Monsters Among Us

Chapter 12

Rebirth Of The Countess/Devil's Lullaby

A/N: Okay, I know it's taken me a good, long while to get my butt in gear with this fanfic and I also happen to know that my favorite band, Lordi, has made some costume changes as well as changes in their band members. However, there will be no member changes in this fanfic. The fact that Kita is no longer with the band, does not matter in saga. Though their new costumes will be taking place after a little bit into the chapter. And perhaps, Otus will make an appearance as well in a much later chapter.

I hope you all like this installment! I made it a bit longer to make up for lost time! And Yes, the chapter title are the exact song titles in which brought out the inspiration for this chapter. Read the ending footnote for the English lyrics to Rebirth of the Countess. And if you all want my opinion, check out the songs as you read along. The usual disclaimers and claimers apply here. You all know who I own and what I do not own by now. The bold italics symbolizes the lyrics from Devil's Lullaby, just so we're clear.

Recall the devil's lullaby…

The next morning was a bleak, dreary one for the Turner family, most notably-one bleak and dreary morning for Timmy Turner. They were attending a funeral for the Vampire Countess, whom he, more or less, considered her to be a better guardian for him rather than his own arents. Lowering those cerulean blue hues to the ground, he couldn't help but wonder about the other form she had. Was it dead as well? Or…was there something to look forward to?

Looking over at Cosmo who sat close beside him with a comforting arm wrapped securely around his waist, Timmy smiled softly, his blue hues shining with a gleam of hope the moment his godfather had turned back to face him. This only caused the fairy in question to tilt his head a little, blinking emerald hues in a rather confused fashion. "I'll explain later."

Nodding his head as Timmy mouth those words, Cosmo could merely smile as he leaned in close to place a soft, yet comforting kiss upon Timmy's forehead.

The funeral lasted for some time, not long after was it into the mid afternoon were Cosmo and Timmy able to escape, the teenager stealing a glance over towards the nearby woods circling the cemetery where he noticed Kita, Amen and Ox stood with solemn looks on their faces as the trio gazed forlorn at the scene before them.

Everything will be okay… He thought, closing his eyes just halfway as if her were communicating with them. This action merely caused the monsters to look up in surprise as Cosmo and Timmy walked passed them before Cosmo transported the two back to the Turner's house once he was sure no one else was looking. Glancing over at the teen, the green haired fairy tilted his head a little to the side as he silently wondered what he could be planning. "Everything okay, Tim?" he asked softly, edging closer to the other male as the two sat upon the edge of the bed together.

He noticed a different change in the brown haired teen ever since they witnessed Sanderson killing Awa. Something was a miss. What it was, Cosmo couldn't quite put his finger on it. Still studying his love, emerald hues blinked a couple of times upon seeing a secretive smile crossing the other's lips. "Yeah, Cos, everything is all right. I'm going to bring someone back though. Someone who didn't deserve to die," he spoke in a quiet, solemn tone of voice, causing the older male to shiver slightly.

"Timmy, you're scaring me…" he murmured softly, leaning in close to nuzzle the tip of his nose affectionately against the side of the teen's cheek.

A rather soft chuckle escaped Timmy's lips as he wrapped his arms around Cosmo's waist, placing a soft, loving filled kiss upon his lips as he did so. "Heheh, sorry, Cos-Chan. I didn't mean to. Hey, wanna watch a movie for a little bit?" he asked, smiling brightly now as he wanted to take his lover's mind off of certain things that he might be thinking about.

His current suggestion brought a warm, eager smile to cross Cosmo's lips as he picked out one of Crash Nebula's movies to watch with Timmy and curled up close beside him on the bed together, watching it closely with the teen.

Timmy wasn't paying close attention to the movie, more or less, he was concentrating on the time, glancing outside every now and then from the corner of his eyes. He knew the movie Cosmo had picked out for them since he watched it before, letting out the usual excited noises upon the right exact moments they occurred in the movie so his lover wouldn't suspect anything. The last thing he wanted his godfather to do was worry about him and what he was planning and he knew the fairy worried enough for him.

Shaking his head mentally, he sighed contently as he rested his head upon the green haired male's shoulder, snuggling close to him the moment he felt his godfather wrap his arms around his waist.

