I bring you all another AU, which I promise to actually keep up with, since my inspiration is running high with this one, now that my ZackTifa fic is a chapter away from being complete. Just a few things to point out. Yuffie is nineteen, Tifa is twenty, and they're cousins. Cloud is a friend, Vincent is a business man, don't know if he has long or short hair yet, but I'll decide by next chapter, and he's twenty-seven. There will be appearances from many characters, though not many will hold a very important role.

I've been trying to phrase this in a way that will not insult anyone or make me look like a snob, but I'd like to point out that my AU's whether in this genre or any other, are filled with drama and soap-opera-ish things. I like my stories that way and many of the readers do too. I don't mind receiving criticism when it comes to grammar and description or anything of the like. What I do mind is being insulted or having people call my writing and stories names. I'm here writing for fun and though I want to get better at it, I'm not here polishing my skills to truly publish something. I respect the people who are and wish them only the best, but this is a hobby of mine. It makes me happy to write, no matter how dramatic or improbable. If you don't like overly dramatic stories, please turn back, this story isn't for you. If you flame me, personally insult me or my story, the comment will be deleted if possible. But if you don't mind any of these things, I hope you enjoy and have a good time while reading this story.

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Princess of Thieves


Pick Pocket


At the altitude they were presently holding, she wondered if she should yell out a heads-up to the people way down below just in case her rope gave out and she fell to her death. Heights and flying weren't her forte, but she endured them to do the job, which she had to admit was more dangerous than usual. It was a good thing that she was bit of an adrenaline junkie, otherwise a job like the one she had before her would seem impossible.

"We have a go, White Rabbit. Security is down and you have a total of five minutes to get in there and back out before the security resets and the alarms go off," a woman's voice sounded in her ear piece.

"Here I go then," said the White Rabbit. Then, without a second thought, she jumped from the silent helicopter in a head-dive, the only thing holding her from certain death was a piece of the strongest rope they had been able to get their hands on. Just as she neared the roof, her gloved hand reached up and abruptly stopped her descent. She let out a soft breath and stood upright, unclasping herself from the rope and running up towards the skylight. Removing a small device from her belt, she used it to cut through the thick glass in a matter of minutes, pulling the slab back and onto the ground by her feet.

"This is the lamest security system I've ever seen. The only upside to it is that regardless of my hacks, it resets within five minutes," her friend's voice said in her ear once more.

"We'll need to find something to test your true skills, won't we, Black Rabbit?" asked the one referred to as White Rabbit.

"Will you both stop yakking and get this over with? I have a date and I don't want to be late again," said a male's voice.

"Hmm, whipped much?" asked Black Rabbit.

"Shut up," he grumbled as the White Rabbit crawled through the hole in the glass and slid the rest of the way down another piece of rope effortlessly.

"This looks more like a museum than an actual penthouse," she muttered as she took in the expensive works of art on the walls and various other pieces and statues on pedestals.

"Get what we need and let's go. You've only got three-and-a-half minutes to go," said Black Rabbit.

"Fine, fine," she murmured, running off towards the office, where her prize was awaiting her. "Hello, baby. Come to mama," she said, eyes lighting on a rare painting from Midgar's Renaissance period. It was valued in the black market for more than fifty million gil, and she would be the one to get it. Honestly, if she were the owner of the various pieces of art, she'd have guard dogs, motion sensors on the floor, triggers at every window and door, and various other little trip wires. The White Rabbit sighed and took a look at the painting, using a small computer to scan it for any trips.

Black Rabbit hummed into her ear piece. "It looks clean, but make sure not to remove the frame just in case. The trip may be embedded into the wall and not visible for me to detect. Though it seems unlikely with the security this guy has now."

White Rabbit nodded to herself and took out a small, thin blade that cut through the glass once more and then made it easy work to extract the soft canvas from underneath. She rolled the prize and placed it inside a protective tube before running out of the office. As she was setting the tube safely at her back, she missed the pedestal as she rounded the corner, and before she could stop it, the whole thing—including the statue of some old guy—went toppling to the ground, shattering into various little pieces.

"What the hell was that?"

"Shit. I dropped something. Black Rabbit?"

