A random idea…

A random idea…. I don't own anything… Its kinna AU and is maybe a side story to Ask Ygo and Gx…….

The Yugioh, Gx, 5d's characters, Chii-kun, and Chiiyami have their summer adventure on Kaiba's private island in the Caribbean. It's where they spend at the Kaiba motel …. And lots of summer fun! It's a week of fun before summer is officially over… Also….. evil Mary Sues' invasion…

Yugioh Summer Adventure

Prologue: Sky Dive

A private jet plane with the Kaiba Corp logo flew in the bright blue sky slightly above white puffy clouds. The hot summer sun's rays reflected against the jet. Inside the jet were most of the characters from Yugioh, Gx, and 5d's and Chii-kun and Chiiyami.

Everyone decided to take a week of summer fun before summer is officially over. Kaiba was nice enough to invite everyone to his private island in the Caribbean and stay at the Kaiba motel. Also… it was Mokuba's idea to invite everyone…

"Segoi!!" Rua pressed his hands against the window. He was enjoying watching the view. "Ooh! Ooh! I see the ocean!"

"Of course, we are above the ocean….." Ruka murmured.

"I can't wait!" Rua exclaimed happily. "Ne, Ne, Yusei, what do you suppose we do first?" Rua turned to Yusei who was sitting beside him. "Ooh! I wanna go swimming! No wait….go snorkeling or even cooler…Scuba diving!" He then gasped. "Maybe we'll meet pirates!" his eyes sparkled as he remembered watching the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

"Let's just have fun," Yusei replied simply.

Ruka sighed. She was sitting behind Rua with Aki. "If only he didn't eat sugar with his cereal early this morning…." She admitted she couldn't wait to get to the island.

A bit near the front sat Yugi and Anzu. Yugi was next to the window. Jounouchi and Honda sat in front of them. Yami and Mana sat behind Yugi and Anzu. Like Rua, Mana was enjoying the view.

"It was nice of Kaiba-kun to invite all of us," Yugi remarked.

In the background, Rua was hyperactively jumping in his seat while Ruka was trying to calm him down. Some Gx characters in the back were watching with concern looks…

"Yeah, thanks to Mokuba," Jounouchi grinned. He and Honda hung over their seats. Yugi and his small gang didn't notice Yusei struggling to buckle the hyperactive child to his seat. Ruka was holding her head low in embarrassment, while Aki was grinning sheepishly.

"I bet he couldn't resist Mokuba's begging and puppy eyes… HA!"

Honda, Yugi, Anzu chuckled.

"I heard that…" Kaiba glared at the dirty blonde.

"So? What of it?" Jounouchi mocked.

"Its none of your concern," Kaiba scoffed as he averted his glare.

"Hey Minna-san! How is everyone doing today?!" Mokuba asked on a wireless microphone. He stood at the front.

"Give a cheer if you're doing great!" Noah added. He held a wireless microphone too. He was standing next to Mokuba.

Mostly everyone shouted heartily, "WHOO HOO!!" Some threw a fist into the air. The "quiet" ones gave a little "Yay"

Kaiba consciously covered his ears. If they shouted any louder, the whole plane would have collapsed he mused irritably, but a bit sarcastically.

"Mokuba-sama, Kaiba-sama, Noah-sama, we have reached Kaiba Island," the pilot informed the Kaiba brothers through their headphones.

Noah and Mokuba glanced at each other and nodded. "Yosh!"

"Open the hatch!" Mokuba ordered. In the middle of the hallway, a door opened revealing the clouds and the ocean.

"Wait… we're not gonna land this plane?" Jounouchi asked hesitantly.

"What do you think?" Kaiba smirked.

"There is no place to land the plane so there is only one thing to do…." Mokuba informed.

"We're all jumping overboard," Noah added simply.

"Cool! Sky dive!" Rua, Chii-kun, and Judai were thrilled. Some agreed, while some were okay with it.

"Aniki!" However… Sho and some others weren't too sure….

"You serious-saurus?!" Kenzan agreed with Sho.

"Now lets go!!" Mokuba pumped a fist into the air.

