Underneath the Black Sky by AndromedaMarine

Underneath the black sky I see your pain
Floating and flying like you'll never again.
The battles you've lost in, the wars that you've won
Collide in the dark, and I'll never be done.

I pick up the pieces, the heart thrown away
I cry as the darkness yearns for me to stay.
I remember your hands, the soft, slender flesh -
They took me to heaven, but I have only one wish.

I need you to see me, again, one last time
I need you to hold me, till that inevitable chime.
Until then I'll let tears come, and destroy what we've built
What tears me apart, that devil called guilt.

The stars shine and twinkle, unknowing to us
Perhaps in some world, they're privy to fuss.
I walk through the night, grieving your death
The cold, hollow vapors; my life, my breath.

I've lost all that holds meaning, all that I knew
All that I loved – all died with you.
Underneath the black sky I listen to wind
Whispers that haunt me, that tell me I've sinned.

But now your soul is freer, free in the night
You won't have to run now, you won't have to fight.
But leaving me here, without a goodbye
Is just enough for me to want me to die.

The darkness my eyes see conjure up your face
I'm certain if it ran I'd give it a chase.
I'd run until I fell, and collapse by your side
But then I remember: you're not here – you've died.

Underneath the black sky I feel your pain
The torture you endured – only I kept you sane.
I wish I'd have been there, to comfort you then
But if I had done that, it'd be a matter of when.

When would I follow the footsteps you left?
When would we both leave Atlantis bereft?
I lost you to anger, to hate and to vengeance.
The men, who beat you, they had no conscience.

No. If I had followed you, not two would be gone.
Three would have died, the future foregone.
The one deep inside me, linking our souls
Us all gone, forever, would have left un-fill-able holes.

Underneath the black sky I see our pain
Floating and flying like we'll never again.
The battles we've lost in, the wars that we've won
Collide in the dark, and we'll never be done.

Goodbye, John. I've lost you, but together we are.
I know that no matter, you'll never go far.
Our love and our child will live on eternal
And always, forever, you will be our angel.