Monsters Among Us

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Main Couples- CosmoxTimmy, Little bit of WandaxJuan but mostly WandaxAnti-Cosmo, AmenxLady Awa

Chapter One- Mysterious Figure

The chocloate-colored haired pre-teen frowned as he kept tossing and turning, trying his hardest to fall into a comfortable deep sleep. Nothing was really helping him. He tried counting sheep, counting backwards from one hundred back to one, but that didn't help either. He whimpered softly as he stared up at the ceiling of his darkened bedroom, the bed covers pulled up to his chest.

"Come on, Turner, you can't appear in Crocker's class sleepy-eyed again. He'll give you a detention for sure," he mumbled, closing his eyes halfway.

For the past couple of days, he couldn't get a full nights sleep. Strange dreams he couldn't make sense out of kept him awake, thinking, which he didn't like to do very much. But these dreams were different, not at all like the happy go-lucky ones he used to have. These dreams involved creatures. Dark, creepy looking monsters that sometimes chased after him.

One of them even woke him up, nearly screaming one night, due to one of the creatures screaming face coming right at him! Maybe one of them was a female. He couldn't actually tell due to the fact he kept his eyes closed half the time as he was running away. Those dreams had cost him his game playing afternoons for the week due to the pile of F's he had received on pop quizzes which he wasn't ready for. He sighed, sitting up in bed. There was no way he was going to catch any sleep at all that night.

He rubbed his eyes as he walked into his bathroom, not bothering to shut the door, knowing that he and his godparents were the only ones in the bedroom at the time. He turned the light on, stiffling a slightly stressed out yawn as he turned the right faucet handle on. He splashed the cold water onto his face, instantly waking him up. He then grabbed a towel and wiped his face dry, taking a quick peek at himself in the mirror.

But what he saw wasn't exactly just his reflection. Behind his reflection he saw the black haired monster's figure again. He or she couldn't be with him right now, could they? He frowned, quickly shaking his head, rubbing his eyes once more. The other's reflection in the mirror had vanished for now. He let out a long sigh, running a hand through his hair. He exited the bathroom, turning the light off and closing the door behind him.

It was going to be one long night, this he could tell. Followed by a long day in class tomorrow. He shook his head as he made his way back to his bed, He leaned over and gently kissed the fishbowl on his nightstand before crawling back under the covers. "Night, Cos-chan," he whispered, having the feeling that his godfather was still awake as well, watching over him.

And indeed he was. The green haired, emerald-eyed fairy smiled softly as he heard his godchild call his name, confirming he was going to try once again to fall asleep. "Night, Timmy," he let out a yawn as he snuggled under the covers, holding his precious nickle in his arms.


"TURNER!!" An angry looking Mr. Crocker yelled, catching every student's attention. The teacher glared down at the pre-teen who lifted his sleepy-eyed gaze up at him.

Timmy tried rubbing the sleep out of his eyes quickly as he saw Crocker's glare. He swallowed hard, preparing himself for whatever came next. "S-Sorry, Mr. Crocker!"

His teacher merely continued to glare at him. "I would like to know what the meaning is with you coming into my class and falling ASLEEP!!"

The last word Crocker had spoken caused Timmy to jump again. He blinked a few times, shaking the sleep off. "I just haven't been able to get much sleep the past few nights is all," he mumbled, glancing down at his hands.

Chester fowned from his seat next to Timmy. He was starting to become worried about his friend. Timmy caught his friend's gaze and shook his head, giving him a reassuring smile. Chester just shrugged in return, the worry still building up inside him. "I'm gonna let this pass as a final warning, Turner. But the next time you come into my class and decide to fall asleep again, you'll get a week's worth detention!"

Timmy frowned, letting the words sink in before nodding his head. He tried his best to keep awake during the rest of the class. He grinned widely upon hearing he lunch bell ring, quickly dashing off to the lunchroom with his friends. "Wow, Timmy, that's the fourth time this week you've fallen asleep during Mr. Crocker's lectures!" AJ commented, taking a seat across from his friend, taking a sip from his milk.

"I just haven't been getting enough sleep, that's all," he muttered in return, shaking off he sleep from earlier.

"But why? Parents keeping you awake..or videogames?" Aj wouldn't let the matter drop until he knew full well what was going on with his best friend.

"Or maybe it's his boyfriend keeping him awake," Chester joked, a smirk crossing the blonde -haired boy's features.

Timmy glared in his direction, yet he couldn't stop the blush that was starting to form across his cheeks. Well, he did have one, but Cosmo was behaving by letting him get his nights worth of sleep lately, only he hadn't been able to do that. "Shut it, Chester," the teen growled, throwing a napkin at his friend.

Chester just laughed, catching the napkin before it hit him. "Take a chill pill, Tim-Tim."

Timmy was just glad when the bell rang fifteen minutes later that he wouldn't have to answer any more sleep-related questions. He frowned though as he re-entered Crocker's class, silently hoping the rest of the day would go by quicker.

The slightly worn out teen tried to keep his attention on Mr. Crocker, but sometime during his lecture about the Lousianna Purchase, his mind had started to travel elsewhere. His gaze rested on the door, looking up at the clock every five seconds. "Neh," he swallowed hard, seeing a shadowed figure outside the room.

His eyes widened as the figure drew closer to the door. It was the same figure he saw in his bathroom mirror! The creature raised it's blood red eyes to meet his surprised gaze. And it smiled. He noticed two sharp vampire-like fangs hanging down from its regular teeth. His eyes widened a bit more as he followed the creatures gaze. Mr. Crocker!

He shook his head, quickly standing up from his seat, which had knocked back his chair as a result. Mr. Crocker frowned at the slight disruption coming from the young man and started walking towards him. "Mr. Turner, what have I told you?" he growled lowly.

"I...there's someone at the door, sir," he mumbled, lowering his gaze.

An awkward moment of silence followed as Mr. Crocker looked over at the door. "Turner, there's no one at the door. Now unless you want to continue interrupting my class--"

"But I swear, I saw someone! She was staring right at you!" Timmy interrupted him, raising his left hand wildly, pointing at the door. This action earned him a few giggles from the girls in the class.

He didn't care. He wanted Mr. Crocker to believe him for once. "Principal's office, now!" the teacher barked at him, handing him a slip of paper and the hall pass.

Timmy sighed, gathering his things in his arms. He glanced over at Mr. Crocker who merely pointed at the door as his final words. The teen glared down at the floor as he walked out of the classroom.

He wasn't becoming delusional...was he?

To Be Continued!!