Rebecca Drable-Pain

It was a rainy afternoon at Manderley.I was inside the library, watching the rain pour against the windows… I was thinking. Thinking of all the problems

Maxim had to deal with of the previous wife-Rebecca.Thinking of all the worries he had to endure with her deceiving ways. Thinking of all the pain he felt

from her. My God did he deserve that? Suddenly, I heard my name being called,it was Maxim. "What are you doing?" He asked me as he walked towards me.

"Nothing, just thinking." I answered. I turned around and looked into his beautiful dark eyes. He seemed to stare into mine as well. Then without saying a word

I put my arms around him. He did the same as well to me.Maxim,oh Maxim. My confidente,my soulmate,my husband. I love him,and I will do anything to keep

him happy. I don't want him to deal with the pain anymore. Because pain without love is hard to endure.