Summary: Ian and Jared become best friends soon after meeting. Jared is desperate to find Melanie after she disappears. During a raid, they spot her in San Diego and after Jared begs him to, Ian agrees to pretend to be one of them and attends her class. What happens when the Comforter asks Wanderer if she she sees anyone who she is attracted to, she realizes she is being drawn to this mysterious new student? JxM IxW

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Stephenie Meyer obviously.

Chapter 1


I can't stop thinking about what happened to Melanie. What would have happened if I would have gone with her? She would have never have disappeared. It's been too long and she has probably become one of them. I can't help but regret our relationship in the end. She'll never know how strongly I felt about her and how much I needed her to survive. Her mere presence makes my heart race. When she gazes into my eyes, I can feel my heart melt. Knowing that I would see her face was what woke me up everyday. I remember the feel of her lips grazing mine and the heat of her body against mine.

Ugh. I need to stop thinking about her and face the fact that I may never hold her again. All that kept me going was knowing that Jamie needed me and I made a promise to keep him safe and alive. Ian has become my best friend and was sympathetic about Melanie. Though he did not know exactly how much pain I was in. I am very good at hiding my emotions behind the mask that I usually wore around everyone. I had to stay strong for Jamie.


Jared's hiding out in his room again. He thinks that I can't see behind that hard face that he always makes. He thinks he has to be strong all the time. He's like Kyle the way he hides the pain of losing the one girl that he loves. I never loved anyone so I guess I can't say I know how it feels to lose the love of your life but I have lost people.

"Ian." I jumped at the sound of Kyle's voice and turned around immediately. "Jeb says we're going on another raid. You, me, Jared, Wes, Andy, and Brandt. This time we're headed for San Diego."

After Kyle left, I went to Jared's room to tell him the news. Maybe he needed this trip to get Melanie off his mind.

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