Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow by AndromedaMarine

Author's Note: small drabble, no spoilers.

Yesterday was the worst day of his life. Yesterday he'd given up hope and used up the last of his energy fighting his captors. But yesterday he'd been rescued, and the first person he saw was her. She'd been the one to bring him home, instead of the other way around. She'd saved him this time. All he needed to see was her green eyes and her beautiful face to know he'd be okay.

Yesterday he would have given up hope if not for her.

Today he practically drank the morphine down; pain was a constant throughout his body, throbbing with agony. He slept for most of the day, but when he woke up she was there, with her hand in his and her face a visage of worry. He would be okay. As long as she was there, he'd be okay.

Today he would sleep knowing that when he woke he would see her, there.

Tomorrow he would be released, albeit restricted from duty, but at least he would be able to hold her, or, be held by her. Tomorrow he would rest his lips on hers and they would share a simple, intimate moment.

Tomorrow he would be with her.

Yesterday may have been the worst day of his life, but today and tomorrow were the best.