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16. Arguments and Arrivals

"And I say we are not having this discussion again," I said, Exasperated.


"No." I took a deep breath, in an effort to remain calm. "Listen to me, Edward."

Edward had been relentless in his insistence that I remain human longer. His sole argument was "You are obviously not ready." My emotional display on our way home from our honeymoon, his very solid exhibit A. However,I refused to feel guilty.

I'd already lost count of how many times we've had this argument since we'd gotten back home. Emmett's comments of "Ooh, trouble in paradise?", didn't help the situation. Though even when Edward and I argued—which we had been doing a lot lately—it had absolutely no effect on the impossible way I loved him. And it definitely did not affect our physical relationship. If anything, I'd say the sex was even better–if that was even possible. Something about the anger-fueled tension combined with the insane amount of newlywed lust, made a very powerful combination in the bedroom. Or maybe it was just us? I mean was there any couple, ever, that had a love like ours? Not likely.

Even with all that though, I cannot truthfully say that I enjoyed fighting with him. I missed our casual conversations, the playful banter, and the ease of just being together.

"We are going with the original plan" I said flatly. He opened his mouth to protest, but I continued, cutting him off. "We will be leaving for Dartmouth," my tone twisted the word making it sound almost dirty "in two weeks. I will play my part for Charlie's sake. As planned," I said defiantly

"Do I not have any say in this," he challenged spitefully. "What if I refuse?"

"Are you going back on your end of the bargain, now that I have met all of your conditions?" The thought twisted my stomach. This was the first time he'd ever played that card.

Dark thoughts—however irrational—spiraled around in my mind and I pictured myself going back to Charlie, my marriage over before it really began. I knew that this was just another squabble, and that Edward would love me no matter what, but that didn't stop my eyes from welling up. Edward noticed, and his tone and look were instantly altered.

"Love, please, I am sorry." He soothed. "I did not mean it like that" he explained

"How exactly did you mean it then?" I said curtly, the hurt plain on my voice. His lips twitched. No doubt choosing his words carefully.

"I didn't mean it. I am sorry. That was immature. I am sorry" He repeated. His look was penitent.

"Edward, please believe me. This is what I want. I am ready.", I declared, trying to sound confident.

"But, Bella, you're always so sad. I do not want you to be unhappy. Remember there is no going back." He warned.

"Edward" I said, exasperated. "Not every choice in life is easy" I stated. It bugged me that I sounded so parental. He opened his mouth and again, I cut him off.

"I have met all your demands and even some requests. " Raising my hand, I began counting them off on my fingers.

"I married you, I agreed to go to Dartmouth." Eventually I felt like adding

"I am giving you more time than I would like," My nineteenth birthday in two weeks, was instantly brought to mind. Edward knew how much I was dreading it's approach.

"I even accepted that ridiculously unnecessary vehicle!" I gestured towards the garage, rolling my eyes.

I had returned from my honeymoon, only to find an electric blue convertible, in my truck's usual spot in the garage. There was no doubt in my mind that Alice had helped him orchestrate that little surprise. It was a brand new – unsurprisingly- Mazda Miata. It was very sexy, not that I would ever admit that aloud, who knew what would happen if he found out I liked his gift.

While I awaited his response, he gazed into my eyes, and the beginnings of his crooked grin playing on his lips. I found myself trying to resist being dazzled. Suddenly, his head snapped up and a look of alarm flashed across his face briefly. It was quickly replaced by a serene mask. Before I could ask, Alice appeared at the top of the stairs, as though summoned.

"How much time," Edward asked. She didn't answer, but I saw Edward nod.

"Damn mind-reader," I thought enviously.

"Will someone please tell me what's going on?" I entreated.

Edward and Alice exchanged anxious looks. Her lips quivered briefly and suddenly the whole family was there. I gave Edward a pleading look. He raised one finger, motioning for me to wait. I sighed. Everyone was looking at Alice. It dawned on me that what I had mistaken for a quiver, was her calling the family together.

Their faces were expectant, though with no trace of impatience. I supposed that when you are immortal and practically invincible, you could afford that luxury. When Edward began to speak, everyone's head snapped to him at once. No one was surprised. Edward often acted as narrator for Alice's visions. Usually when she was either still in the throes of one, or too dumbfounded by what she had just seen to speak.

"Someone is coming," he said. I noticed that his voice did not take on that detached sound like when he was translating for the wolves.

I bounced on the balls of my feet, unable to conceal my impatience. Edward noticed, and came to stand beside me, one arm snaking around my waist, while his other hand rubbed my arm soothingly. I thought I saw him look pointedly at Jasper for a moment. The sudden feeling of ease that spread through me, confirmed my suspicions.

"Someone is coming," He repeated.

"The Volturi?" Esme whispered.

Edward looked at Alice for confirmation. Her eyes squinted in concentration for a moment, before she shook her head. Everyone heaved a great sigh of relief. Everyone, that is, except Alice and Edward. Despite Jasper's powers, I felt a shudder of fear rip through my body,

It was Carlisle who spoke now. His voice was calm, measured. "Do we know who they are?"

"No one I've ever met," Alice replied.

"Can you see what they want?" Carlisle questioned her.

Alice's lips quivered again. My frustration was too great to contain any longer, and I lashed out. "Hey, remember me? The human." I growled. I took another calming breath. Before I began again "Will someone please tell me what's going on," I begged.

Edward turned to me. It seemed like years before he finally spoke and when he did, his voice was full of anguish.

"They're coming for you" he said.