One Fry Short of a Happy Meal by AndromedaMarine

Author's Note: contains cross-over spoilers for SG-1's 4x6, "Window of Opportunity."

John was beginning to hate the time loop Rodney had unwittingly activated. It was a twelve hour time loop, so they had a pretty good idea of how many days they had been stuck in it. Which happened to even out around five days. At the beginning of the time loop John was walking down the hall and ran smack into Radek, whose armful of papers and calculations flew to who knows where. And every time John would get hit smack in the face.

On the tenth loop, which would be the fifth day, John remembered the file he'd read on SG-1's similar ordeal. "You know that we could do whatever we want and nobody would remember in the next loop, right?" Rodney said, waving a fork in front of John's face.

John sighed. "If you haven't noticed, I'm about one fry short of a happy meal."

Rodney frowned. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means I'm about to go crazy. Nuts. Wacko." He was starting to sound like Jack O'Neill. His mind caught up with his mouth. "Whoa – what did you say about doing whatever we want?"

"We're the only two who know about the time loop, which means we could do something in this one and not worry about the consequences it'll evoke because nobody will remember it. Follow?" Rodney looked at the colonel expectantly, wondering if he'd even allowed room for understanding.

"Sort of," John said stiffly, his mind scrolling through the possibilities. His face morphed into an expression of deviousness that Rodney knew all too well.

"Oh, Christ," he said. "Don't you dare go get yourself killed – you have no idea what that'll do to the space-time continuum! You could disrupt the flow in the universe and make it collapse in on itself! Oh, no, no, no. I'm not letting you do that."

"Rodney. Rodney! Always the pessimist? Calm down – I'm not – I'm not going to kill myself."

Rodney squinted at him, as if that would reveal John's real plan. "What're you going to do, then?"

"And why on Atlantea would I tell you? You, and your big, fat mouth."

"I resent that," Rodney protested, waving his fork wildly, almost stabbing John in the eye once or twice. "We're best friends."

"Hence the reason I won't tell you." John grinned. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some things to do." He got up and left, letting Rodney to muse over what he was going to do with his time-loop time, other than trying to fix the damn thing.


"John? What can I do for you?" Elizabeth asked when John rapped on the doors to her quarters. He had a devious grin on his face, and quickly he stepped inside and pulled her flush against him, kissing her breathless. She kissed him back, finally able to taste him after four years.

What John didn't know was Rodney fixed the time loop, and Elizabeth would never forget the breathtaking kiss.