"Trip has been triggered," she said in annoyance. "And the police has been alerted. Get out. Now. There's no point in me shutting down the system," she said quickly. "Ace will have the chopper get as close as he can, but you'll have to climb quick. Security is already on their way up, and though the security system sucks, the elevator is apparently of a quicker capacity."

White Rabbit wondered if her stomach was what she could hear growling, but she frowned and remembered that she had nearly inhaled a power bar just before the heist. She couldn't eat anything heavier for fear of losing her stomach in the chopper. She turned to look behind her and found herself face to face with a giant, black dog. It looked more like a horse than a dog, judging by the size of the thing. She sighed to herself and realized that she had always preferred cats to dogs, even ferrets were better. Why? Because cats and ferrets didn't have mouths big enough to rip off a big chunk off her ass if she tried to run.

"Think I can outrun a dog the size of a pony?" she asked Black Rabbit.

"Is this a rhetorical question?" asked her friend.

"No. There's a dog in front of me and it's probably imagining me as a big piece of T-bone steak. Get the chopper ready, I'll be up in a minute," she said before she took off at a quick run, the dog right behind her. White Rabbit gagged, she could almost smell the dog's foul breath. She looked up and saw that the rope was only a few feet away. She'd have to jump to get safely away from the dog. She prayed to any deity that was on her side and leapt, just as the dog's jaws almost closed around her ankle. She climbed at a quick pace, thankful for her training and for the strength in her arms. As she reached the ceiling, she jerked on the rope but the stupid mutt was holding tight, snout clamped on the rope.

"How much longer?" she asked Black Rabbit.

"Security should be entering the penthouse now," said Black Rabbit. "Get the rope and let's go," she said impatiently.

White Rabbit tugged with all her strength and realized that the stupid dog was clinging onto the rope and she had already lifted him a few feet off the floor. She jerked on the rope with all her strength until the weight let go and she fell back, right on her ass. She gathered the rope and ran towards the edge of the roof, where her two companions were waiting in the chopper.

"Pick up the pace," said Ace. "I'm getting readings that there are police choppers on the way. We may be silent, but we're not invisible."

The White Rabbit stood at the edge of the roof and jumped the small distance into the helicopter, Black Rabbit catching her hand and shutting the door as Ace pulled away from the building and sped away. "Success?" asked Black Rabbit.

"Absolute success. Contact the buyers and auction it off. Highest bidder before midnight wins," White Rabbit replied. She pulled off her face mask to reveal short dark locks and bright brown eyes. "Let's see how long it takes before this leaks out to the media."



The long haired brunette shook her head and double checked a few things on her laptop. "Nothing. Every heist to this day has been kept under wraps. I guess no one wants it to be known that their security was beaten so easily. Yuffie, the money for last night's auction was placed in the untraceable account we asked for and the money is being withdrawn and delivered as we speak."

Yuffie smiled in satisfaction and took a bite out of her cream-cheese and toast. "Where's Cloud?"

The other girl shrugged, her long hair falling over her shoulder. "Probably with his girlfriend. He left right after the heist and hasn't come back."

"And you feel nothing when he leaves to be with his girlfriend, Tifa?" asked Yuffie with raised eyebrows.

Tifa shrugged and sipped at her coffee. "He obviously doesn't see that I feel something for him, so let him be ignorant. I'll find myself a guy who will notice that I'm a girl and that I'm interested," she muttered.

Yuffie sighed and answered her ringing cell phone. "Yeah?"


"Morning, dad. What do you want?" she asked in annoyance.

"Late night, brat?" asked her father, old Godo.


"I need you and Tifa to be ready in thirty minutes. I want you both to accompany me to a business meeting. Your skills in detecting traps and Tifa's smarts with numbers point you as my best advisors at this particular meeting. We are to meet with Midgar's best and richest business men."

"Should we go for innocent assistants, or did you have something in mind?" she asked.

"Just wear what normal business women would wear. Don't call attention to yourselves. Just sit and observe," Godo replied.

"Affirmative," Yuffie replied. "Where is the meeting?"

"Reeve Tuesti's office. The car will be waiting for you in thirty," Godo said before hanging up.

Yuffie turned to Tifa. "We have a meeting to attend with Godo. He wants us there to observe and he doesn't want us to interfere. I guess it calls for high heels."

