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"Tai Lung?"

The sleeping snow cat let out a snort and rolled over onto his other side, still asleep, snoring lightly as he settled on the bamboo mat once more.

"Yo! Tai Lung!"

This time, the snow leopard woke slightly. Too tired to open his eyes, he let out a simple, "Mm, hmm?"

"Will you just get up?!" Snapped the voice in an angry whisper.

Vexed, the mighty snow leopard let out a snarl as he recognized the voice. Sitting up warily, he stretched his arms and let out a yawn. Opening his eyes, he groaned slightly and gave his guest a weary look. "What is it, Yang?"

The white crane stood before him with an evil smirk plastered onto his face. "I need your help with something. You see, Yin was too lazy to get up, and--"

"What time is it?" The leopard interrupted quietly, looking over his shoulder to make sure he had not awoken his wife, who slept soundly nearby, a peaceful expression on her beautiful face. He smiled when he laid eyes on her. Then, he noticed something outside his window.

"It's barely sunrise!" He snapped quietly.

"Shhh!! I know, i know!" Yang hushed. "But, i really need your help to pull this prank off! I--"

"You woke me up this early for a prank?!"Tai Lung whispered angrily.

"SHHHH!" Yang waved his wings frantically. "You're gonna blow my cover!"

"I'm gonna blow your head off if you don't leave!"


"No buts! Now, haul your little tail-feather out of my room!"

"It's a prank on Po!" Yang blurted out, irritated.

Now Tai Lung seemed slightly interested. He straightened up slightly and folded his arms over his chest. He tilted his head to the side and waited patiently for Yang to continue.

Realization dawned on Yang's face. He began to dance on the spot. "Oh, thanks, buddy! You are the ma--"

"If you don't hurry up and explain, i'll go back to sleep." Tai Lung stated flatly.

Yang rolled his eyes, but, the smile never left his face.

All was quiet in the bunkhouse as the two practical jokers stepped into the hallway. With a smirk, Tai Lung began to tip-toe towards the Dragon Warrior's room, but, stopped when he noticed Yang had gone the opposite way.

"What are you doing?" The leopard demanded. "His room's over here!"

"Need to make a little side trip." Yang explained, stopping at another room. Quietly, he slid open the door and stepped inside. Tai Lung was not far behind. The slumbering Kung Fu master didn't stir at all.

He rolled his eyes. "This is Master Crane's room. What are we--?"

"Shh!" Yang hushed. "you want this prank to work, or not? Just trust me. Now, where does Crane keep the paint for his calligraphy?"

"Yeah, like i know!" Tai Lung drawled, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Yang spotted a few jars, brushes, and strips of paper over in one corner of his room. Walking over to it, he lifted the lid off of one of the jars and looked into it. He let out a chuckle. "Jackpot!" He whispered. He looked in the others. "Ha, ha! We got blue! Red. Black. Purple--"

"Just grab them, and, come on!" Tai Lung urged.

Yang gripped the jar handles with his talons and flew over to the door. Tai Lung grabbed some of the jars and walked out.

"This is gonna be great!" Yang said.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Tai Lung said, stopping mid-step. "The brushes. Get some of the brushes."

"Oh, right!" Yang said, placing the jars he was carrying on the ground. He disappeared back into Crane's room.

A minute later, he appeared out into the hallway once more with a few brushes grasped in his beak. He nearly dropped a few of them trying not to laugh. The two then entered the Dragon Warrior's room where the panda laid sprawled out on his mat.

"That panda won't know what hit him." Tai Lung chuckled.