Neji Hyuuga sat at the breakfast table with Hinata as his only companion. Hiashi was training Hanabi that morning. He was absent-mindedly eating some toast. Hinata was eating her bowl of fruit. It was so very very quiet, even the crickets were unnerved into silence.

"So, do you have a mission today?" Neji spoke for the first time.

"Y...Ye...Yes. D...Do you...ha...have" Hinata stuttered, blushed, and looked down.

"It's not a date. I'm just spending time with her for my solo mission. I'll be leaving now." Neji said coldly. He put his dishes in the sink and walked out of the kitchen.

Tenten stood next to the tree that served in her target practice. She had had been restless and headed here early. She sighed miserably. Neji had been spending so much time with that girl. At first Tenten believed that it was just for the mission, but when she watched them one day, she wasn't so sure.

It's not like she and Neji were going out, but she liked him. She thought he returned her feelings, but ever since he got his most recent mission, he had become distant. Tenten was jealous of what she tried to tell herself was nothing.

Lee was already three hours in training with Gai. They had taken a break finally. Lee commented to Gai about Neji's mission. They sat on some logs while Gai explained to his eager student.

"Gai-senesi, Neji has been gone on that mission for a long time now. The longer he is gone, the more depressed Tenten gets. And the more depressed she gets, the less she trains! And Neji is always busy, I am sure he is slacking off in training as well!" Tears of passion filled his eyes.

"Lee, I'm sure they are just acting so that when we reunite, they will have some new moves to show us! Come, lets train even more!" Gai jumped up and started to jog in place.

Sakura Haruno stood outside the bathroom. She was tapping her fingers testily against her arm. Had she not overslept, she would have cared more that her sister was locked in the bathroom. She tsked and opened the door. Her sister was holding a kunai over her scarred arm. Sakura forgot her anger and crouched next to her suicidal sister. She hugged her and quikly bandaged her wrist up.

"Sora, what is the point of hiring help if you're just going to keep cutting yourself? What is it this time?" Sakura asked kindly.

"I heard people talking about me. They were saying hurtful things along the lines of me being a burden and that a coward like me should just die." She looked out the window.

Sakura brushed her hair back behind her ear and kissed her forehead, "I know several people who want you to live. Me, mom, Ino, Shikamaru, Naruto, Sasuke probably would have liked you, and Neji. He'd miss you."

"You really think so?"

"I know so. And if smeone did have a problem with my little sister, I'd kick their butts."

Neji walked out of the house. He put his shoes on and started to walk to Sakura's and Sora's. Naruto saw him and waved cheerfully. Neji grimaced. He didn't have a problem with Naruto, not since after the Chuunin Exams, but the blonde was just so chatty. Normally he could put up it, but a few days ago, Naruto stared to get the same idea as everyone else in the entire village. The idea that he and Sora were a couple.

He spent time with her because it was his mission. Sure they got along, but that didn't mean anything. Family get along, but that doesn't mean that they're dating. But Neji just ignored the comments. He did feel bad for Sora though. These people can be very mean, but because of her delicate nature, it is intensified for her. He also disagreed that the Haruno clan should pay for company for Sora. But Tsunade convinced him it was for the best.

"So, Neji, off to Sakura-chan's place?" Naruto put his hands behind his head.

"Yeah, Sora seems to be doing better, so she shouldn't be needing my services soon."

"You sound sad about that."

"Hpmh." Neji grunted.

There was a knock on the front door. Sora answered the door while Sakura finished getting ready. It was a tall woman in white. She handed her a letter and left. Sora looked at the letter and closed the door slowly. It was addressed to her. Sakura came back down. She looked around.

"Who was it?"

"Wrong address."

Sora clenched the letter behind her back, feeling that it was something bad. Sakura went back upstairs. Sora hid the letter in her black bag to read later.