It's Just a Bet


Disclaimer: I don't own anything in relation to Twilight, obviously, or else I'd be writing this in a NOVEL.

Author: Dress Up Romance xx

Rating: M

Summary: Bella is the new arrival in Forks, best known to the male population as FRESH MEAT. Edward Cullen is infamous for his way with the ladies, so his friends decide to challenge his charm. Can he win their money or will he fail miserably? Bella isn't as innocent and sweet as pictured; she's got a bit of a past and reputation. What happens if Bella finds out about this 'little wager'?

Pairing: Eventual EC/BS, AC/JH, EC/RC, ES/CC. There will be occasional OOC for Bella and Edward, for storyline purposes!

Author's Note: So, if this story doesn't really take off I'm going to write it from the other way around. Meaning, Bella is going to be the lady pimp in Forks and Edward is her newest aspiration in boy-toys. If you're interested in that story, but like this one too let me know and I can write that one up for you.

Forks High School, I inwardly groaned as I starred up at the brick buildings, I hope you're ready for me.

My story wasn't a simple one and it wasn't something I liked to talk about. I was your average teenager girl, if you added on a little bit of a raunchy behavior and a lot of bad mistakes. But everyone makes some poor decisions that leave them with a few reminders. I had a lot of those mementos stuck in my life now, including a few choice scars and people. To say I had fallen in with a bad crowd my freshmen year was a total understatement. I was lured to these kids, because they seemed so peaceful and happy. Little did I know what I was being sucked into. These free individuals, as I once refered to them as, turned out to be some of the most fucked up people I'd ever met.

But the fact of the matter was you can't go back in time. There was no such thing as redos when you rolled a bad hand in reality. What you got was what you got. So, I had to live with where I was now and what I had been dealt. Trying to focus on other things, I fixed my backpack before marching towards the main office building. Some boy stood stock still, starring at me, as I walked inside. I guess I looked a little different than everyone else here. I didn't wear Abercrombie or Hillister, instead I wore clothes old jeans and band tees. I'd rather worn my worn out Converses than a pair of UGGs. Make-up wasn't really in my vocabulary, which meant my baggy eyes were always present, along with my pale, white skin. I smirked at him before slamming the door behind me, shocking him back into reality. The lady at the desk starred at me, a little scared, before looking down at her papers.

"Are you Isabella Swan?" She asked softly. I didn't look much like Charlie Swan. Charlie is the Cheif of Police here in Forks but I just call him dad..

"That would be me," I answered. I popped my gum loudly, already bored with this place.

"Okay, here's your schedule," she replied in a sweet tone. She waved the sheet of paper at me and I quickly grabbed it from her. She handed me another paper, "this is a map of the school. It's pretty easy to learn, so I'm sure you won't need it by tomorrow."

"Ok, thanks," I replied before walking out. I looked my schedule over before approving it. I had English first period starting…ten minutes ago. I looked at the room number, then the building number and where I was currently standing before rushing off to my first class.

By the time I got to class, I was fifteen minutes late and fully flushed. I introduced myself to my teacher, a little embarrassed, before sliding into the only empty seat next to some sweaty, fat kid. I could feel everyone's eyes on me and it was making me crazy. Didn't people have lives to be caring about? Was it necessary to gawk at the new girl? Of course it was; we're in fucking high school!

"Hi," a voice sounded on my right. I turned to see a boy I hadn't even noticed before. He wasn't really worth mentioning, kind of cute in that little-brother way. "My name's Mike, what's your name beautiful?"

Was that supposed to be a pick up line? I think I first heard that when I was in the sixth grade. What a loser. I just ignored him, which seemed to put him off. But he wasn't going to stop at that. "So, where did you transfer from?"

I just wrote down my notes and pretended as if he wasn't there. "Not much of a talker, are we? Well, we don't need to talk. I'm always up for doing things much more interesting," he went to stroke my cheek but I slapped his hand away so hard, the sound reverberated off the walls.

"Fuck," he screamed, holding his hand with the other one. He was starring at me as if I just shot him twice.

"Mr. Newton," Mr. Earle screamed. "That kind of language is not appropriate for the classroom! Leave Ms. Swan alone or else you're going to land a week in detention and banging erasers during your lunch hour!"

