ok so this is my first fanfic ever

ok so this is my first fanfic ever. I love these characters together so i thought about writing a story. But now i guess theres gonna be more to it. This is just my first draft and i dont even have a title yet. Iam working on that and on the next part. I will upload it on and here when finished. The characters to do not belong to me, but to genius Kim Harrison. Anyways i hope you like it and please tell me what you think. : )

Damn it! Ivy should have come with me, but noooo the vampire said she couldn't, buying groceries is a task she loves to bail out on. Now I get to carry these freaking huge paper bags to my freaking car, which is of course as far away on the parking lot as it can possibly get. This is absurd; I don't know why everybody decides to buy groceries tonight. With a sigh I put the bags down and rearrange them on my arms, making them more comfortable to carry.

The many rows of cars and vehicle soon become a maze, Making it very difficult to get to mines. I blew a stray red curl out of my face and continue to make my way through the cars. I finally spot my lovely little car. Wary, I make my way to it. There's a jaguar parked next to my car, you don't see many of those doing groceries. Ok so now to search for my keys. I put the grocery bags on the pavement and begin searching for my keys in my big leather bag. I can't find them

"Damn it to the turn! I should really consider cleaning out my purse once in a while, Damn it! Damn it! Come one keys where are you." I ramble as I search for my keys. "Looks like tonight is really not my night...Okay patience" I take a deep breath and settle my purse on the hood of my car, a much more comfortable position. Tears are gathering in my eyes. I can't believe not finding my keys is going to make me cry.

"Come one Rachel hold it in" I tell myself . But my tear ducts were really not listening to me.

"Just until you get inside the car. Please" I pleaded to myself in vain. My tears begin to flow freely anyways.

This crying thing has been happening many times in the past month. It seems any little thing sets me off, anything becomes the last straw. I hold it in until I am alone. I can't let Ivy or Jenks or Matalina see me like this. I have to be strong for them. I have to pretend that I am okay, when I really am not. You see in the past years there have been many…difficulties, but somehow everything turns out to okay. But now that's not the case. Everything is not okay. Kisten's death was my downfall. I still can't remember what happened that night. I still can't remember his killer. I miss him so much. His smile, the way his eyes sparkled. And then to realize that I am never going to see him again. To know that I didn't know he was dead, despite being there when he died - until Piscary told me. Amused that I couldn't remember. To know that I fought because my body remembers it but I was much too weak to save him. He died to save me. It tears me apart. And then to add to that Matalina is dieing and soon Jenks will die too. I will do anything to add a few more years to their lifespan.

My breath comes out in shorts gasps. Luckily its dark and the people around fail notice how I am falling apart. Breathe in. Stop. Release. I focus so hard on regulating my breathing that I failed to hear the steps at my back. There was somebody there. I tried to turn around. Too late. A hand with a handkerchief comes up to my nose. The other wraps around my waist. Great. I push at my attacker, trying to fight back but my limbs were already failing me. Who the hell is stupid enough to kidnap me in a public parking lot. In my mind I did a quick elimination process of all my enemies. Most of them who are not stupid enough to do this. My attacker takes his hand away from my nose. But I can't run, and I can't yell, and to my embarrassment I am still crying. He turns me around to face him. Trent.

I look into the face of my attacker. Trent. His green eyes bright with hate, his lips a straight line of anger. His usually well groomed wispy white-blond hair today was running free, easily shifted by the wind. Despite the hate he feels for me I still find him beautiful. Annoying, Arrogant, Selfish, Pain in the ass. But still beautiful. I really can't believe he's doing this. And he's doing it in person. I knew when I last saw him, when I rescued him from the ever-after, we didn't part in the best of terms. Well in no good terms. He tried to strangle me. But I am surprised to see him here personally he usually just sends someone else to so his job.

"What the hell do you think your doing?" I manage to say. My voice was barely a whisper. I clung to the moments of consciousness. His grip on my waist tightened and even though I still manage to stay conscious my control was slipping. My head fell into his warm lean muscular chest. He smells of leaves.

I could hear footsteps approaching us.

"Is everything okay?" said a male voice.

"Yeah, She's fine. She's just…Anemic." His chest vibrates carrying out the sound of his melodic voice. Now i am really delusional. I am going to kill this bastard.

"Do you need any help?" Said the voice

"No that's okay. I got her" Trent opens the passenger door to the jaguar. I should have known there was something weird with that. When I get out of this one I am going to kick myself for not thinking more of it. For not realizing how strange that actually was…He settles me in the passenger seat. His hands come up to my face, and I try to move my head but his hands firm and gentle prevents me from doing so. He wipes away the tears from my eyes. I can see why he's doing this. That man is still there, watching. Then I hear the footsteps fade away, My last chance and to escape from his physco elf is now gone. . He quickly adjusts the seatbelt, so close I can smell him, his elven smell of leaves and of nature. So close I can see the way his thin, childlike, pale hair now falls over his eyes. He use to keep it shorter. As his hands finish with the seatbelt I manage to catch one, so warm despite it being so cold outside. He looks up, His eyes so bright and so close. I try to glare but it seems I can't even do that anymore. My eyes fight to remain open, but that is a battle lost. Trent slides next to me and turns on the engine, the car purrs to life. A knock.

"Trent, What the hell do you think your doing? Trent , Open the door, Right now. This is not the way."

"Quen" I whispered before my mind faded into nothing.

to be continued...