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Chapter 20: Happily ever after

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I was in Edward's and my room, just lying on lying on the bed enjoying the moment and each other's company. The atmosphere was so serene, the house was quiet, because the family went out hunting while Edward and I decided to stay back and spend some quality time alone together.

I was deep in thought thinking about Jake and his demise, when suddenly Edward broke the silence, asking me what was on my mind. He still gets a little frustrated sometimes when I refused to share my thoughts with him. He doesn't understand that people don't like sharing everything their thinking of with someone else, even if it's their spouse, best friend, etc. Some thoughts are better kept to yourself.

I always ended up caving in and confessing my thoughts to him though. Edward just had that affect on me. Something I thought would have change once I was change.

"I was having an epiphany about something Jake once told me," I said quietly, but I know he heard me.

'What's your epiphany?"

"Well Jake once said that you were like a drug to me, and although he might had been healthier, I wanted you."

"I told him he was my personal sun, whom balanced all the clouds in my life, because back then that's how I felt."

" I can remember his exact words, he said although that may be true, he can't fight an eclipse."

"My epiphany is similar to what Jacob had said to me, his words were in the right track"

" The way I see it, our lives was like a solar eclipse."

"I was the moon that passed between the sun, Jacob, and the earth, you, so that the sun is wholly or partially covered."

" I was the problem in this situation, you and Jacob may had been enemies, but you two were minding your own business till I came along."

"Even though I found you, I can't help but think maybe things would be better of if I hadn't come to Forks."

"NO Bella, you are not a problem," Edward nearly shouted.

"If you hadn't come to Forks I would still me with wandering around with my family thinking that I was complete all in myself."

"Remember what I told you my life was before I met you, and how when you showed up it was filled with brilliancy everywhere."

"You gave me a reason to want to live for the rest of eternity, you gave me you Bella, and I know I've said this a million times, but you are the only meaning in my life."

"I wouldn't want to change that for the world."

"I love you, my little moon."

Warning: You're about to read a scene that is Rated R. If you want to keep your mind PG 13, stop reading now.

"I love you—" his lips crashed into mine before I could finish my sentence. At first he started kissing me softly, and I could feel him trying not to deepen the kiss, but his intentions must have gone up in smoke.

His hands traced my skin; his lips tasted every inch of my face. My hands knotted in his hair, pulling him to me as if there were no possible way for us to be closer. He flipped over, leaning on top of me, while my legs wrapped around his waist.

Our tongue twisted together as the kiss deepened and every part of me was engulfed with him. I was so glad breathing wasn't a necessity anymore, because I didn't want either one of us to pull away. Unfortunately he pulled away and ended my moment in utopia.

"Bella, love, are you sure you want to continue this?"

"We can stop if you're not ready."

"I would understand, I wouldn't mind waiting for you forever."

"Edward, I said, our honeymoon was ruined and you know I've been wanting to be with you even before I was changed."

"I'm more than ready."

"I love you, I want you, and no ones home, lets not miss this opportunity."

"So can we—" his lips crashed into mines again and nothing else in the world mattered.

My hands knotted in his hair again, as I felt his right hand travel down my pants. He left a trail of burning fire everywhere his hands touched. He unzipped and unbuttoned my pants in a mere second. I released my hands from his hair to his shirt. I was so glad that he wore a button down shirt instead of a regular tee it made things easier.

He pulled his shirt the rest of the way off, throwing it somewhere in the room. My hands traveled down his sculptured body. He broke our kiss shortly to lift my shirt over my head. Then he started unclasping my bra and pulled me free from it without breaking the kiss. That made me wonder if he truly was a virgin.

He took a nipple into his mouth, sucking on it while I let out a soft moan. I could hear him chuckle softly, enjoying giving me pleasure, that only made me moan louder.

His hands went down to my panties, and pulled them down and threw them across the room like he did with my pants. I felt exposed, being the first one to be completely naked.

His fingers slit down my clitoris arousing me in pleasure. He slid one finger into me, causing me to moan in his mouth. I screamed, literally when his fingers slipped out from me only to be replaced with his tongue. My fingers gripped the sheets trying futile to stay in control of my body. My breathing hitched and I muttered his name as his tongue flickered over my most sensitive area. He started adding more fingers in, one at a time, increasing speed as he did this. He obviously wanted to hear me to moan again, and I couldn't take it anymore.

"Edward, I want you inside of me now," I said breathless.

He responded by unbuckling his pants pulling them down and leaving him only in his boxers. He went back to kissing, nibbling on my lower lip. Why now, why does he want to tease me now? I couldn't take it anymore

My hands went down his boxer trying to pull it down, he helped me a bit, but still continued to finger me.

"Edward," I moaned.

"Please enter me."

I knew he couldn't resist giving me what I wanted if I asked, but part of me was still anticipating denial. Before I knew it, I felt him at my entrance.

He pushed in a little bit, anticipating my reaction, when I nodded for him to continue, he slowly pushed in further, hitting my barrier. I let out a small gasp, knowing that he heard me. He looked at me, and I smiled letting him know I was okay and to continue. He commenced thrusting in and out, causing me pain first, and then pleasure.

He picked up speed and my breath came out in short gasps. As a series of moans and grunts escaped our lips, my body started moving into all directions without my control. I felt a strange swelling and bursting sensation, as I orgasm. It was amazing. My back arched, my legs locked and my toes curled.

Edward was grunting as he pushed into me for the last time, having his own orgasm. It sent me overboard, as soon as he finished, he collapsed beside me, pulling me closer to him.

"That was phenomenal," I said.

"Amazing," he said.

"I love you Bella Cullen."

"I love you, Edward Cullen.

He pulled me into one more kiss as I cuddled myself to him. I couldn't help but think of how I must be the single happiest woman on earth. That only lasted for a short while, before we continued our endless lovemaking. It was filled with ardor, love and raw desire. We did it several times, each time better than the last. If that was even achievable.

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