Tifa sighed and nodded. "We have thirty minutes only? It'll be a record if we accomplish that," she said before walking off to her room.

Yuffie shrugged to herself and walked to her own room. She was currently living in the top floor of her father's building. She had asked him to have it turned into a penthouse, and Godo usually gave her all that she wanted, which usuallyprompted arguments about her being a spoiled brat, even at nineteen. It wasn't her fault that he was such a doormat for her. But even though she had her own apartment where she lived with her cousin Tifa, and an old friend from boarding school, who had run away from his own home, Godo expected for her to spend a few days in his exaggeratedly fancy mansion. She didn't mind, since her pop was old, but it was a tad annoying to keep up with two rooms and two homes.

She pulled out a short black skirt, a black sweater shirt and a pair of her favorite long boots, which happened to have a high heel. She would rather wear no heel, but this was business and she had learned that men tended to get distracted with heels that high. After taking a record-breaking shower, Yuffie dressed and had Tifa help her with her hair and make-up, since her cousin was far better at it than she was. Tifa herself was in a proper business suit, but she added to her look a pair of frames that had a built-in camera in case something caught their fancy.

"You look like a real business woman," Yuffie said with a smirk, grabbing her mini computer and a portfolio where she would be able to doodle and pretend to be taking notes.

"That's the point," Tifa commented. "We should get going, we're only… five minutes late."

Yuffie smirked and grabbed her cell phone and keys before she and Tifa made their way towards the elevator. Once outside of her father's twenty floor building, they came upon the dark SUV that would drive them to the meeting. "Business men are hot," Yuffie commented, bringing up an image of Reeve Tuesti on her mini-computer.

Tifa looked at the picture and nodded. "I wonder who else will be there. Check out his known associates."

Yuffie did so and perused the images. "Rufus Shinra; hot blond guy, Hojo; creepy old guy, Scarlet; big-breasted blonde. Angeal Hewley; broad-shouldered hot guy. Genesis Rhapsodos; sexy red-head with a killer smile. And finally, Vincent Valentine; hot guy with creepy red eyes."

Tifa smirked at her cousin's descriptions and wondered if every single person would be there. Her uncle wasn't exactly a greedy man, but he was always striving to be better and better. He had made a name for himself as an importer and exporter of various things. To this day, he was the man who had most of their ports under control and nothing escaped his attention. There were others, more powerful than he in Midgar, but they usually sought out Godo if they needed help exporting something. Tifa didn't doubt that her uncle had dealt with illegal imports and exports at some point or another in his long business career.

Once they arrived at Tuesti's office, Godo opened the door to their car impatiently and ushered them up the steps and into the elevator. "We're minutes away from being late. What took you so long?" he asked.

"Yuffie," said Tifa.

"Tifa," Yuffie muttered at the same time.

"Never mind that. No matter what is said in the meeting, I need you both to keep your cool and to not say a word. Some of these men like to make sexist comments and the last thing I need is for one of you to physically assault anyone," said Godo right before the doors opened on the top floor.

"You shouldn't have asked us to come then," Yuffie muttered as they followed behind him. Godo just glared at her briefly before they entered the meeting room and took a seat to his left.

Yuffie scanned the room, taking in the various faces she had seen on her computer, plus a few others that hadn't been. "Should've done background checks," she whispered to Tifa.

"No time," her cousin replied. Both women looked up when Rufus Shinra entered the room as if a red carpet had been rolled out. Three men were at his back, and a woman followed, all dressed in black suits. "Geez, presumptuous much?"

Yuffie let out a small snort and they kept watching as Vincent Valentine and Reeve Tuesti followed, their own assistants at their side. Her eyes took in Valentine as he walked. He didn't have the conceited air that Shinra did, but he held himself straight, and the look in his eyes commanded attention, even unwillingly. As he took a seat, their eyes met for an instant before he looked to the man next to him and he whispered something.

Reeve took a seat at the head of the table and smiled. "Welcome, everyone. I thank you all for being here. Let us proceed with the meeting. We will begin with the discussion of the new company opening in Junon, followed by the impact it will have in us here in Midgar."

