Sango watched the ground below for her raven haired friend. She knew that Kagome couldn't have gone too far, since she was upset. Sango finally spotted her about a half a mile away from Inuyasha and the rest of the group. Sango directed Kirara to fly down in front of Kagome. After Kirara landed, Sango hopped off and ran to her friend, who was sitting at the base of a big oak tree, crying into her knees.

"Kagome.." Sango started, as she kneeled down to Kagome's level.

"Why does he always want to hurt me, Sango?" Kagome's voice was muffled, so Sango got closer to her.

"I give him everything. I'd die for him if I had to. Yet, he still chooses her. What does she have that I don't have?" Kagome's sobbed harder in her knees after that question. Sango wrapped her arm around Kagome and brought her into a comforting hug.

"I don't know Sango. He's an idiot. He really doesn't see what he has right in front of him. He's totally blind!" Kagome looked at her friend.

"I'm sorry, I'm babbling." Kagome wiped the tears from her eyes.

"We're friends Kagome, you babble all you want." Sango finally said. Kirara, transformed in her small state, jumped into Kagome's open lap, and gave a small meow, confirming what Sango said.

"Thanks you two. But I don't want to go back right now. I can't handle seeing him. I'd just SIT him again." Kagome and Sango both got to their feet, Kirara being cradled in Kagome's arms.

"Let's go for a walk. Maybe that will help me clear my head. Just us girls." Kagome gave a warm smile. Sango nodded in agreement, but she knew she had to keep a wary eye out, just in case.

"Here, let me help you out of that hole." Sakura lent a hand down to Inuyasha, who pushed it out of his way.

"I don't need anyone's help." Inuyasha growled as he climbed out of the crater on his knees. Sakura gave him an icy glance, before turning her back to him.

"I do not need to take your attitude Inuyasha. I did not put you in that hole."

"Yeah whatever…" He said as he crossed his arms.

"I'm going after her." He crouched down to jump.

"I advise against that." Sakura said, still with her back turned to him.

"And why is that? I have to protect her against Naraku." Inuyasha asked, annoyed.

"She does not wish to see you."

"Well duh, I knew that. I don't give a shit though!"

"Suit yourself Inuyasha. I do believe she has more of those, what were they? Sits?" Inuyasha's ears flattened against his head.

Shut up…" He sat down on the ground Indian style with his arms crossed as well.

"Shippo, do you know where Kagome might be heading to?" Sakura asked, looking at the little fox demon.

"The well, probably." Shippo answered with his finger to his chin.

"She didn't go to the well…" Inuyasha muttered.

"I can still smell her." He added, with a quick sniff of the air.

"As long as she does not leave your detection, she will be fine. You will know if something happens to her." Sakura looked towards the West.

"I am going back home. I will see you all once again in the future." She gave warm smiles to Shippo and Miroku, gave an icy glare to Inuyasha, and she set off running through the forest.

"My ass of a brother turned her cold." Inuyasha said after she left.

"I don't know. I think she's still the same." Shippo said looking after her until she disappeared.

"No one asked you, ya idiot." Inuyasha said as he got up off the ground.

"Meany…Just because Kagome left you doesn't mean you've got to take it out on everyone else!" Shippo yelled, sticking his tongue out, which earned him a fist to the head.

"Shut up ya measly kid!" Inuyasha yelled with his fist raised.

'I will never understand that Inuyasha. He truly is a mystery.' Sakura thought to herself as she finally reached the castle. She nodded to the guards as the let her in the gates.

"My love, I have returned!" Sakura yelled as she reached the halls that ran through to the bedrooms. She heard a *wooosh* and before she knew it she was pinned against the wall, with her arms above her head. Sesshomaru greeted her with a kiss, that left her mouth bruised.

"I can hardly stand the smell on you." Sesshomaru whispered into her ear, which caused the hair on the back of her neck to stand up. He picked her up bridal style, and walked with her to the room that had it's own hot springs, which was across from their own bedroom. He placed her down gently, and began to undress her slowly, kissing the exposed flesh every time a piece of her clothing was removed. After she was completely undressed, he directed her small hand down his body, staring deep in her eyes as he did so.

