Forewords: let's see.. first thing's first i'm doing this fanfic for two reasons. if you agree with me, then you really should carry on. if not, you must be curious, that's all... reson no. 1) i cannot believe that Yuki and Kaname are siblings.. no i have nothing about incestual relationships, but WTH?! tell me people. that was heaps sudden! too quick for me to understand, grasp and accept. so yes. no kaname for you, yuki. reason number 2) once a yaoi fan, always a yaoi fan. kaname and zero belong together in my opinion... that's not going to happen in the manga/anime... how sad...

so yes. thus i had made this fanfic. quite a few warnings though. maybe OOC-ness... the biggest warning i'm going to give you is this:

KanameXZero, KanameXYuki(as much as i hate to, but yes. they must be there), maybe a little IchiruXZero (lofl brotherly incest...), YukiXIchiru and other random pairings like IchijouXShiki or something. yes yes whatever.. if you're starting to hate it i'd suggest you... press the back button. if not, you are as mentally sick as me... but carry on!

POVs would change time to time. do comment. if it sucks i'll just keep the story to myself.

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Prologue: Our Kiss


Under a tree, I watched. Kuran and Yuki. Both of them in each others arms. Yuki had her face buried in her older brother's chest and Kuran had his arms around her, chin on her head.

Even up to date, it's hard to believe that they are siblings… fiancés, for that matter. Then again, it isn't hard, either. Their parents were siblings as well. Who knows, maybe they're from an incestual ancestry. Hats off to the fact that they will never seem to be genetically mutated or anything. Doesn't exist in vampire science.

They are to be wedded in two months time. Or at least, officially together.

Yes, of course I'm not happy. About the wedding. But I am, for Yuki. She's happy and I know that Kuran would keep her safe.

In any way, I won't have a say. In this love triangle, I'm the third party. The both of them are clearly in love with each other too much to notice me. Their feelings were mutual. In our case, Kuran was probably not the brother of Yuki. I was.

Poor me.

Scratch that, I do not pity myself. Or anyone either.

I let it go. Since the day Yuki stood in front of Kuran, arm outstretched and holding me back from shooting that idiot. That time when she looked at me straight at me with eyes I could recognise, but not understand.

"He's my brother."

If it had not been a crucial situation, I would have told her straight out that it was… wrong. Just wrong.

But the rules of humans do not apply or even matter to vampires. To them, it was an inapplicable condition, nothing more.

Yes, I have much to learn… but no. I don't intend to.

I readjusted my tie at the base of my neck. The heat was killing me and the sun was annoying. Now I know what it feels like for a vampire to be out in broad daylight…

Bullshit. I am a vampire.

I still do hate me.

Always did.

Kuran and Yuki pulled apart and stared deeply into each other's eyes. Kuran mouthed something and Yuki smiled. She raised herself onto her toes and pressed a firm kiss on his lips.

I look away.

When I did, I caught sight of my walking mirror.

Ichiru raised a hand in greeting. I responded with nothing. He took a spot under the shade next to me, sliding his bag onto the ground. He was dressed in a casual white collar top and jeans.

"I thought you were supposed to wear your uniform?"

He smiled. "I'm representing the Hunters, not the school."

Oh yes, the Hunter's Association, in place of Cross. He was taking a break in France with Master Toga.

"Still, you should be a little more presentable!" Yuki's voice cut in.

My head turned to face her and she had a pout on her face, hands on her hips. As usual, she was dressed in the school's day-uniform.

Ichiru laughed, dismissing the dress-code topic.

Yuki smiled at me before throwing her arms around my neck. It was expected of her. What a big baby.

I discretely tossed a glance at Kuran, seeing if I can catch any hint of discomfort or jealousy. His face was as emotionless as ever. I patted Yuki on her back.

"It's only for a month. Not forever", I reminded.

Did I mention I have a really big mouth for a silent-type? Well, I do. And half the time the words said weren't intended.

"I know", she replied and let go. "But I'll still miss you."

I wanted to say the same. I really do. But my voice is hardly cooperative. I just nodded.

"Yuki, Kiryuu, your ride is here… I doubt you wish to be late for your flight?" Kuran asked.

The three of used looked over to see a black limousine come to a stop. Two people in black suits stepped out. One of them was a vampire. The human opened the door.

"Catch you soon, Zero", Ichiru said, giving my left shoulder a pat before walking towards the car.

Yuki gave a smiled, saying something about a souvenir. She turned away quickly.

