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Chapter 8: Dead Man

"Katya!" Colossus raced to the edge of the ship, not paying any head to the bullets whizzing past. He lost his armor form each step he took as he weaved between the damaged areas where the mast had fallen.

"Is everyone alright?" Jean's voice called out from behind a cloud of dust and debris. She coughed as she waved her hand around, clearing the dense air. She lifted herself in the air toward Colossus. "What happened?" She gasped. "Where's Kitty!" A crew member ran past shooting bullets at the pirates with gunpowder flying everywhere.

"She fell." Piotr panicked. Jean anxiously sent out a telepathic search.

Kitty? No response. She tried once again. Nothing reached her. She repeated over and over again with desperation. "I can't reach her," Jean said, her voice laced with worry.

"I must go in." Piotr climbed onto the railing and was about to dive off.

"Wait, let me help!"

Piotr swayed a bit as he attempted to stop himself from diving in. Jean gave a nod and Colossus jumped. She held her hand out and lightened the intensity of his impact on the surface of the water. She stood watching like a hawk with a telekinetic shield held up around her. Her heart raced at the thought of her friend. A few moments passed before she could not take it anymore and started to pace. Why is he not coming back up! Pirates around did not seem to notice and with a frustrated sigh, she reached her arm out and grasped an arm.

This said arm belonged to a familiar man with a white cloth across his eyes deep in thought. Scott was briskly heading toward the other end of the ship. If the pirates are attacking on the main deck, then only a few should be below with the canons. If so, the only way to deal a huge blow—"Egad!" An arm was thrust in his direction that dragged him backward to a stressed out Jean. She seized his shirt collar and yanked him down below the rail before a shot could graze his head. "Jean! What's wrong?"

"Kitty was knocked off the ship!"

"What? How!" Scott looked to see if anything was firing their way before standing up.

"The mast must have hit her. Colossus went in after her and hasn't come back up yet. I don't know what's going on, I can't even reach her!" Jean exclaimed.

"I thought you could reach someone who is unconscious," Scott assumed as he scanned the water through a small open area between the planks. Jean shut her eyes as she searched once again.

"I should be able to if she is close by! Unless—" Her voice caught in her throat.

An explosion rocked the ship, leaving most of the crew below deck on their stomachs and backs. Rogue helped a nearby member up. Another fired cannon splintered the planks of wood inward on top of them. Rogue fell forward along with the sailor. The wooden pieces rained down once again from another cannon fire. Everyone was shouting and bustling about as she tried to regain her composure. It seemed like everything was moving in a slow rhythm as her vision blurred. A large gash appeared on her forehead. The sailor crawled out, dragging himself up and turned to pull up the disoriented Rogue. She faltered a few steps.

"We all need t'go up!" The sailor ordered as he began to race up the stairs. Rogue glanced down at her heels. An inch of water accumulated in the mere seconds after the explosion.

"Make your way up!" Rogue shouted as she went to find Remy at the other end of the ship. He was charging as many things he could get his hands on. "Let's get going. The water is building up!" Gambit turned with a tired gaze and dropped the last object in his hand. His weariness changed to worry as he took in her battered form.

"Cher—" He went to support her as they rushed to the stairs.

"Darn ship decided to break apart," Rogue groaned as they reached the surface. The two squinted their eyes until they became accustomed to the bright sunlight. Shots were being fired from all directions causing them to make a bee line to where the other X-men were.

"Hey! Hey! Below!" Gambit stopped in his tracks causing Rogue to walk into him.

"Will?" Gambit glanced downward to find a metal barred window that was crowded with wooden debris. He crouched down to see Will trapped beneath a large plank. Rogue went to the other end of the bars to help lift the steel.

"It's not moving!" Rogue strained as both she and Remy tried again. "Ah need to find Kitty!" She stood up abruptly and made her way to the side of the ship. She scanned around before dodging an incoming shot from the Pearl. A figure clad in maroon caught her eye as she sprinted around the fallen mast, lifting her dress in a failed attempt to keep it from getting caught on the splintered wood. As she neared Jean, Scott made his presence known from a squat position as he sprang forward to unleash an optic blast to block a deadly blow from the cannon fire. Rogue shot forward into a roll, missing the blast by mere centimeters.

"They are not weakening!" Scott exclaimed. Jean did not even flinch from her position as another hit rocked the ship.