"Are you fucking kidding me?" Mike shouted back. He stood up, his chair falling backwards behind him. "She just attacked me. I can have her arrested for that kind of shit. I was just trying to be a nice guy and talk to her; I didn't know she was a liittle, fucking freak!"

"TO THE PRINCIPALS OFFICE!" Mr. Earle shouted, his finger pointed towards the door. "I'll see you at 11:30 SHARP! Don't you dare think about opening that smart mouth of yours again or else you'll be here until the day you graduate, banging those damn erasers!"

I covered my mouth with my hand to hide my huge smile. Mike huffed and puffed as he stomped out of class. Just before he left, he turned back and gave me the nastiest glare I've ever gotten, which said a lot. The bell rang only five minutes later. I packed my things quickly and made my way towards Trigonometry. I was stopped however, when some little girl bumped into me while running to her next class.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry," she cooed as she picked up the books she'd knocked out of my hands. "I'm usually not such a klutz, I'm sorry."

"Don't worry about it, I'm just a klutzy," I assured her. "Why are you in such a hurry? There's five more minutes until the next bell rings."

"Yeah," she said, "but I need to get a good seat in Trig. I don't want to sit by Mike Newton, I hate that kid. He's so damn skeezy!"

I liked this girl already. She was three or four inches shorter than me, with skin a few shades lighter than mine. Her black hair was cropped in a bunch of crazy, different angles. Her emerald eyes made my dull, brown eyes look like dirt being compared to the sun or something. There were no other words for her besides gorgeous and model-like. But she wasn't like most pretty girls. She didn't dress like a whore and wear a pound of make-up. From what I could see, she only had on blush and mascara. Her clothes weren't abnormally tight, but instead she wore a cute little blue sundress and a white sweater with grey flats.

I gave her a wide smile. "You won't have to worry about him. He's with the principal right now."

"Really?" She looked so relieved; I couldn't help but laugh while I nodded. "Why, what happened now?"

"He tried to touch me," I began. She made a disgusted face which had me laugh harder, "And I smacked him. He got mad and had a little bitch fit. So, our teacher gave him detention for the rest of the week and he has to bang erasers during lunch."

"That's perfect," she clapped her hands together. "You are my new hero! I'm Alice Cullen, what's your name?"

"Isabella Swan, but call me Bella. Only my grandma calls me Isabella," I stuck my hand out for her to shake. She just grabbed me and pulled me into a hug.

"It's so nice to meet you Bella! What class do you have now?"

"Trig," I groaned.

"Me too!" She was hopping up and down now. "Come on; let's get there before all the seats are gone. We can sit next to each other!"

"Great," I smiled. Though I didn't really like Forks, the idea of making friends was a good one. Charlie would be pleased and this could benefit me. I didn't feel like being lonely for the next couple of months, so I'd be in need of someone.

The rest of the day went by pretty normal. I wasn't really used to being hit on quite so much, but I assumed it was because the guys here had gotten with all these girls and wanted someone new. I was able to handle the predators' perfectly fine. That was up until my last period of the day: gym.


I was getting bored with these girls. Sure, Lauren and Jessica were a good ride, but their ride was coming to an end. I needed something new, something better. Who was left that I hadn't already gotten to? It's safe to say that I had hooked-up with every hot girl there was in Forks High. This should be a proud moment for me, but I couldn't help but feel disappointed. There was nothing left!

"Edward?" I turned around to spot Jasper Whitlock, one of my best friends, striding up to me. He had his gym clothes shoved under his right arm. "Aren't you going to change?"

"Yea," I said, immediately getting to that. I pulled my sweater off and tossed it into my gym locker before discarding of my other dress clothes. In a few minutes, we were sitting on the bleachers waiting for the coach.

"So, who saw the new girl?" Emmett asked while licking his lips. "What a babe!"

"New girl?" I asked. This sure solved my dilemma from earlier. "What grade?"

"Senior," he said before letting out a howl of laughter.

"Don't get your hopes up boys," Jasper piped in. "I heard she's a real piece of work. Ask Mike Newton, she did a good number on him."

