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Bit of a better summary than what was in the little thing on the front:

Alpha is new to the Wammy's House, much to her dismay, after spending a few years in a street gang that got busted. Her disregard for the rules is still strong and she doesn't particularly care whether she gets punished or not, but the orphanage wishes to have people with her intelligence there, so she has to stay, but she has to see a therapist due to the "trauma" of her past. The first person in the orphanage to take to her is ten years younger than her and deathly annoying due to his energetic nature, not to mention he keeps swiping her chocolate, but after learning a little more about him, she decides that she is there for the sole reason of becoming his mentor.

The story should follow up until she's about eighteen or twenty. This is one of the few stories that I have the ending of planned out. That's mostly because I thought about the ending before anything else.

Disclaimer: I don't own any Death Note or characters, places, or concepts.

Warnings for this chapter: Profanity

Well, now that I have to keep a journal, I might as well tell you a little about me. I live at The Wammy's House. Love that name. Where'd they come up with that one? It's probably because you'll get Roger's cane whammed across your knees when you misbehave. Eh. I don't know. It's an orphanage. Yup-yup. An orphanage. My bloody parents had to go and get their selves killed in a gang fight. Well, zippidy-doo! Considering you can't actually hear my voice speaking to you through the paper, I should probably note that that was sarcasm. I won't be surprised if this place gets sick of me and dumps me off somewhere else, the bloody feck-heads. The submissive little buggers here are already getting on my nerves and it's only been a week so far since I was forced to start writing in this bleedin' notebook by my 'therapist.' Wonder if this'll piss her off: holy shit I'm fucking fourteen years old and every fucking other damned word out of my mouth is a damned PROFANITY. Haha. Love that.

Anywho, yeah, I'm stuck here in this prison now with a bunch of submissive genius kids that I have absolutely nothing in common with. I mean, good lord, I've been a part of a street gang for the past three years. Since I was eleven. I know you're thinking that can't possibly be normal at all. And I'm here to inform you that you are probably right in assuming that. Wait, notebooks can't think things are normal or abnormal. What sort of sense does that make? Bloody hell, I'm being outwitted by a book. God help me.

I think they're considering giving me a lobotomy to make me obey orders. If these kids didn't all have IQs of a billion, I would think that they were already forced to have lobotomies. Oh, they think it's all goody gumdrops that they do exactly as they're told because they all want to be number one! 'Number one' right now is that weird letter-face cake-eater, ol' what's his name. Or in his case, ol' what's his letter. Was it Z? I don't fecking know. I'm going to call him Z until I figure it out. Yeah. How you can stay thin as a bloody rope when all you eat is cake is just beyond me, but Z somehow manages it. Go figure that one out, why don't you. Actually, I think it may have been T. No… it wasn't. This is going to bug me horribly. I should go ask someone. Be back in a moment, my friend with the paper galore.

Alpha picked her head up from looking down at the paper in her notebook, and immediately realized that sitting in the couch in the game room to write in her "psychodiary" was a mistake. She should have kept to her room. There was someone standing in front of her and looking curiously at her. Even better, it was the small child that always followed Z… or T… or… something… around. Despite the fact that he was barely taller than her knee, the first sentence out of her mouth made her want to punch him.

"Are you the crazy new girl?"

She clenched her fist around her pen, but thought better of it. She broke a piece off of the chocolate bar in her hand and popped it into her mouth, silently thanking some higher power that it wasn't someone her age standing over her to ask her that question when she had looked up from her notebook. Had it been, a there would have been blood spilled.

"Yes," she said, attempting to keep her voice calm as she swallowed her chocolate, "but it's impolite to call people crazy just because they're forced into therapy."


"Yes. Now. You know that cake-eater you hang around with so often?"


"Yes, that's it. Thanks for that."

At that, she bent her head back down to her notebook, aware that the blond kid was now sitting on the couch next to her. She decided to keep writing anyway, even though she did really wish he would leave her alone.