One-by-one, or two-by-two, or three-by-three everyone jumped off the plane about 1,000 feet above the ocean and island. Everyone was in their swimwear and wore parachute packs on their backs.

Yugi, Anzu, Jounouchi, and Honda held each other's hands in the air. As Jounouchi spotted Otogi and Honda going after Shizuka, he grabbed their heads and shoved them down; only to be unexpectedly glomped by Mai. Mai took a quick shot with her digital camera of her and Jounouchi. Jounouchi had a grim face and looked like he was turning purple.

Yami, Mana, and Grandpa followed after them. Miho darted towards Honda (seemed like it). Yami took hold of Grandpa's hand. Grandpa cried of feeling young again!

Ryou, Bakura, Chii-kun, and Chiiyami were having fun as they held each other's hands as they swirled in the air.

Marik was laughing like a maniac, while Malik was giving him strange looks. Ishizu and Rishid were with them.

Amelda was having fun, Valon sky surfed, and Raphael and Pegasus were completely composed. The brothers, Leon and Siegfried, held each other's hands in the air. Leon had a big smile. Haga and Ryuuzaki were panicking and holding onto each other for dear life. Though…they weren't the only ones panicking…

Sho felt nervous at first, but Judai made him feel better as he took hold of Judai's hand. Rei glomped Judai from above. Manjyome was his usual self, then became startled when Kenzan bumped into him.

Asuka, Momoe, and Junko were enjoying themselves as they held each other's hands.

"MAMMA MIA!!" "DE ARU!!" Chronos and Napoleon panicked.

"Ho Ho!" Samejima laughed, enjoying the thrill with Tome who he was holding hands with. They passed by Chronos and Napoleon.

Misawa punched in calculations on his PDA; while Fubuki was having a blast sky surfing. Kaiser seemed calm. Hayato tried to catch up with Judai and them…

Daitokuji followed after the students cringing with pain from Pharaoh's claws. Pharaoh was holding for dear life screeching, sinking his claws into his owner's head.

Edo showed off some moves in sky surfing as he passed Saiou and Mizuchi. Johan, Amon, Echo, O'Brien, Jim with Karen on his back, followed after Edo. Amon and Echo were holding each other's hands. O'Brien was calm while polishing his gun-like duel disk. Yusuke and Ayukawa were the last of the Gx group.

Old man Yanagi panicked as he climbed in the air; then was grabbed by the waist by Himuro. Saiga passed them being calm about the whole sky dive.

Tenpei quivered with nervousness then Rua held out his hand above him. Rua and Ruka were holding hands. Tenpei took Rua's hand. The three posed for a picture for Aki; Rua with a goofy grin and Ruka with a peace sign. It seemed Aki and Yusei jumped together. After taking the little ones' picture, Jack passed them showing off his moves in skysurfing.

Rally, Blitz, Nerve, and Taka followed after Jack, Yusei, and Aki; then Aoyama and Mikage.

The three Kaiba brothers were the last ones to jump off the jet plane….

Now is the beginning of the Yugioh Summer Adventure…


Chii-kun- "What do you guys all think? Next is Day 1!! Here are the characters again…"

Yugioh characters:

Yugi, Anzu, Jounouchi, Honda, Yami, Miho, Amelda, Valon, Raphael, Ryou, Bakura, Marik, Malik, Ishizu, Rishid, Haga, Ryuuzaki, Kaiba, Mokuba, Mai, Grandpa, Rebecca, Otogi, Mana, Leon, Pegasus, Siegfried, Shizuka, Noah (29)

Yugioh Gx characters:

Judai, Sho, Asuka, Manjyome, Daichi Misawa, Fubuki, Kenzan, Rei, Kaiser, Momoe, Junko, Saiou, Yubel, Haou, Mizuchi, Chronos, Napoleon, Hayato, Daitokuji, Pharaoh, Edo, Johan, Amon, O'Brien, Jim, Karen, Yusuke, Tome, Samejima, Ayukawa (medic), Echo (32)

Yugioh 5d's characters:

Yusei, Aki, Rua, Ruka, Himuro, Yanagi, Saiga, Tenpei, Aoyama, Rally, Blitz, Jack, Nerve, Taka, Mikage (15)

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