I turned to see where Jasper was starring. I saw Mike walking up to us, his left arm in a sling. I waited for him to get within five feet of us before asking what was up with the new girl. "So, I hear you and the new girl hit it off?"

"Fuck off Cullen," he hissed.

"Make me," I said with a grin. I heard Emmett laughing, which had me going. Mike rolled his eyes at us before he went to walk past us. I nudged Emmett who then stopped Mike in his tracks. "I wasn't done talking."

"What do you want?" He ground out.

"What happened?" I was pretty curious.

"That bitch hit me," he nodded his head towards the door and we all turned to look at that bitch. And she was anything but that. Emmett hadn't done her any justice. She wasn't hot nor was she a babe; she was a bombshell. She had a full-figure, an astounding smile, pretty hair, and a sexy strut. I wanted to just grab her and have my way with her on the floor, right in front of everyone.

"Shit," I muttered while starring her down. She was now stretching, her thin legs exposed to everyone in the gym.

"She's useless," Mike spat. "She has no interest in guys. I bet she's a dyke."

"No, you're just ugly," I told him. Emmet roared with laughter, I grinned madly, high fivining him. Mike sneered at me, while Jasper lightly chuckled at my side. He wasn't much for joking around, but it was pretty easy to get him to laugh.

"I guarantee she won't go for you," Mike snarled. "She's above any of us high school guys."

"I can change her mind easily," I told him.

"He's done it before," Emmett informed him, a smug smile on his face.

"I am willing to bet you can't do it Cullen," Mike practically screamed at me.

I'd never participated in a bet before, at least not one that depended on me winning a woman over. I wasn't really nervous that I couldn't get her, I knew I could. I just didn't know how far Mike would go to make me lose the bet. I wouldn't put it past him to rig this in his favor. Was I willing to risk losing something? Over some girl?

"I dunno," I said, still thinking about it.

"Come on, it's just a bet," he said, waving his wallet in my face. I didn't need his money. I wanted something of more value. What did he have that I wanted? I was better looking than him. I had more money than him. I'd already had every girl possible. He really didn't have much to offer. Well... there was his new car. His parents had just given the new Pontiac Solstice; that car was hot and I wanted it.

"Fine," I agreed. "If I win, I get your car."

"No fucking way," he shrieked. "I love my car."

"Let me finish," I growled. "If I win, I get your car. If you win, you get my car plus 1,000 cash."

He starred at me for a few minutes before finally sighing, "Okay fine."

"So, what is the bet exactly," I asked curiously.

"I bet you can't get her to fuck you in the next month," he said, his head held up high. He had a smile on his face that reminded me of an older brother who was about to beat up their younger brother.

"A month?" I laughed, so did Emmett and Jasper. "That's giving me enough time to fuck her at least forty times. But, if you want to give me that much, I'll take it."

"I'll see you in thirty days, have my car polished nice and my cash crisp," he sneered before finally walking away. I sneered back at him before deciding that I might as well get started on winning my bet. I looked to Emmett and Jasper for support. Emmett gave me a thumbs up while Jasper shrugged at me.

I rolled my shoulders back before finally striding over to her. She was even sexier up close, I felt momentarily stunned. When I recovered, I realized she was starring at me. This was perfect! She was already mesmerized by my looks. I smiled at this and moved in towards her. When I did this, she finally came to and jumped back as if I shocked her.

"What do you want?" She spat.

"Since you're new and all, I was wondering if you'd like me help you out around here. I can be your tour guide if you'd like?" I suggested with a shrug of my shoulders. I was going to keep this casual.

"Oh god, will this ever end," she was rubbing the bridge of her nose. She raised her voice loud enough for others to hear; everyone was now starring at her. "I don't want to date anyone here, let me make that clear." She looked at me as she delivered her next line, "especially any guy who can't come up with a better line than being my 'tour guide.' Go put your moves on some slut, because I'm not buying sleaze ball."

I had never been rejected before, ever. And not in front of thirty other kids, none the less! Before I had time to comprehend the fact that I had just been publicly humiliated by some new girl, she was already gone. Shit! This may be harder than I thought. But I had good looks on my side and there was no way I was giving Mike Newton my car and 1,000 cash. I'd rather dig my own grave and be buried alive.

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