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Ficlet #50

Word count: 417

Warning: Major SPOILERS for Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Don't say I didn't warn you. (wink)

夢 – Dream

Dreams say a lot about a person's state of mind.

At least, that's what Sora once thought before the Exam. He never thought that Dreams could be the same memories that played like a movie on continuous loop, with the participants none-the-wiser.

He stared up at the dark blue-tinted black sky mulling over what Master Yen Sid had told Riku and him. There was a part of him that was disappointed by the results of the Exam. But he couldn't let his disappointment bog him down. He had to get stronger and not let his brush with the darkest of Darkness stop him from reaching the position of Keyblade Master.

A series of high-pitched barks from the Meow Wow next to him caught his attention and Sora sat up to look at what had caused the Spirit to act in such a way. His sapphire eyes widened at the sight of a familiar boy walking towards them.

"Ro-" he began.

"Don't say that name," the blond-haired Nobody quickly interrupted.

"Oh," Sora uttered, realizing what he was referring to.

"He might not exist in this time period, but I would rather be safe than sorry. Besides, you are in a dream still."

The Meow Wow looked from one boy to the other and whimpered in its confusion.

"So you know," Sora said softly.

"I'm always with you, you know that," the Other replied. "And, I'm sorry I couldn't protect you from the Darkness. I-"

"Hey, I've got Riku to help me with that. And for what it's worth, I've got Ventus too. If it wasn't for him…"

"You think you would've been stuck in the Darkness forever?"

"What, you don't think so?"

"Might be harder to get to you, but I don't think you'd be stuck forever." He gave a grin that reminded Sora very much of himself. "You should go back to the real world anyways. It isn't healthy to dwell in dreams, even if this world is Sleeping."

The brunet returned the roguish grin and nodded, summoning his Keyblade to dive back out from the Sleeping Traverse Town.

"I'll free you and the others," he commented.

"I think I'd prefer to stay here, thank you very much. Maybe I'll find a way to become a Dream Eater like Riku instead and protect you from within."

"Good luck with that."

"Oh, and before you go. Tell Lea, 'thanks and good luck'."

Sora looked at the blonde quizzically before beaming at his "Nobody". "I'm sure he knows already."

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A/N: Yuuuuuuuuuuuup, I finished KH3DS almost two weeks ago. It wasn't until 8/13 (lolAkuRoku day) that I thought, "Hey, maybe I should write another drabble/ficlet!" And this is the product. This is more of a friendship ficlet since I'm trying to keep everything in as much canon as I can, though something tells me Roxas couldn't technically pop up in the Sleeping Traverse Town since he's still a part of Sora and all. Meh, it's a Sleeping world, so whatever. Haha.

As for progress on Fantasia Krystallos, I've lost a bit of my vision for that fic even though I've had the next chapter completed for quite some time now. I will get back to it, but it's just taking a long time to get back into that particular "universe". Sorry for the wait and thanks a lot for your patience.

Hope you enjoyed!