I can bet my life she'd be crying in the car.

As she passed Kuran, she gave him another peck on his cheek.

Kuran smiled. One of those which portrayed hidden pain. It was always evident. Well, his dearest sister –fiancé- was about to fly to America alone, if you don't count on Ichiru, to meet the Western Hunter and Vampire Associations.

For the hunter's side, Master Toga or Cross was expected to go. However, due to the weather in France the delays of flights only allowed them to leave in three day's, the earliest.

But the meet won't wait. Coupled with the fact that it was meant to be a world-wide meeting. Thus they sent Ichiru. Think they'd sent a vampire? I think not. In a week or so they would be in America to join him and Yuki.

If I dwelled on the said decision, I might've been a little pissed. I found no reason to, though. It was obvious.

As for the vampires… Kuran would have gone, naturally. But he was placed with a heavy task of taking care of the school, even before the last-minute world announcement of an Association meet. He could have sent someone trust worthy like Ichijou, but the requirements was the highest rank available in the country. Yuki's well-known now, by the way. Kuran had no choice. Even Yuki herself offered to go.

Although he could give her a million reasons why he would not let her, her determination alone overpowered his logics.

Kuran reluctantly agreed. Under the condition that some underlings of his in America would be with her 24/7.

Yuki was jumping with joy, commenting about a possible holiday. One month in America with a fortnight meet without going out? I don't think so. She's one hell of a shopper.

Just a penny for your thought, neither of us has ever set foot on a plane, needless to say out of Japan.

Case closed.

The limousine was already in the distance, but I could still see Yuki facing the back window and waving.

Pop some champagne and blow balloons…

I'm stuck with the Day Class, a pre-rival pureblood and a group of vampires.

One common trend.

They all hate me.

Not that I'm desperate to be socially active. I'm not even sociable by nature.

The only person I could get along with was Yuki.

Recently with Ichiru.

A little of Cross and Master Toga.

Could've been worse.

I closed my eyes. They felt heavy all of a sudden.

I heard a discrete shuffle of leaves and reopened my eyes, a little surprised to see Kuran still here. I would've expected him to retreat into the Night dorm away from this blasted sun. Not yet, I guess. I had classes to attend.

Kuran stood a few feet away, silent as usual.

I groaned a little, feeling a small part of my chest ache. I knew this feeling. I recognised it too well.

"Hungry, Kiryuu?"

Damn right I am. I came to depend on Ichiru for blood, when Yuki was no longer… 'there'. His blood wasn't as lasting as either purebloods, but he was willing, anyway. Now that Ichiru wasn't here, how am I supposed to… feed? Blood tablets were useless. Even if I forced myself to take it, its effects reverse itself and I end throwing up, becoming even more desperate after.

"Shut up, Kuran. I'm fine", I forced myself to say.

Another thing I hate apart from vampires, is to show that I'm weak.

I tried to walk away, but a damn tree root had to be a nice hoop for my foot to get. I found myself on the grass, clutching my neck and my chest. The hunger was growing and in order not to let Kuran see, or put others in danger, I'd rather lock myself in my room until the craving passed.

In case you are interested or insanely curious to know what it feels like, imagine your chest being tightened and you stomach hurting ten folds over. Occasionally, your blood chills and your hands turn cold before numbing. Your legs go weak and your mind cringes from withdrawal-like symptoms with each passing second. It's worse than hell.

I was starting to pant and being under the sun did not help. Neither was Kuran being a busybody and overlooking the state I'm in.

"May I ask", Kuran started. "Who do you drink from?"

No, you cannot ask. May I not answer? Gee. He wasn't referring to Yuki. I have a feeling I'd get smacked if I sarcastically said her name.

"Ichi... ru…" I uttered back.

He nodded. "It seems so."

It seems so? Did he know? When?

"When a victim is not killed on the spot, the vampire usually has the urge to feed off the same person. Unless his victim changes…"

I don't even need to hear the rest. I can pretty much guess it already.

Yuki's not here.

Neither is Ichiru.

Cross is miles away.

Can a vampire die of hunger? I was just randomly thinking.

I took a deep breath and pushed myself up, only having to drop my head back a few inches before I hit the tree. The urge and pain died down a little, but it still hurt so I couldn't get up.

"I'm fine. Don't you have somewhere to go to?"

I'm imposing something on him. Nothing new there.

"Seems like you've accepted your vampiric side. Usually you'd be snapping and insisting that you don't need blood", he commented.