Tifa also examined the people seated at the table, taking various notes regarding the numbers Reeve was spewing out rapidly. She doubted many knew what he was really talking about, but she caught on with ease. Her eyes then caught sight of the man next to… had Yuffie said Valentine? Well, the man to his left seemed to be paying close attention to the numbers as well, though he looked vaguely disinterested. She wondered if she had found a person to rival her smarts. He looked up at her, his hand never stopping the writing, and Tifa was startled as blue eyes met hers. He flashed her a wink and she just smirked vaguely before going back to her notes.

By the time the meeting was over, Yuffie was bored out of her mind. She really didn't have Tifa's smarts when it came to numbers, but she did have other smarts which included digging up information on people who had gone out of their way to hide their pasts, planting viruses, and she had hands that were quick when concerning a heist. Tifa did too, but she preferred to stick to her computers. Yuffie watched the other people at the table, taking in their expressions and eyes. So far, none looked suspicious or gave her a sense of foreboding. Well, no one except Valentine, who was too cool for comfort. She and Tifa followed Godo into Reeve's office and Yuffie's eyes lit as they settled on the painting sitting behind his desk.

Yuffie gave Tifa a sidelong glance and her cousin gave her a barely perceptible nod before reaching up to touch her frames. The images were sent to Yuffie's computer in seconds. Godo shook hands with Reeve and motioned towards them. "You think the painting is authentic?" Tifa asked in a whisper.

"A man like Reeve wouldn't purchase a bogus work of art. We'll discuss this at home. Places like these have eyes and ears everywhere, so watch you back," she whispered.

"My daughter Yuffie, and my niece Tifa," said Godo.

Reeve turned to them and Yuffie fought a childish blush as he gave them an appreciative glance. "Godo has told me so many things about the both of you."

"Hopefully it's all been good things he's said," Tifa said with a smile, shaking his hand.

Reeve nodded and grinned. "It's nice to meet you, Yuffie and Tifa," he said, shaking their hands. "Yuffie, you're the ninja, right?"

Yuffie nodded and produced some ninja stars that sang right past Reeve's ear and hit the wall right next to his painting. "Yeah," she replied, ignoring the funny red color covering her father's face.

Reeve stared at the weapons embedded in the wall and tugged them out of the wall before handing them back to Yuffie. He cleared his throat. "I'll take that as a 'yes you're deadly as well.' You must have your hands full, Godo."

Yuffie watched her old man nod and crack a joke at her expense. "You have no idea just what the both of them put me through."

"I hear you are a whiz with numbers and technology," Reeve said, turning to Tifa.

Tifa nodded and grinned. "I haven't found a system that I haven't been able to hack!"

"Tifa!" Godo scolded, mortified that she had said that out loud. Why were his two girls so intent on ruining his business partnerships?

Reeve just chuckled. "Then I should invite you over one day to see if you can hack into my system. I've been working on something that not even my best men can get through. But you're uncle says that your skills really aren't rivaled by anyone."

Tifa nodded. "I'll gladly help any way I can. What kind of system do you have now?" she asked casually, going for innocent.

Yuffie smirked to herself; she had no doubt that Tifa would dig for as much information as she could, and Reeve would willingly give it to her. Who could say no to that sweet look on Tifa's face? "I'm taking a walk," she said to her father after watching Tifa flutter her eyelashes one too many times.

"Take Tifa and wait for me at the car. I will be done briefly," Godo replied.

Yuffie nodded and both walked out. "Take the east side of the floor. I'll take the west. Frame anything that may be helpful. Did he give you any useful information?"

"Yeah. We're dealing with a program that he has designed himself. All the trips are unique and he has a firewall of his own design that no one has hacked to this day," she replied.

"Gather all you can and we'll discuss it at home," Yuffie murmured. Tifa nodded and went her way.

Yuffie took a look around, recognizing the hidden cameras in the ceiling, the possible motion sensor at every door, and the more than likely trips at every door. As she rounded a corner, inspecting the windows, which were sealed shut—so escaping through windows was out—she stopped at the sound of a deep voice. He was talking to the man he had arrived at the meeting with, and they sounded serious. She stopped and waited, watching as the man with blue eyes left and Valentine turned, catching sight of her.

Yuffie squared her shoulders and moved towards him, intent on passing him by and not paying him any attention. But as usual, her body didn't do as her brain instructed. She purposely bumped into him and picked the pocket inside of his suit jacket, drawing out his wallet. "Excuse me," she said in a low voice, noting how his nose wrinkled a little as she moved away.

