been down since Tuesday, and she doesn't trust me to stay in the office in my trench coat if she goes next door, though I promised her I had no intentions of leaving until you arrived to officially collect me."

"If you want me to come get you before the real police arrive, then you're going to owe me, Barney. I'm not talking about by-me-a-drink kind of owe, I mean serious debt. I'll literally have a Barney Stinson IOU that's good for one use from now until eternity."

"Yes, ma'am, I understand city regulations on this topic."

"And I am not dressing as a policewoman, Swarly."

"Officer Scherbatsky, I wouldn't dream of asking it. I promise as soon as you arrive I will go quietly and accept the judgment of New York's finest without legal action of any kind. I won't even protest if you put me in handcuffs."

"Easy, tiger, the night is young yet. Put the wrangler on the phone."

"You're a credit to all womankind, Officer Scherbatsky!"