Suddenly we heard a throat clear. I clenched my eyes shut and sighed before looking up to see Jared looking ready to kill and Jeb standing with a surprised look on his face.

"Well, now. I wasn't expecting this."

Chapter 13

Wanda POV

"Well, now. I wasn't expecting this."

I looked up at Melanie's uncle and took in his appearance. His features were familiar as I took them in. I opened my mouth to greet Jeb when I heard a crash next to me. Jared had tackled Ian to the ground and got in one punch before Ian pushed him to the ground and took charge of the fight. He began to raise his fist when he glanced my way. My face must have had some sign of fear because he lowered his arm and got off of Jared before making his way to me. He put his arm around me and looked into my eyes apologetically. Jared got up glaring at Ian before walking to Jeb's side.

I looked back at Jeb and noticed him looking at me curiously. A rush of memories flooded me as Melanie recollected everything she remembered about her uncle and how they used to think he was crazy. She remembered him trying to warn her about being prepared and showing her the lines that she needed to remember. The memories felt like they came from a lifetime ago.

He looked from both Jared to Ian before turning his gaze upon me.

"But judging by the looks of it, neither were either of you. I guess the raid in San Diego was a bit different than you led on Jared. Explain."

Both Jared and Ian immediately started talking at once.

"I saw Melanie's body and Ian was SUPPOSED to just find out—"

"Jared had me go to Wanda to find out if Melanie was still—"

"Stop! One at a time. Who's Wanda?"

I looked at him but kept my mouth shut unsure of whether or not I should speak up and whether or not he would believe me.

But Jared and Ian believe you.

That's different. I'm not quite sure how Jeb thinks yet. For all I know, he may think that their opinion is irrelevant because of the obvious attachment they have to us. He knows that Jared loves you and it is fairly obvious that Ian and I feel more than just friendship.

That's true. But I still think that he would believe you.

"You mean other than the parasite that inhabits Melanie's body?" Jared snarled snapping me out of our conversation.

"This is Wanda." Ian said glaring at Jared.

Jared took a deep breath before starting.

"I saw Melanie in San Diego and needed to find out whether or not she was completely gone. Since she wouldn't recognize Ian I asked him to act like one of them to gain her trust so he could find out. But the selfish son of a –"

"Hey!" Ian broke in.

"Shut up! I can call you whatever the hell I want! You were making out with my girl!"

"How many times do we actually have to go through this? Melanie might have been yours but Wanda is mine!"

What's going to happen? When you got attached to Ian, it never occurred to either of us that this could ever happen…

I know. This fighting will not stop until…I stopped knowing that there was no sure conclusion. Either way, someone would get hurt. If Melanie disappeared, Jared would not only hate me but he would be extremely hurt. If I took myself out of the picture, Ian would be hurt. Not just that but I'm not sure I want to leave him. It fills me with guilt that I could be so selfish.

Not selfish. Human. You're starting to feel the emotions that make us human. You're not a bad person Wanda. You're merely becoming one of us.

I'm not sure whether or not to be happy about this. Humans are cruel, violent creatures who—"

Melanie made a sound as though she was clearing her throat.

Yes. I know. Although you make be aggressive beings you are also the most interesting, complex ones that I have ever encountered. I'm not sure that I can ever live like I used to after feeling so many emotions. If I had to leave, any other planet would feel incomplete and empty.

I looked up at Jeb and noticed him studying me again and realized he must have saw my internal conversation as emotions flitted across my face.

"Wanda is it? How about you tell me what's going on here exactly?"

I stood looking at him reluctant to speak at first. I felt Ian's hand gently rub my lower back as though trying to comfort me.

"It's ok, Wanda. You can trust him."

I looked from Ian to Jeb before beginning. I explained how Ian showed up at my class and how we began spending more time together. I left out how much I began to love him and kept our relationship vague wanting to keep it to myself. I kept it as short and simple as possible.

"Melanie's still in this body." I whispered, unsure of how he would react to a soul telling him such news. He never showed any surprise at what I told him.

"Well, I don't suppose it will do any good staying out here any longer. Why don't we take this inside?"

"Wait! We can't just let her see the way in!" Jared exclaimed.

"What the hell do you mean, Jared? Don't you get it yet? Wanda is not a bad soul! She isn't going to run away and bring the Seekers! She's not going anywhere." He looked down at me searching for my reaction.

"Of course not, Ian. I'm going to be wherever you are." I told him. He looked down smiling at me and grabbed my hand interlocking our fingers.

"Now that we got that settled." Jeb said as he turned around and started to walk.

There was only one thing Melanie and I could think of as we began to follow Jeb. Jamie.

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