Ah. L. That was it. Thank you miniature blond person. Now go away. Oh, yea, I probably should say 'go away' out loud rather than write it down, I don't think my pen actually talks. The pen may be mightier than the sword, but it's definitely not as loud as my mouth. Yeah. Moment, please.

Alpha looked over at the blond kid, who was looking curiously at the chocolate bar in her hand. What was the matter with him? Had he never seen anyone eat chocolate before? She was sure that he had to have seen L, with his insanely overactive sweet tooth, eat a chocolate bar before. It was getting annoying.

"Would you go away?" she snapped.

Oh no. There was immediately a problem with that action. She quickly scribbled a sentence in her journal before closing it again.

Whoops. Made him cry. Back in a jiffy.

Alpha wasn't used to dealing with small children, especially not small children that she had just made cry by complete accident. How was she supposed to know that short people would start sniffling when they were instructed to leave? Now his bottom lip was doing that trembling-pouty thing and he was starting at his knees. It was an utterly pitiful sight to see, and it almost made her a little teary. Almost. She didn't cry, and she wouldn't cry, not for anything. She did flinch a little at the sight.

"Er…" she started. "I'm sorry. I… uh… here," she said quickly, handing him the rest of her chocolate bar.

He sniffled. "Ch-chocolate?" he said, looking at the wrapper. "Wh-what's that?"

Her eyes widened. He didn't know what chocolate was? "You don't know what chocolate is?"

Her voice always had a tendency to mimic her thoughts before they could be filtered through her mind. It got her into trouble quite often. The boy shook his head no, staring at the chocolate bar being held in front of him. Carefully, as though fearing it could be poisoned, he broke off a piece from it, examined it closely, and then put it in his mouth. His sniffling stopped as he took the rest of the chocolate bar from Alpha.

Ah, the wonders of bribery, Alpha thought, grinning in her triumph as she watched him practically inhale the rest of the chocolate bar.

"I like chocolate…"

He stared at the empty wrapper in amazement. She held back a giggle. Alright, so little kids could be adorable.

"Lots of people do," she said matter-of-factly. "I honestly believe it should be in the list of the Seven Wonders of the World. It's a good energy booster, too, and it tastes a lot better than any of those disgusting energy drinks that're out. Anyway, what's your name, kid?"

"Mello," he said, still looking at the chocolate. He looked up. "What's your name?"

"Alpha. Alpha Epsilon, to be more specific. Not my real name, of course, considering you have to have an alias here for whatever reason."

"Those're Greek letters," he said. "For 'A' and 'E'. How come?"

Jesus, the kids here are too smart… she thought to herself. That's absolutely maddening. Four year olds are not supposed to know the Greek Alphabet…

"It sounded cool," she said with a shrug.

She opened her journal back up as she half listened to the blond child who was now babbling at a thousand words a minute. The chocolate couldn't have already kicked in. That was simply impossible; it had never worked that fast on her.

Alright, that was Mello that I made cry. One of the little four year olds at the orphanage. He follows L around like a puppy. I gave him chocolate and he stopped. He had apparently never had chocolate before. How anyone has never had chocolate before, I cannot fathom. Poor kid, four years of life without knowing the wonders of chocolate. He didn't even know what chocolate was. Fancy that. He won't leave me alone now, so I should probably stop writing for a bit

Well, 'til next time, book.

- Alpha Epsilon

Huh. Why did I just sign my name? Good lord, am I weird. No wonder they thought I needed a therapist.

Alpha closed her journal and set it next to her. She tucked her hands behind her head and crossed her legs as Mello continued to babble about random things, his words breaking the speed of sound as he did so. She knew chocolate could make small children hyper, but she had never imagined the extent at which it could do so. Of course, it seemed he was generally like this with L, too. That meant this was normal for Mello. So… what would happen when the chocolate kicked in…? She shuddered at such a scary thought, pushing it out of her mind. Maybe he would find L again before the chocolate kicked in.