"Excused," he murmured before walking away.

Yuffie smirked and tucked the wallet into a hidden pocket on her skirt before going her way too. That would teach him to look at her so coldly and to wrinkle his nose as if in disgust. No one, but no one treated Yuffie Kisaragi as if she were inferior. She was one of the best thieves ever seen in the last fifty years, and even though no one knew it, she would hold her title proudly. Now, she needed to find Tifa to figure out if her cousin had noticed the same things as she.


Yuffie couldn't begin to describe how much she hated any type of party where she wasn't allowed to drink herself senseless, but the one she and Tifa were currently attending was an exception. They were at a fundraiser for the homeless people who lived in the Midgar slums. The money would serve to build affordable homes for them, and to take various people off of the streets. The money from her last robbery had been donated to this exact organization, and that was why the both of them found themselves there with Godo, and even Cloud.

The only thing that irritated Yuffie to no end, was that that Valentine character was seated a few tables away, and the organizers of the event had told her that he had donated a good sum of money as well. The only thing that mattered to Yuffie, though no one would ever know, was that he couldn't out-donate her, Tifa, and Cloud. Besides, she also had her petty victory sitting at home. The wallet had held a few hundred gil bills, his check book, and a few messages written in a messy script. She had donated the money in the wallet just for kicks.

"I can barely breathe in this thing," she whispered to Tifa.

Tifa took a look at the pink corset and let out a small giggle, earning a glare from Godo. "You were the one who wanted to wear something that would have the media talking. The dress is great, though torture is a price to pay for good style."

Yuffie tried not to laugh, which consisted in her using her much needed breath and took a sip of her water. The top of her dress was a corset, which tied with various ribbons at her back, while the skirt flared around her and reached bellow her knees. She usually wasn't a pink wearing type of girl, but she did like the dress very much. Even if the stiletto's were already killing her poor feet. Ninja's were not meant to use high heels. And yes, she was a ninja. She came from a long line of warriors with special skills—which had obviously skipped her father—and she wore her title proudly. Being a ninja made being a thief so much easier.

After the various speeches and thank-you's from the organizers of the event and the coordinators of the organization that would help the homeless—the anonymous donation of millions was especially mentioned—the fancy dinner was served and then the guests were invited to dance and enjoy their time at the party.

"Why didn't you bring Aerith?" Tifa asked Cloud.

He shrugged one shoulder, blond spikes covering his mysterious blue eyes. "I didn't think she would feel at home in this place."

Yuffie gave Tifa a look and then slid her gaze to the dance floor. Tifa just lowered her eyes as if to say no, but they were both distracted as a shadow fell upon them from behind. Yuffie looked up and refrained from rolling her eyes as she looked at Vincent Valentine's tall form.

"Good evening Godo, Miss Kisaragi, Miss Lockhart, and I don't believe I have met your friend."

"Strife. Cloud Strife," Cloud said with a nod.

"Valentine! I was wondering if you would be here," Godo said, shaking his hand.

Yuffie watched in suspicion as Vincent took her hand in his and pressed a kiss to her knuckles, doing the same to Tifa. The ninja's eyes met her cousin's and they hid smirks. "Godo, would you mind if I borrow your daughter for a moment?"

"What for?" Yuffie asked, a little rudely.

"For a dance," said Vincent.

"I can't dance," Yuffie replied, ignoring Godo's glare. She could care less if she was ruining some type of partnership with Valentine. She was a modern girl, and it irked her when men tried to ignore her and automatically assume that her father made her decisions for her.

"I will teach you then," he said, tone steely as he offered her his hand. Yuffie just sighed and took his hand, allowing him to guide her towards the dance floor.

Tifa watched in mild interest as Valentine whisked her cousin away and watched Cloud as he looked at her while he thought she wasn't looking. Before she could crack a joke about his suit, which he looked very good in, a throat cleared from behind them and she turned. She smiled as her eyes lighted on the man who had been at Valentine's side at the meeting.

"Would you join me in this dance?" he asked.

Tifa nodded and took his hand. "I'd love to," she replied, standing and slowly walking with him. "I'm Tifa, by the way."

