Part One

Disclaimer: Kristen is the only thing that is mine. If I was the author of the Harry Potter books, I wouldn't be here.

It was five years ago that the wizarding world woke to the shocking news. Albus Severus Potter was sorted into Slytherin.

His cousins were all in shock, though none of them said anything to his face. His Uncle Ron was in a foul mood for weeks, his grandmother actually cried, but none of that changed anything. Albus was still in Slytherin.

And then he shocked everyone further. He became best friends with the son of his fathers enemy. Scorpius Malfoy.

I watched all of it, enjoyed it. Albus proved to Hogwarts again and again that he wasn't the Gryffindor his brother, James, was. But he was still a Potter. And he didn't let any of us forget it.

I was also in Slytherin, but I wasn't the Slytherin everyone knew, the one everyone was afraid of. Actually, people tended to forget I was a Slytherin. I was determined to change that this year. I was going to run with the Albus/Scorpius crowd. The Slytherins everyone knew. The Slytherins everyone respected.

Or, I hoped I would anyway.

It was now the officially the first day of my sixth year. I walked onto the train and instantly decided to start searching for a compartment. For their compartment.

I didn't search long.

I found them about halfway down the train. Albus was sitting towards the window, his dark brown hair falling into his emerald eyes and he was smirking at the girl who next to him. The girl who was practically throwing herself at him.

It was Alanna Nott. She was Albus's on-again, off-again girlfriend. She was tall,blond , and curvy with dark blue eyes. The girl every guy wanted. But she only had eyes for him.

Next to Alanna was Jas Mickinly. She was Alanna's best friend, and it was a known fact that she would do anything to get Scorpius to notice her. She wasn't ugly or anything, actually far from it with her dark hair and eyes, but Scorpius barely looked at her.

Scorpius was sitting across from his best friend, looking down at something he held in his hand. There was actually a small smile on his face. It looked like a letter or something.

Next to Scorpius was Charles Avery, who was watching Alanna closely. There was practically drool coming out of the boys mouth.

I was about to reach towards the door when I Albus's eyes suddenly flickered up and met mine. I froze. He stared at me for a moment, a slight frown on his face. There was no recognition in his eyes. He had no idea who I was.

I lost the small amount of courage I had in my Slytherin body. I turned away from his gaze and quickly made my way down the corridor.

Only to compartments down, I saw the rest of Albus's family. Rose Weasley was sitting by the door, talking and laughing with her cousin Lily. Both of the girls had red hair and were beautiful. Fred Weasley was sitting across from Lily, talking to James Potter. James was smiling slightly at his cousin, running his hand through his hair. Cam Weasley was across from James, a book in her hand.

I moved my way down the corridor yet again, this time finally coming to an empty compartment. I moved in and closed the door behind me.

Only a second later, a girl came in, making a lot of noise and talking to herself. "Arrogant jerk! Same house, same year, not even paying attention, couldn't even apologize-" She stopped her muttering and turned around to smile at me. "Kristen!" She said happily. She leaned down and hugged me quickly, then backed away and started pulling her trunk again.

"Hi Lanna." I said, smirking slightly. "Who are you complaining about?"

"Albus bloody Potter." Lanna said, glaring at her trunk. The smirk was instantly wiped off of my face. "The git literally ran right into me, and just walked away."

I shrugged, "He is a Slytherin."

Lanna glared at me. "That isn't an excuse." She muttered. Finally, she fell into the seat across from me.

"Though, I do have to say, he's looking good this year. Almost better than James." She said, watching my expression carefully.

I tried to keep my face blank. "Yeah." Though inside, I was protesting that he was better looking than James.

Lanna watched me for a moment, then burst into laughter. "Cute, Kris. Cute."

I rolled my eyes. Lanna knew I had a slight, slight, crush on Albus. I mean, it wasn't huge or anything. It had only been going on since…first year…

"Excuse me." A voice said from the doorway. We both looked up and I was shocked to see Lily Potter and Rose Weasley standing in front of us. "Do you mind if we join you? My cousins kind of…well, they're gits." Rose said, smiling down at us. Lily looked slightly uncomfortable.

I looked at Lanna and she shrugged. "Sure." I replied. I stood and sat next to Lanna and Rose and Lily took my seat, but looking relieved.

"I don't think we've ever talked before." Rose said, looking friendly. "I'm Rose. This is Lily."

Duh. Who didn't know who these two were? "I'm Kristen. This is Lanna."

"Slytherin?" Lily asked, glancing at my robes. I nodded and she smirked slightly. "So you must know my brother."

"We know of your brother." Lanna corrected.

Lily and Rose laughed. "That sounds right." Rose conceded. "Both of you are sixth years, right? I think we've had a few classes together."

"That's right." I agreed. Then I looked at Lily. "You're fifth year, right?"

She nodded. "Yeah."

We all talked for a while longer, then a shadow, or shadows, darkened the compartment. "There you are." A familiar voice said.

I looked up in shock. Standing there was Albus and Scorpius, both who were scowling in Rose and Lily's direction. "We've been looking all over for the two of you!" Albus continued.

"Why?" Rose said. I noticed with interest how her fair cheeks were now stained with a pink color.

"No reason, really." Albus said, glancing at Lanna first, then at me. When his eyes landed on me, they showed a spark of recognition. "We were bored so we thought we would join you."

"Pulled yourself away from Alanna long enough, huh?" Lily said to her brother.

Albus glared at her. Rose rolled her eyes. "Well, if you're going to join us, you might as well sit down."

The boys exchanged a quick look, then Scorpius sank down between Rose and Lily, while Albus sat between me and Lanna. I quickly tried to move as close to the wall as I could get. Lily watched me, stifling a laugh.

Scorpius was watching us with curiosity. He looked at my Slytherin robes, then over at Lanna. "Do I know you?" He asked, though his tone was polite.

Rose huffed and hit him in the arm. "They're in your year! And in your house! How do you not know-"

"Lanna White, and Kristen Tyler." Albus said, not even looking up from whatever it was he was looking at.

I couldn't hold back my look of surprise. I didn't know he even knew I existed! Lanna was also impressed, her eyebrows raised.

"Oh." Scorpius said, his eyes slightly open wider. I felt like he knew something I should know. "Right." He leaned back in his seat and studied me, then looked at Lanna. Then he looked back at me.

Finally, I got annoyed. "Can I help you with something?" I demanded.

Scorpius looked at me with an annoyed expression on his face for a moment, then gave a resigned sigh. "Okay, who's who?"

Rose and Lily burst into laughter, while Albus looked at his best friend and smirked, shaking his head slightly. "Lanna." He said, motioning to the annoyed girl on his left. "Kristen." He motioned to me.

"Got it." Scorpius said. Then he promptly turned to Rose and started up a conversation.

Lily watched her cousin for a moment, then looked at me. She leaned forward slightly. "I wonder when they'll finally get together."

"Never." Albus answered promptly, staring at his friend and cousin. His eyes turned to his sister as she smacked his leg.

"And why not?" She demanded softly.

"Because Rosie is to good to fall for someone like that." Albus answered, his voice sounding bitter. He glanced up and met my eyes. "She's to good for him."

I looked away quickly. "I don't think so." I said softly. I turned my gaze back to the flirting couple. "I think it's just right." There wasn't a reply and I looked up to see Albus staring at me, those emerald eyes taking in everything. I swallowed hard.

"Maybe." He finally said softly.