If someone said three years from now you'd be long gone I'd stand up and punch them out 'cause they're all wrong

-"Who Knew" Pink

Rogue fingered the hem of her maroon sweater, anxiously awaiting her guidance counselor's answer.

The office was clean cut and modern looking, glass/metal desk, a sleek looking flat panel computer, and high arc leather chairs. The office window was opening, giving off a cool breeze and then. Somehow making Rogue a little less nervous.

The black haired middle aged woman watched Rogue for a moment, remembering the first day they met. She could tell that Rogue went through a lot this year.

She could see the dark bags under Rogue's blood shot green eyes, making them look so sunken in, her face was pale to the point of sickening looking, and her hands were shaking.

But what really got her attention was the glint of the engagement ring that Rogue wore around her neck on a thin silver chain.

Three months, and Rogue still had that ring as if it were the last thing on earth.

The woman smiled, "Rogue, you are more than welcome to return to school."

Rogue released the pent up sigh, "Thank yah, Ah know that Ah'm little behind though-"

The woman raised her hands, "You'll be able to catch up, and we all know what happened in New Orleans. I'm truly sorry for your loss, take all the time you want." The women offered another gentle smile.

Rogue stood up, already eager to leave the office. "Again, thanks foah everything Miss Palmers. Ah won't let yah down." She was ready to leave when Miss Palmers called her again.

"If you ever want to talk…"

Rogue shook her head, "Ah know."

It was bright and sunny outside the university, nice and cool, able to put anyone in a good and energetic mood.

Except for Rogue.

She couldn't stop the tears from cascading down her cheeks. She touched her face to see that her make up was running. Heavy black and blue eye shadow and eyeliner stained her gloves.

"Damn it."

She promised she would make it through one day without crying.

She sniffed, it was all her fault.

She was so close to everything she ever wanted in life.

Rogue still had his blood on her uniform; she could remember clutching onto him as he made her promise to live her life.

With out him though, what was the point?


After all those years of being the Ice Queen, she could finally admit to missing someone so much.

She missed him.

She missed his smile, his laugh, his smell, his voice…

Rogue could hear his accented voice so clearly in her head.

She shook her head; he wouldn't want her to cry for him. He wanted her to live her life. She had to move on.

As she walked to her car, something got her attention.


Rogue could have sworn she heard his voice whispering her long lost name into her ear. She felt a cold shiver go down her spine.

It couldn't have been him.

He was dead.

Buried six feet under in his home town.

She shook her head, her white bangs getting in the way of her teary vision.

It was time to move on…


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