"Mello," she said.


"Mellow out."

"Hey!" he said energetically and pointing at something on her face, obviously ignoring her advice. "Where'd you get that scar on your cheek?"

Alpha reached up and touched the smooth patch of skin. "Ah. Tha'. Knife fight two years ago."

"Really?? Why'd you get into a knife fight?"

"I was in street gangs before I got here," she said. "For four years. I started in one when I was eleven, my older brother was in it and I accidently found out. Then I switched to another when I was twelve. That one recently got busted by the police, and they found me, a poor little fourteen year old girl who'd been taken advantage of by the big-bad street gang, and they tossed me in here after an IQ test."

"Wow…" the blond boy said in awe. "But how come you're here? Couldn't you have just gone back home?"

She gave a wry smile as she stared up at the ceiling. The little boy didn't know what had happened, so Alpha couldn't be mad at him. Telling him exactly what happened might have scared him, so she figured she should probably just give a brief explanation, if anything. As he had asked and Mello seemed like the type who would like badgering people for answers, she knew she would have to give some answer.

"Well," she said slowly, choosing her words carefully, "my parents and my brother passed away a couple years ago, so I didn't have anywhere to go. I'm not sure exactly why I'm here, except for the IQ test, which I still don't know the results of personally."

"Oh," he said.

He continued his endless ranting about nothing in particular. She would nod and give a word of acknowledgement occasionally to make him think she was listening. Even if Alpha had tried to, she probably wouldn't be able to distinguish one word from another. She wondered how in the world his normal idol could stand being followed around by such a loud child all day. As she was wondering, she heard a voice.

"There you are!"

She looked forward. Alpha flinched slightly at the sight of Roger brandishing his cane threateningly in her direction. Mello quieted down and surveyed the scene with interest, chocolate wrapper still crumpled in his hands. Alpha had left Roger's office around fifteen minutes ago without permission while he was scolding her for setting off firecrackers in the front gardens (how was she supposed to know that Roger didn't like being awoken by loud noises that sounded like gunfire?) and hid herself in the least likely place for her to be found; the game room. Unfortunately, he had found her.

"What are you doing in here?" he yelled at her. "Get back to my office! You haven't been given your punishment yet!"

"By all means, Roger," she said satirically, standing up from the couch with her notebook in her hands as she toyed with the rosary hanging down from her neck, "it can't be good for you to yell at such a young and unstable teenager, can it?"

Thwack. She flinched as the cane struck her in the knees sharply, but didn't yell out in pain as she wanted to. Swearing at him would have just gotten her into more trouble.

"Do not be a smart aleck! Get back to my office this instant!"

"Jesus, don't get your diaper in a bunch, I'm going!" she said.

She did a well placed jump over the cane as it swung at her and took off in a fast sprint from the room, knowing well that Roger couldn't keep up. She made it into the main sitting room on the other side of that wing of the orphanage, where Roger's office led off to, unable to help grinning to herself as she heard yells issuing from the halls behind her. She strolled leisurely over to the door of his office, the eyes of fmany of the other children – younger, her age, and older – upon her, all the owners of those eyes having known that she had committed an unforgivable crime in walking away from Roger in the middle of one of his rants. She opened the door and walked in, then, deciding to see how much more trouble she could get into, she locked the door behind her. What was even better was that she saw his keys to the office sitting on his desk. She stood against the wall next to his desk. Minutes later, she heard the doorknob start to turn and halt itself. It happened a few more times.

"Alpha!" came Roger's old, decrepit, infuriated voice. "Unlock this door!"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" she called back. "You must be turning it the wrong way or something!"

She smirked at the sound of sniggers of the other children from outside.

"Quiet, all of you!" Roger yelled. "I am not the only person here with a key into this office, Alpha!"

"Then go get Mr. Watery," she said. "I think that's what you call him, right?"

