Chapter 1: Doubting our Love

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As I was pumping gas into my new Mercedes Guardian, my eyes flickered to my engagement ring and I couldn't help but wonder what's going to happen once Edward and I are married.

Is he going to still love me the way he does now?

I know he's told me over and over again how much he loves me, but i can't help being a little dubious sometimes.

What if he thinks I'm a monster and wants the old Bella back, what will I do?

How will I cope if he leaves me again?

Those are just some of the many questions that's been going through my head ever since he proposed.

I'll be indestructible. I won't be able to just kill myself.

I can't live in a world were Edward doesn't exist.

Maybe I'll join the Volturi.

What about the whole drinking blood from human issue?

Am I going to give up my morals or will I just persuade the Volturi to kill me.

Maybe just maybe Jake will want me.

I know I'll be a bloodsucker, as he put it, but maybe he'll look pass that.

I don't know why I was freaking out, but truth was there, i was scared about the after once i marry Edward.

This must be what getting cold feet feels like, this must be how all brides feel before their wedding.

Boy those it suck.

But then again all those brides weren't getting married to a masochistic, overreacting, sexy, loving vampire.

I tried to put the skepticism behind me.

But no matter how hard I tried to let my mind wander to something else, it always came back to doubting Edward's love for me and the aftermath once we're married.

I was just finishing pumping gas and putting the nozzle away when I saw Mike Newton entering the gas station.

I hurried up, hopping I wouldn't have to engage in a discussion with Mike about my summer or anything else for that matter.

Mike was the last person I wanted to chatter with.

Just then I felt a hand on my back, I turned around, startled, to see Mike behind me.

How'd he get here so fast, I was moving so quick, and so close to leaving.


Why couldn't I stay inconspicuous for a couple more seconds, that's all I needed to escape this wretched place and a conversation with Mike Newton.

"Hey Bella, sorry about that, I didn't mean to scare you," Mike said.

Stupid Mercedes Guardian caused this avoidable bump in.

"Whewww!" "That's a sweet ride, how were you able to afford it."

" Oh thanks Mike, It's nice to know you keep an eye in my paycheck, how i got the car is none of your business" I snapped.

" Umm, sorry, it's just I thought- I thought those weren't supposed to come out yet," he stammered.

"They haven't, but Edward is into foreign cars, he is the one that got it for me and you are right it is one sweet ride."

"No Kidding"

"Well, I got to go, bye," i said trying to cut to the chase so i could leave, but i guess he wasn't having that.

"Wait, I haven't seen you in awhile," he yelled.

"Well Mike, school is over and I did finish my employment at your family's store."

" I know, but I still see some of our friends around, but I haven't seeing you much."

"I've been busy lately and I really have to go," i said with finality.

A quick goodbye was the fastest way to get out before he'd realize anything I'd rather not explain.

Right when I was about to shut my car door and drive off, Mike saw the one thing I was hoping would escape his gaze so i could make a quick getaway and avoid unwanted questions from him.

My engagement ring, and then the stupid question came.

"So you and Edward are getting married?"

"Yea, I was going to start sending out wedding invitation soon."

"Wow, you guys are really serious."

"Of course we are why wouldn't we be."

"It's just that………never mind."

"It's just what, what are you implying?"

"He left you not so long ago Bella, and you were crushed. Don't you remember?"

"Of course I remember, but he came back for me and he loves me."

"Now if you don't mind I really have to go."

Boy, he got some nerves reminding me that Edward left me, how could I forget something like that. I was devastated.

He has no right getting all up in my business.

I drove off fast, hopping that this time no one would pay attention to my ride, I didn't want to deal with any of this now.

But then again I am in Forks, the smallest town in Washington. Not many people drive foreign cars.

I drove to the Cullen's' house, to the one person that could put me at ease.

As I approached the house, the moment I cut off my engine Edward was by my side.

This is my first fan fiction, so tell me if you like it. I know it probably was a little out of character, I'll try to keep the other chapters in character.