"Zack Fair. It's a pleasure to meet you. I didn't get a chance to speak to you at the meeting of the bosses," he said, settling his hand on her waist and guiding her slowly.

"Well, it's a good thing you asked me to dance then," she said, a bit of pink coloring her cheeks. Wow, he was hot. And tall. "You work with Mr. Valentine, then?"

Zack nodded. "I'm his business consultant as well as his assistant and partner in business," he replied.

"You're a multi-tasker then."

"Yeah, though it gets a bit tiring. Vincent is a very demanding man, but he's a good friend," Zack replied, taking in the sweet, powdery perfume on her skin. "He seems to have shown some type of interest on your friend."

"Yuffie's my cousin. But, I see what you mean," Tifa replied as they both watched Yuffie and Vincent together on the dance floor. The long-haired brunette didn't miss the petulant look on her cousin's face. "He'll find that she's not easy to handle."

Zack smirked. "Vince has always shown interest on the most stubborn ones. He'll know how to handle her."

'I seriously doubt that,' Tifa thought with a smirk, but remained silent and enjoyed her little victory over Cloud. He was watching them from his seat, his eyes trained fast on them, even as Godo chatted aimlessly about the party and whatever else her old uncle could think of.

"I don't enjoy being badgered into doing something I don't want to," Yuffie said snidely, settling her hands over Vincent's pristine suit—she recognized the expensive Wutain silk because her father wore it religiously—and glared up at the man.

Vincent took a hold of her hand and waist and guided her on the dance floor. He was quite shocked that she wasn't submissive, or the type to melt just by his looks. He was used to women doing that while he was around. Her brown eyes were hard and a little cold. He had heard Godo go on and on about his daughter and niece, but he had pictured some type of little brat who whined and did as her father bid her. This was not the case. Also, he hadn't thought that Yuffie Kisaragi was such an accomplished thief. "I expect to have my wallet back by the end of the week."

Yuffie nearly faltered in her step, but she kept moving. She had been lying about not knowing how to dance, since her mother had made her take dancing lessons when she had been a child and a pre-teen. That had been a while ago, and her mother was no longer with them. "I don't know what you're talking about," Yuffie replied aloofly.

Vincent managed a smirk. "I noticed once you disappeared. You are very accomplished at being a pick-pocket. Did your father train you to do that as well, ninja?" he asked. Yuffie stopped moving all together and glared at him. "I know everything there is to now about potential partners. Don't look so surprised," he whispered.

Yuffie was only momentarily distracted when she saw Tifa dancing with Valentine's friend. "Who is he?" she asked Vincent.

Vincent looked towards his friend and smirked. "He is Zack Fair. He works with me and is my business advisor. He's a good man who also happens to be a friend."

"Yeah, I'll take that from a man who investigates his partners and their families," she replied. "As for your question, no, my father did not train me. But he did leave me to my own devices as I grew up. He was always too busy with his business to realize that his precious daughter was learning tricks frowned upon by society," she said with a shrug.

Vincent took her in as they moved slowly. Though she was nearly a foot smaller than him, her larger than life attitude made up for the height she lacked. She truly was a skilled thief, since he hadn't detected her from the very moment she had reached into his coat and stolen from him. He had seen women far more beautiful than she, but there was just something intriguing about her. "You enjoy stealing from others?"

Yuffie narrowed her eyes and stopped, moving away from him. "I appreciate the dance, Mr. Valentine, but if you'll excuse me, I have other things to do," she said before walking away and leaving him standing there on the dance floor.

Vincent merely sighed in annoyance and walked off towards the bar to get a glass of red wine. He sipped in silence, ignoring the looks he was receiving from the various women present. It had been a long time since a woman had blown him off that way, and he wasn't used to it. He smirked faintly when Zack approached him, a grin on his face. "Having a good time?" he asked.

Zack nodded and ran a hand through his hair. "She's an eyeful and I get the feeling that she likes me too. Did I see you dancing with Kisaragi's girl?"

Vincent nodded. "There's something about her that sets off some alarms," he murmured, taking another sip of wine. "A person like Godo would have tried to hide her little indiscretions deeply. I want you to run a deeper background check on the girl. I get the feeling that she's been up to no good and it's always useful to have blackmailing material. Besides, the day of the meeting, I had the feeling that she was scanning the halls for something of importance. I haven't figured out what, but we must be careful with her."