The movie seemed to last for quite sometime. Glancing out the window the moment it was over, he noticed the Dinkleburg's street lamp lit and the cloudless nighttime sky finally showing itself. Turning his gaze carefully towards his godfather, a pleased smile crossed the teen's lips as he watched his one and only love's sleeping form before him. He really did look handsome when he slept. Ever so carefully, he brushed a couple of strands of green hair out of his eyes before slowly climbing out of his grasp in order not to wake him.

Now go to sleep

Count owls and sheep.

You'll guide into deep,

Into the land of the creeps.

Creeping slowly over towards the closet, Timmy opened the door, blinking his blue hues upon seeing what looked like to be indeed a white, over-worn looking wedding veil laying upon the floor of the closet. How did that get here? He thought, tilting his head a little to the side as he picked it up gently in his hands to study it.

In order for the process to be done, it needs to be worn, young one.

The low, deep voice he heard this time didn't seem to scare the teen this time as he nodded his head and slowly closed the door. Creeping over towards his bedroom door, he glanced over at Cosmo one last time, smiling softly upon seeing his godfather still asleep, before he exited the room. The moment he was out of the house, safe and sound, was the moment he placed the veil upon the back of his head,

Swiftly, yet slowly, the brown haired teen walked towards the woods where Lordi's voice seemed to guide him to.

Now let go of your soul,

Step inside the night.

Won't be long, you'll sing along,

With the devil's lullaby!

Upon entering the middle of the woods, Timmy stood still as he noticed a cloaked figure with Lady Awa's limp human body being held within his arms. The stranger was tall and looked rather muscularly, yet he remained in the shadow's, hiding any showing parts of his body away from the teen as he stood before him, holding the body out towards the rather calm boy.

Carefully holding the body within his arms, he walked a couple of steps ahead of him before he paused and knelt down upon his knees while holding Awa in his arms. Gazing longingly at the female's face, Timmy closed his eyes halfway, lifting his head up a little as he remained on his knees, a rather low, soft chanting noise that sounded French-like escaped his lips. "En ce jour d'octobre, les chiens sentirent ma piste. Les feuilles sur les arbres tournairent du rouge au noir. Ton amour se transforma en de l'indolence qui, elle, Se transforma en peur et ta peur se transforma en haine."

Just as Ox, Kita and Amen were about to leave, Timmy's voice seemed to catch their attention and just as the trio lifted their head up, the hooded figure vanished into thin air, causing the group to turn their attentions solemnly on the brown haired teen. "What is he doing?" Kita murmured softly as he stood in the middle of the trio.

Amen remained silent, his eyes filled with a dull gleam of hope while Ox narrowed his eyes at the scene forming before their very eyes before he spoke. "We shall see, soon enough…"

"Tu as transformé cette fille en mostre. Quand tu lui as tourné le dos. Le sang de mes victimes a taché tes mains."

As Timmy continued the chant, his voice seemed to grow a little louder, his blue hues barely registering the fact that Awa's body seemed to be glowing in his hands. "Le moment précis ou tu as refusé at responsabilité. Et maintenant tu as les nerfs de rire de moi, ton enfant. Ton pêché sera le poids dans vos coeurs. Et ce pêché se transformera en pierre. Je suis cette pierre. Et je grandirai. Jusqu'a ce que j'arrache ton coeur en morceaux!"

The moment those last words were echoed into the night, a bright light washed over Awa's body, Timmy and those who stood in its path. Squeezing his eyes shut tight, the brown haired teen trembled slightly as he hunched over a little bit, wrapping his arms around himself the moment he felt the body in his arms disappear.

I watch over you.

Come take a ride into the night.

The face of the moon smiles down on you.

Been gone for too long.

Now welcome home where you belong.

Recall the devil's lullaby!

Moments later, the light disappeared and Ox, Kita and Amen looked up, their eyes widening as they saw the newly transformed, re-birthed, Lady Awa awake and back in her monster form. Amen was about to rush over towards her when Kita held him back. At this moment, it was Ox who rushed towards the vampire countess and took her in his arms, embracing her close before they looked down at Timmy together.

"It is all right, young one. There is nothing to be afraid of now," Ox spoke in a soft, comforting voice.

Watching Timmy lift his head, Awa couldn't help but smile warmly. Reaching a hand slowly towards him, she gently took the wedding veil off his head and held it in her own hands before she gently pulled the slightly startled teen up into her arms for a hug. "I thank you, Timmy, for getting me out of this mess. We will be ready now," she smiled, taking his pink hat off and playfully ruffling his brown hair a little.

