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Before I got a chance to ask him what that was, he was down on one knee, a velvet box in his hand. "Will you, Isabella Marie Swan, marry me and complete my life?"

I was speechless.

But only for a moment. Suddenly I was in tears.

Yes, my brain commanded me to say. But the words would not come out. Instead, I stood there staring at him like an idiot. Of course I wanted to marry him. Edward was perfect in every way. He loves me for who I am. He supports me in everything I do. He loves my son as if he were his own. Edward accepted my wretched past. I could care less about the fact he once was a womanizer, because that Edward was dead and gone. I had the new and improved Edward. He was all mine and I wouldn't have it any other way. Marriage solidified that fact, which made yes my answer. So why wasn't I able to function a sentence? I didn't even need to do that. All I had to say was yes for Pete's sake! But I continued to gape at him, my mouth open like stupid fish.

He chuckled nervously, "Now would be a good time to answer Bella."

When I continued to remain speechless, Edward panicked and leapt up from his knee and pulled my close to him. At once he started saying calming phrases to me as he stroked my back. He must have been confused by my tears, obviously not expecting this as a reaction. Then again, I had been crying about anything and everything these days. So, Edward should have seen this coming.

Of course I would marry him, there was no need to ask. I wanted nothing more than to be known as Isabella Marie Cullen, Edward's wife. Nothing, and I honestly mean nothing, could make me happier. Because being Edward's wife truly completed our bond. We were so deeply in love that all there was left was marriage. How could I possibly say no?

I nodded my head against his chest as I tried to stop the tears. He pulled away from me for a moment to look me deep in the eyes, his emerald ones glistening with tears of his own. Was he crying? Did he think this was a rejection or did he understand me? Was he honestly so happy he just cried? "Is that a yes Bella?"

I bit my lip and nodded again, afraid my words would make no sense. I found myself in his arms again. His embrace was comforting. I loved the feeling of being in his arms. I loved knowing I was safe; nothing could touch me while I was here, in my happy place. I could live in this moment forever. Our love was something indescribable, yet it completely defined me. It meant everything to me.

After a long moment of standing there, holding one another, I pulled away from Edward. He deserved a verbal answer. I mean, he worked up the nerve to get down on the knee, so I might as well return the favor of actually giving him a response.

"Nothing," I started weakly, my voice cracking in the process, "Would make me happier than being your wife."

I'd never seen him smile so big in my life. He took my hand in his and slid the ring on gently, kissing it lightly after it was in place. I took a moment to examine the ring. I wasn't the best judge of diamonds, but I could tell this would be considered a rock. It was absolutely breath taking. There was giant white diamond set between two smaller ones on a silver band, it was exquisite yet simple enough to go along with my personality. Edward knew perfectly well I wasn't one for fancy, lavished things. The ring was meant for me. I never wanted to take it off. And I never would have too. I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him tightly.

"I love you," He whispered, dropping a delicate kiss to my forehead.

"I love you more," I whispered back, a grin plastered on my face.

"Don't start a war you cannot win," He pulled away, a grin on his own face.

I only laughed at him before skipping off the bridge, making my way towards the car. As I stared at the Volvo, I realized I'd never driven it before. All this happiness must be tainting my mind and making me high, because suddenly I was dying to drive the car. "Can I drive home?"

"Since when do you want to drive the Volvo?" He asked, following me nonetheless.

Since never actually. I just wanted to try it, it looked fun. "I don't know, I was just curious."

"You're so peculiar Bella," He laughed, tossing the keys in my direction. I only stuck my tongue out at him, not caring for how immature it seemed. This was my fiancée, obviously he wasn't affected by my random bursts of weirdness.

Edward slid into the Volvo next to me. Before I was allowed to turn the car on, he gave me a breakdown of how to drive it and how to treat it. I was almost offended by how much care he had for this car, but then I realized how dumb of an argument that would be and I let it drop. Boys love their cars, it's a known fact. I wasn't the best at handling the Volvo, but I got us home in one piece. Edward bent down to kiss the ground once we stepped out and I just rolled my eyes at him. He's completely overdramatic.

"I was afraid I wouldn't live to see our wedding day," he said playfully, wrapping his arm around my waist as we made our way towards his house.

"Wedding day?" A voice behind us sounded. We stopped dead in our tracks to see Alice starring at us wide-eyed. How had I missed her standing there? Her eyes were darting from Edward to me, her little hands stopped in mid air, a piece of wood now sitting at her feet.

"Uh," I stuttered, unable to form words. I turned a very concerned eye to Edward, he had the expression of a deer in the headlights. I gulped loudly. Why were we so bad at telling people things?

"OH MY GOD!" And in .5 seconds, Alice charged us and was hugging me tightly, jumping up and down. Her cheers were heard from inside, because everyone congregated on the porch. Alice was still giddily jumping up and down, shouting out praises while everyone looked on in confusion. Jasper was making his way down the stairs, ready to sedate his erratic girlfriend.

Once Alice noticed the others she stopped, she starred dead at her parents before grabbing my hand and showing them the ring. Just like earlier, everything happened at once. Everyone went crazy, making various different comments. Rose was at my side, jumping up and down with Alice, Esme fainted, Carlisle caught Esme, while the boys were congratulating Edward once more. Ayden seemed to be the only one who didn't get the ring's significance.

"What's goin on?" He asked. I seemed to be the only person who heard his question. I beckoned him forward. I ripped my hand out of Alice's and made my way to Ayden. I got down on my knees and pulled him into an embrace. He scrambled out of my arms a moment later and grabbed my hand, starring down at the ring. "What's dat?"

"Daddy gave it to me," I explained to him slowly, "It means we're getting married. Do you remember what getting married means? Just like in Cinderella?"

He thought quietly for a moment, "I member."

"Is that okay pumpkin? Do you want mama to marry Daddy?" I didn't even both to pay attention to everyone else around me. I was fairly aware of Edward at my side, holding my hand. I could still hear Alice cheering in the background as Rose began to fight with her, saying she would plan our wedding. Emmett was going on about Edward's bachelor party while Carlisle tried to revive Esme.

Ayden's brown eyes were all I could see. I could not read them. At first, it appeared that he was sad. I felt my heart shatter at the idea. Did he think he would have to share me? Did he believe he was going to be forgotten? He had to know this was not the case. He meant the world to Edward and I. He was our son now. Just as my mind took a turn for the worse, I saw a smile break out on Ayden's lips. His eyes were bright and jovial.

"That would make me so happy momma," he said, dragging out the word happy. I let out a breath I hadn't even realized I'd been holding. I turned to Edward to see him wearing the same silly grin I was. He pulled me into him and I pulled Ayden into the hug with us.

I had never felt happier than I did right now. Everything in my life was finally right. Things were not perfect, but I would never wish for them to be. Things were right. My son was happy. Edward was happy. I was happy. I couldn't ask for more. Everything fit together. I knew that things would not sail smoothly, but if that were the case I wouldn't enjoy them. Perfection does not equal happiness. I'd rather Edward and I earn our happiness together, it would seem more fit. As long as I had Edward by my side, I could ride out any storm.


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