Get a life, Kuran. Got one? Find something better.

"Whatever", I grumbled.

Maybe I can sleep it off…

The thought ceased when another wave hit. I held my breath for five consecutive seconds trying to suppress the condition.

Damn Kuran looked like he's vulturing. Creepy.

Guess the only way I can avoid him is get my own butt to my room.

I was about to, one hand pressed against the tree for support while the other pushed myself off the ground. I paused when I saw Kuran undoing his tie.

Oh no. Bad idea. Room, fast.

"Do not get the impression that I am offering", he said with a tinge of warning. "I simply have a task to keep to. Putting the other students in danger is not one of them."

Sure, excuses.

"Don't need your blood", I growled. Yeah right. Earth to Kiryuu!

As usual, Kuran is deaf to me. His tie is pulled half-way down his chest and he pushed the collar away. I caught myself staring too hard at the column.

God, I'm sick.

Kuran knelt on a single knee and waited.

I tried to hold back. I really did.

The next thing I knew, I was breathing at his neck. I could feel his on mine. Sadly, it was uncomfortable. Quit welcoming, if not intoxicating, to be this close. I was an inch away from his flesh, but I could already hear his heartbeat, feel his pulse… the blood seeping through my teeth…

There was tension in him at first when my fangs pierce him. God, it felt good. My fangs gave an itchy feel and the only was possible to relieve it was to sink it even deeper, until my other non-fanged teeth reached his skin.

His blood again.

I never forgot how it tasted. Bitter-sweet. Seemed to taste exactly like your favourite food – you never seem to get sick of it. I drank in deep gulps, almost filling my mouth entirely with the blood before swallowing. As I did my senses started to haze. This didn't seem to happen when I fed from Yuki or Ichiru.

Maybe because Kuran was strong… really strong.

My hands had minds of their own when they latched themselves onto Kuran's sleeves. I managed to hoist myself a few inches off the ground, getting into a better position to feed.

If I knew better, I'd say I was getting drunk. Very drunk…

"Too much at a time may overdose your system, Kiryuu", Kuran whispered into my ear, as if able to read my thoughts.

I shuddered. That's what had happened the first time I fed from him. But that was due to the wound (may I remind you, it was Kuran who made it) in which needed to recover. I took too much and I recalled blacking out for almost five full minutes before gaining consciousness.

As reluctant as I was, I pulled my fangs out – even if I didn't, Kuran had already intertwined his fingers through my hair, ready to pull.

The taste of his blood lingered. I wasn't too far to take another bite. I sub-consciously noticed the mess I'd made on his initially clean white top.

Two bites, two messes.

Had I been in a mental state, maybe I'd ask how to do it less… or more 'professionally'.

Seeing the trails of blood go to waste, I simply licked them off. For that very innocent reason, I swear. And I also swear that Kuran actually groaned. Moaned. Whatever. I'm not good at describing.

Immediately, I pulled back, the back of my hand close to my mouth. I was barely aware that blood ran down a corner of my mouth.

The bite wounds were gone. Healed completely.

I leaned back against the tree again, the pains already fading. I was partially relieved. Now that I had Kuran's blood… a pureblood's blood, I should be able to get along fine for up to a week, provided I do not exert myself or bleed.

Maybe I ought to say thanks…?

Kuran was leaning over. Dangerously. When I mean dangerous, I'm referring to his face which was three inches apart from mine. Too close!

I was about to move away when I caught his gaze. It was a bad move because I ended up staring back. Damn. It's those pair of emotionless type I hate. You can't predict anything of nothing. Just staring and staring… It's as if you got yourself lost in a mindless daze. Unmoving…

My body froze at his touch. Kuran's hand was on my chin, keeping it still between his index and fourth fingers.

Jeez, he smells like… Yuki… shampoo… I had been too distracted with the need to feed to notice them before. Only now do I realise these details.

He brought his face closer… and closer…

And I was frozen solid. Probably even harder than what Hanabusa can do.

What I thought he intended to do was different, thank goodness. But it hadn't made the situation better because he was licking at the corner of my mouth.

It would be really good to punch him now. Really good. And I had the reason that he was harassing.


Getting harassed?

That's a first…

Move, hand, move! Why doesn't my body listen?

Oh yes. Remember the intention I thought Kuran was going to do? He just did it.

Freaking Kuran.

Kissing. Me.

Go to hell, you son of a bitch.

I punched him.


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