"Undress me." He said smoothly, and she complied, doing the same as he did. When she reached his hakama, she tugged it down his strong legs, which exposed his manhood. It was already erect from being aroused by her, standing straight up, like a proud solider. She gazed up at her mate from her crouched position, before she took him in her mouth. He groaned slowly, as he put his hands behind her head, to show her the pace he wanted. When she picked up what he wanted, he dropped his hands to her breasts, grasping them gently with his callused hands. Her groan was muffled, but it still made its point across. She took him all in, sucking as he fondled her. The two were in sync with each other, knowing what each wanted. Sesshomaru lifted her up from her knees and they walked into the hot water together. He pushed her against the bank of the springs, with her back facing him. He kissed her back and neck, as his fingers traveled down her body. He proceeded down her backside, rubbing the outside of her entrance slowly, making sure he aroused her now. She whined softly, showing him that she needed him now. She turned her head to face him, and kissed him as he entered one finger. She moaned in the kiss, as he entered two fingers. He worked his fingers slowly in and out, and in a scissor-like motion, before he entered three fingers. She stifled a hiss of pain, as they still kissed. When he felt like she was worked up enough, he hiked her up just a little higher on the bank of the spring, and put his hand around his penis. He worked it outside the hole first, showing her that he was ready, and when she nodded, he pressed in slowly. She hissed lowly, showing him that she was uncomfortable.

"Relax, my Sakura." He whispered into her ear, and she did so. He slid in more smoothly after that. When he was in, he paused, trying to get control of his self.

"It is so tight." He said to her, and she nodded. He worked slow at first, letting her get a feel of it. When she started to moan in pleasure, he picked up the pace.

"Oh Sesshomaru…it feels so good." Sakura moaned out, biting her lip in sheer pleasure. He reached around her and entered a finger into her pussy, working it at the same pace as he was going from behind.

"Oh Sesshomaru, I cannot take it anymore! I am coming!" Sakura yelled out as he worked both sides. He felt her walls clamp down on him, and it threw him over the edge as he came inside her after she had climaxed.

He withdrew his self from her backside, and turned her over to face him. They stared at each other with greed in their eyes. They wanted more of each other.

"I came to this spring with the intent of cleaning the stench of my half-brother off of you." Sesshomaru stated.

"I suppose that did not go as planned, my love." Sakura said with a kiss on his forehead. He shook his head no, and lowered his head to her neck. He sucked gently at the place where he marked her so long ago. She moaned as she pushed her body against his. She rocked her hips against his slowly, running her fingers through his smooth hair.

"Oh Sesshomaru…you make me feel so good." Sakura whined in his hair. His answered her by moving down to her breasts to suck on the nipple of one.

"Ahh, Sesshomaru…" She spoke lowly, arching her back to help him suck better. Her hand traveled down his body to his growing erection and she grabbed it and moved swiftly. She wanted him and craved him, again.

"Lord Sesshomaru? Lady Sakura?" They both stopped cold at the sound of little Rin's voice coming from down the hall.

"Yes, dear Rin? What is it that you need?" Sakura called to her, her hand still wrapped around Sesshomaru's penis.

"It's bed time, and you guys are supposed to tuck me in, remember?" Rin yelled back.

"Can you not get Jaken to tuck you in, little one?" Sesshomaru asked, taking his mouth away from Sakura's neck.

"I wanted you two to do it!" Rin whined.

"Rin, do not act like a spoiled brat. You know better than that." Sesshomaru warned.

"I'll get Master Jaken to do it…" Rin said sadly, and they heard her footsteps fade away.

"I believe Rin ruined that moment for us." Sakura said as she dropped her hand from Sesshomaru's manhood, as it was losing its erection.

"I believe so as well." Sesshomaru smirked.

Short, but lemony chapter. I was feeling up to it this time. I've been reading into some other people's fictions, and I was like, they're really good! So I thought I'd give it a shot. I mean, I know I have a lot of Sakura and Sesshomaru "alone time", but I think I went all out on this chapter. Well, I think so.
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