The startled look vanished from Timmy's facial expression as he smiled warmly at both Awa and Ox before tackling the both of them in a hug. "You're welcome. I know nothing can stop us now," he spoke softly, a content smile resting upon his lips as he pulled back moments later.

Don't be afraid, you're in the dark,

You're with your family.

"Nothing can. You are right, dear. Well, come along. We should be getting you home and prepared for the final battle that awaits us. We do not want Cosmo to worry, now," Awa smiled calmly as she placed a motherly kiss upon his forehead.

Shaking his head, Timmy knew Cosmo would if he had already awoken and found him not in the room with him. "No, no, I don't want him to worry at all. We've been through a lot, but yeah, I should be getting back to him soon." he smiled, glancing back towards the back entrance of the woods from where he had entered. Taking a couple of steps back, the brown haired teen turned his attention back to Ox and Awa who smiled warmly at him. "Glad to have you back, mom. I love you both, all of you," he added the extra in for Kita and Amen who were close by and of course to Mr. Lordi wherever he was, even if he had yet to meet him.

"We love you too, Timmy. Goodnight, my son. Rest well for the battle." The last thing he heard was Ox's voice before he found himself stirring in the arms of his godfather.

Watching him through half-lidded eyes, Cosmo smiled softly, gently rubbing Timmy's back the moment he saw those amazing cerulean blue hues flutter open. "So cute waking up, Tim-Tim," he grinned, smirking playfully as he took notice of the blush crossing his cheeks. "Though of course, we should get ready for bed." he added, glancing out the window and seeing the darkened night sky.

"Mmm, we should, huh? " Timmy's voice echoed that of his godfather's as the two of them stood u together and made their way towards the warm looking bed. As they settled in, side-by-side, underneath the covers, the brown haired teen smiled warmly as he snuggled close beside the love of his life. "Don't worry, Cos-Chan. Everything's going to turn out just fine," he spoke softly, pecking the green-haired fairies lips tenderly before he reached up to turn off the lights.

Hearing this coming from the teen, Cosmo couldn't help but feel rest assured and more at ease as he snuggled closer beside his warmth and returned the soft, tender kiss from earlier before he had closed his eyes and fell into a peaceful slumber with the one he loved the most.

The darkness transit's the daylight,

Brings misery.

Seeing the two at ease and finally asleep, Mr. Lordi smiled softly as he turned away from the screen to see the others returning to the hideout. "It's good to have you back, Awa. Just…don't do that again," he smirked, eyeing Ox who held her hand still in a protective manner.

A rather soft chuckle escaped the countess's lips as she glanced from the screen, watching Timmy sleep a few minutes before she gazed over at Mr. Lordi with a grateful smile. "I promise I won't. And…thank you, sir, for guiding the young one to helping."

Mr. Lordi only nodded with a warm smile, turning away just as Ox leaned into sneak a kiss upon Awa's cheek. This didn't go unseen by Amen though. The ancient mummy only grunted before he turned away as well and rejoined Kita by the television where their game had been paused in order to continue it.

"So, now, what, sir?" Ox asked, still not letting go of Awa's hand as they took their place beside Mr. Lordi.

Mr. Lordi kept his eyes glued to the screen, a long moment of silence followed before he had spoken. "Now? Now we wait for it to unfold."

I watch over you.

Come take a ride into the night.

The face of the moon smiles down on you.

Been gone for too long.

Now welcome home where you belong.

Recall the devil's lullaby!

Recall the devil's lullaby!

-To Be Continued!

And now, as for the English lyrics to Rebirth of the Countess:

On this October day, the dogs sense my trail

The leaves on the trees turned from red to black

Your love transforms into lethargy which itself

Transforms into fear and that fear transforms into hate

You turned this girl into a monster

When you turned your back on her

The blood of my victims stained your hands

At that exact moment when you refused your responsibility

And now you have the nerve to laugh at me, your child

Your sin is the weight in your heart

And this sin will turn into a stone

I am that stone. And I will grow until I rip your heart in pieces!

© Rebirth of the Countess && Devil's Lullaby are property of Lordi.

And thus, onto this chapter brings the meaning of how in my old fanart pieces that Awa and Ox have become Timmy's adopted parental guardians. Stay tuned for more.