Wow! I just noticed that a lot of the deleted scenes start with Zim thinking. I guess he's not supposed to think a lot then huh? LOL :D XD



'This is familiar somehow. Zim thought to himself as Dib led him towards his house.

Getting past John had been easier than they had thought it would be. He didn't even seem to notice that 'Keef' wasn't acting as hyper as he had when he entered.

After that they had rushed from the fair grounds and were now almost at Dib's house.

"Dib," Zim said quietly. "What do you call it when you feel like you've done something before?"

"De'javu, I think." Dib answered. It seemed weird to heard Zim's voice coming out of Keef's body. It really wasn't but hey that hologram was convincing. "Why?"

"I think I've got that thingy." Zim said waving his hand around.

"You mean de'javu?"

"Yeah, that." Zim's eyes narrowed and he didn't say any more. He couldn't figure out why this was all so familiar.

"Just keep acting like Keef, Zim." Dib wispered as they came up to a big white house. Some kind of wierd blue energy was surounding the yard. "Gaz turned on the perimeter scanner."