Bella. Burgers. Burn.

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Summary: Bella gets hungry and makes lunch, BY HERSELF! What happens when she walks off and leaves the food at the stove? UNATTENED!


I sighed. "Bye: Edward, Carlisle, Esme, Jasper, Rosalie, Alice, and Emmett! I hope you have a wonderful hunting trip!" Edward quickly pecked me on the cheek before running out the door.

I was alone, in the Cullen house. I was surprised too. It was around noon when they left, so I decided to make myself some lunch. Once I started coming over more often, Esme started stocking the fridge with human food of all sorts. I quickly decided to make hamburgers.

I skipped into the kitchen – without falling, I might add – and started digging through the refrigerator. I needed: ground beef, barbeque sauce, and ketchup. Once I had found what I needed I set the ingredients down on the counter. I walked over to the wall of cabinets and shelves. Oh nose (a/n: yes nose! Ha-ha, cheyennecullen thought of it, and let me use it! THANKS!)! This was going to take a while, and all I really needed was a large pan!


I had finally found the pan, so I skipped over to the stove, turned it on, and set the pan down over the flame. The, I ran to the cabinet I had saw the plates in and I grabbed two, then I scooted over to the drawer that had oven mitts and spatulas. Afterwards, I started getting the meat ready.

45 MINUTES LATER! (I know! The Bella in this story is slow!)

Finally, the meat was shaped and marinated. I had made about six. I wouldn't eat them all now, but I could save them for later.

I walked over to stove with the plate of patties in one hand, and the spatula in the other. I set the plate down and grabbed a patty. When I was laying the patty on the pan, my hand hit the edge of the pan. But, because it was so hot, it was cool. I didn't notice it. When, I finally did, I saw a blister about the size of Texas, and with my luck, it started to bleed! "Oh, insert bad word here!"

I jogged upstairs and into Edward's room. I knew he had a First Aid Kit somewhere; I just didn't know where.


I had finally found it. I searched everywhere. The bathroom, the closet, under the bed, under the couch, I even banged on the walls; looking for a strange, hidden door her could have put it in. But, right when I was about to lose hope, I saw it, sitting innocently on the bed.

I patched myself up. I was about half way down when I started smelling smoke, and then I realized it had gotten a lot hotter.

I yanked the door to Edward's roomopen, and looked over the banister. The whole first floor was engulfed in flames! I panicked. I couldn't get outside through the front door, so I decided to go from Edward's window. It was a good twenty feet down. I closed my eyes and jumped. While falling, I thought 'CRAP! I burned my burgers!'


When I awoke, I saw a very anxious Edward leaning over me. "What happened?"

"Well, you were making lunch, and you burned down the house." He sighed.

Oh yeah. I closed my eyes; I wonder what everyone else will say. When I opened my eyes again, there was no other, but a very angry Esme over me, all she said was, "Care to explain?"

THE END! Review please! SHOULD THIS BE A ONE-SHOT? Or should Bella get in trouble, and have to rebuild the house?