"Watari," Roger corrected impatiently. "And I plan to!"

She heard him hobble away from the door. With a grin, Alpha walked back over to the door, unlocked it, and then walked back over to stand against the wall next to Roger's desk with her arms crossed. She could hear the excited chatter of many of the other children outside the door of the office, many of them most likely wondering what kind of trouble she would get into for this stunt. Considering her firecrackers had set one of the rosebushes on fire (which, despite Roger's belief, had been a complete accident), she was definitely going to get it good. Roger believed that the harsher the punishment, the better. Watari believed that too harsh of a punishment would cause the child being punished to act more defiantly, and not harsh enough of one would make them think they could get away with anything. Alpha was quite glad that Roger had decided to get Watari. That meant that she at least wouldn't be sentenced to scrubbing all of the toilets in the place with tooth brushes for the rest of her life.

It was another five, maybe ten minutes of bored waiting before Roger returned with Watari. Alpha could hear him explaining what was going on from outside the door, when Watari opened the door without unlocking it. She looked over boredly.

"I told him he was turning it the wrong way, sir," she said innocently. Alpha had more respect for Watari than Roger; Roger was unfair for the simple reason that he disliked children of all ages, so she wasn't civil with him at all.

"It was locked," Roger said sternly. "The girl must have unlocked it after I left the main room."

"'The girl' has a name," she said impatiently. "It is 'Alpha.' Please use it when referring to her."

"Alpha," Watari said, "I'm afraid your punishment will have to be a bit harsh."

"That's understandable."

"For the next month, you will be cleaning up the front gardens at the end of every day. Do you have any problems with that?"

"Not one, sir," she said. "Quite fitting, if you ask me. Although I think it would also be fitting that I should have to pay for the rose bush that caught fire, but I'm not complaining."f

Alpha was aloud to leave after she was given another long lecture about setting her priorities straight and treating her elders with respect by Roger. Not wanting to be bothered by anyone, she went up the stairs and to her room. Of course, it probably would have been wise to have locked her door when she had gone upstairs. Or shut it, for that matter. After a few minutes of surfing the internet boredly on the computer in her room, then managing to hack the system and unblock a few websites she particularly liked that had been blocked by the orphanage, she glanced up to see a short blond watching the computer screen.

"You know how to unblock things??" he asked. Mello had apparently been standing there for quite a while.

"Yes," she said.

"Wow… L hasn't even gotten through the firewall they put up this time…"

"'Zat so?" she said vaguely, scrolling through an online store of body jewelry that had previously been blocked

Mello looked at the webpage, then at her left arm.

"Is that real?"

She looked down to see he was pointing at the skull tattoo on her arm. "That? Yeah, got it two years ago. One of my friends does them. I've got one more on my stomach, but this one's my favorite of the two."

"How come there's an Omega symbol on it? The other two are your name, right?"

She almost flinched at the question, but managed to maintain her composure. "'Omega' was my brother. Not his real name, obviously, but that's what 'e went by."

"Oooh. Okay. What's that?" he asked, pointing at something on the computer screen.

Alpha spent the next half hour explaining to the curious child what each of the piercings the page she was on was for, except for a couple that could bring up some inappropriate questions (such as "Why would someone want to pierce that??"), which she promptly lied about. She hoped dearly that he'd start following L around again tomorrow, or curiosity would end up killing a lot more than just cats. It would also start killing Greek alphabet letters.

"Heeey," he said when she finally finished explaining what a labret piercing was. "Do you have any more chocolate?"

One more bar couldn't hurt the kid… she thought to herself. I don't think anyone could turn into as much of a chocoholic as me…

"Yeah," she said. "There's a pack under my bed. You can take one, it's easy to get sick off too much of…"

She trailed off her sentence when she looked over to see that the miniscule blond had magically teleported halfway under her bed. Shaking her head, Alpha went back to her computer, really hoping that this ball of energy would be bouncing around L again soon rather than her.