Zack ordered a whisky on the rocks and leaned against the counter to watch Tifa and Yuffie as they walked out of the hall with the blond man that had accompanied them. "Do you really think she'd have a criminal record?"

"That is what I want you to find out. She's just too accomplished as a thief, she had to learn some way, and she must've left traces. I expect a report on my desk by Monday," Vincent said seriously.

Zack sighed. "You're no fun," he muttered.

"I know," Vincent replied dryly. "But we need to be a step ahead of her in case anything comes up."


Godo sighed as he watched Yuffie walk away from Vincent Valentine. The man was one of the most important men in Midgar, and the insolent child had the gal to treat him as if he were a piece of gum under her shoe? Well, she had another thing coming to her. He stopped Yuffie as she walked towards her cousin and her friend. Tifa had been his sister's daughter. Both Tifa's parents had died, leaving her to live with Godo and Yuffie's mother. Then Yuffie's mother had died as well, and both girls had been left to him to raise. It had been hard, and he knew that he had been lacking in the nurturing department, but he had tried to give them all he could. He hadn't been a very good father for the both of them, but despite it, the both of them had made him proud. Yuffie and Tifa both had completed their studies a year earlier than expected. They were both beyond smart; he even had a feeling that they were outsmarting him in some way, but it was his duty to protect them from any of their mistakes. They were his daughters, therefore they would inherit all that he had and he would need their help to make sure that they would receive as much as possible. He would die a happy man if he could make sure that they would be lacking nothing once he was gone.

"What was that about?" Godo asked Yuffie darkly.

"What do you mean?" she asked dryly.

"Do you have exactly any idea of who that man is? He's one of the richest and powerful of the city. You do not want to make him angry, Yuffie. I want him as a partner to our company and you acting this way is not helping," he whispered darkly.

Yuffie rolled her eyes and glared at him. "He was being a jerk with me first," she said petulantly. "You know that I don't answer well when men try to command me or control me. I don't care who he is dad. Are you even sure he's trust worthy?"

Godo nodded quickly. "Do notmess this up, Yuffie. I want you to be nice to him, whether you want to or not. I want you to do anything to make him happy if necessary. Do not mess this up for me, daughter."

Yuffie couldn't believe what her father was saying to her. If they hadn't been at such a public place, she would've cursed the old man out for even suggesting such a thing! Tifa and Cloud walked over to her and she just shook her head and motioned for them to walk with her. Once she was sure that there were no cameras or any people around, Yuffie stopped and turned to her friends. "I need a background check on Valentine, he just clued me in on the fact that he has investigated my father and me. I don't know how deep his check has gone, but he'll surely be able to uncover my record soon enough."

Tifa smirked and tapped her chin in thought. "Is it just me, or is he showing interest in you?"

Yuffie shrugged. "I may have picked his pocket the day of the meeting," she said with a grin.

"And he realized that it was you," Cloud said flatly.

"I denied it, and he has no proof that I did it. He's a man that we need to watch out for. He doesn't strike me as the type who lets go of anything. We have to be careful," Yuffie murmured.

Cloud nodded. "How far back do you want this check to be?"

"Teenage years wouldn't hurt," Tifa put in, and Yuffie nodded in agreement.

"I don't want my father walking into any business lightly. Sometimes old Godo is too trusting for his own good, and that's why he has us there for him. This Valentine strikes me as a man without many principles. The old man even had the nerve to suggest I do anything to make this Valentine character happy, for the sake of his business," she said with a small growl, her eyes drifting back into the building and towards the bar. "I won't take this shit from my pops, or from Valentine."

Red eyes met brown and Yuffie could read the challenge in his crimson stare. Well, he'd find out just how dangerous she could really be if he provoked her. She hadn't earned the title princess of thieves in the thievery community for nothing.

Well, the beginning was a little vague, but things should pick up in the next chapter. We'll have more interaction between Yuffie and Vincent, and more stealing on Yuffie's part. I just hope that I didn't butcher the whole robbery scene. I've been watching Ocean's Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen. I do love those movies and they provide tidbits to use in this fic. If anyone has other robbery or technology pointers to give, I will gladly take them!

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