Ficlet # 1

Word count: 348

たこやき – Takoyaki

Roxas has never had takoyaki.

And with good reason.

The thought of eating a crunchy-but-not-crunchy, chewy-but-not-chewy thing is mind-boggling.

So when Sora had brought a steaming hot box of fresh takoyaki he bought at the marketplace, Roxas just stared at the food.

"Sora, what is this?" he asked, eying the meatball-but-not-meatball looking things covered with a brown sauce, bonito shavings, seaweed sprinkles, and topped off with mayonnaise with suspicion.

"It's takoyaki!" the brown-haired teen exclaimed cheerfully. He pierced one of the takoyakis with a toothpick and blew on it quickly before popping it into his mouth.

"Oh, oh, hot," he said, as he chewed the food and blew on it to cool it down. Roxas simply stared at Sora. The Japanese teen sure liked to torture himself with hot food.

"Have one!" Sora grinned after swallowing.

"What is it?"

"What do you mean, what is it? It's takoyaki!" he replied, as if the word "takoyaki" was enough to explain the food.

"What's it made of?" Roxas had begun poking a takoyaki with his own toothpick.

"Well… I just know that it's made of tako and wheat paste," said Sora with a toothy grin. "Just try it!"

Roxas continued poking at the takoyaki.

"Oh, for god's sake," said Sora exasperatedly as he popped another takoyaki into his mouth then proceeded to smash his lips against the clueless blonde's own.

Roxas's eyes widened with surprise and gasped as the aroma from the takoyaki in Sora's mouth passed into his own. The two tongues met each other and Sora pushed the hot food into Roxas's mouth. The wheat paste ball disintegrated under the harsh treatment of the two tongues, leaving behind the yummy goodness that is the core of the takoyaki.

Sora broke the kiss with a grin as he licked his lips. Roxas chewed on the tako before swallowing. His eyes lit with surprise as he became enlightened in the way of the takoyaki.

At that moment, Roxas fell in love with takoyaki.

"Next time, don't do that again. My tongue's hurting."

Sora could only grin goofily at his boyfriend.

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A/N: I know… I really should be working on Intrigues and Heart of a Nobody, but there are too many little things that's running through my brain that I just can't ignore. As such, I give you these drabbles (or to be more correct, drabble-ish works). Right now, I've written 2 more which I'll post over the next week and each update will be based on when I get an idea.

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Also, I'm a sucker for takoyaki. That's why this is the very first one.