"Scott, where's Kitty? Will is trapped below deck!" Rogue asked as she placed a hand on Jean's shoulder. She was still and faced in the direction of the railing. "We can't get him out. Where's—" Jean spun around with a ghostly expression on her face.

"She fell overboard." Jean whispered. Her eyes held a strange glow to them.

"What?" Rogue and Jean raced to the railing as Piotr broke through the surface of the water.

"I cannot find Katya!" Jean raised her hand out and lifted him in the air. She almost dropped him onto the deck as her knees buckled.

Jack ran up the stairs with Ororo in tow. Gunpowder flew around them as the pirates of the Black Pearl darted around in battle.

"The mast has fallen!" Ororo pointed to the white sails in front of them. The mast had crashed onto the center of the deck, making way for an easy access to the Interceptor. In all the chaos around them, Jack was casually walking forward to the railing of the ship. "Are you insane!" Ororo went to drag him to the side before Barbossa could see him only to fall short when a few pirates glanced her way. Her eyes went electrifying white as she threw bolts of lightning at the surrounding men.

"We need to board the Intercepter," Jack said calmly as he stared off to the other ship, not paying any attention to the fight Ororo was in. She ducked when a sword swiped at her middle and knocked the pirate to his back with a sweep of her leg. She shot up into the air and called upon the winds to push some of the men away from boarding the Interceptor. One of the pirates was able to swing across on a rope but was knocked back to the Pearl. Jack held his arm out to grab the rope, making the pirate lose his balance and fall over the edge.

"Thanks very much." Jack swung his arm out to an unprepared Ororo and with a yelp, they both swung across.

"Jack! I could have just easily flown—" They missed the railing by a foot and swung back to the Pearl.

"Well then." Jack hit a pirate behind them and they went forward again. He let go of the rope and planted both of his feet on the railing. He was still holding onto Ororo's waist which caused them both to teeter on the edge. With the momentum from knocking a neighboring pirate back, they dropped to the deck of the ship.

"It must always be the hard way for you," Ororo mumbled as she stood up from landing on her feet. Jack was not able to maneuver himself and landed on his stomach.

"Oof!" Jack grabbed his hat that flew off a little ways away. Ororo helped him up and turned to send a gust of wind that propelled the boarding pirates into the sea. She turned to find Gibbs punching out the pirate next to her.

"Jack?" he stood in a state of shock as Ororo flew into the air to shoot lighting at more of the oncoming crew. "What in the—"

"Bloody empty," Jack said as he threw the small canteen at Gibbs. He patted him on the shoulder as he ran off in another direction.

"Where is he off to now?" Ororo grunted as she landed a punch to one of her assailants. Gibbs shrugged as he rushed at another pirate.

Her friend….she was smiling at her a second ago…now she was just lying there in a pool of her own blood. Jean ran to the street to see her friend's glassy eyes staring up at her. She had just been hit by a car. The young Jean knelt down to hold her.

'Annie!' Jean cried out. A group of people from the nearby houses crowded around them with gasps and looks of sorrow. Jean could not understand what was happening through her own crying. She was in the mind of her friend. Annie was slowly fading away.

Kitty's smiling face slowly appeared in her mind. Jean had a spark of hope that maybe she was ok. Kitty's eyes suddenly closed and she was thrown back. Her body fell back as water closed in around her.

Jean experienced every thought, not knowing how to keep the darkness from closing in. There was nothing she could do as her Annie's consciousness slipped away into the darkness.

"Jean? Jean!" Scott shook her gently as he knelt beside her. Her mind snapped back to reality as she was helped up by Scott. The dull shade in her eyes sharpened to that of terror.

"She's gone. She's gone!" Jean screeched. A large telepathic blast shot out around her, knocking the fellow X-men to the ground. The crewmen did not know what was happening and held onto anything that could keep them from falling.

"No!" Colossus jumped up and turned to his armored form. His face contorted from a mask of sadness to one of rage. He ran and punched out any pirate he could get his hands on. Jean was shaking as Scott tried to comfort her. She didn't seem to understand a word he was saying so he instead hugged her. Jean let out an anguished yell as her shaking ceased. She was breathing harshly as the two stood rooted to their position. Rogue was crying as she headed back to Gambit. She couldn't let another person die as she attempted to lift the steel bars once more.

Jack noticed Elizabeth across the way and went to aid her. He reached out to attack, only to see her kick the assailant back and off the ship. He grasped her sword hand. She was trying to pull her arm out of his grasp and was about to hit him. "That's not very nice." Elizabeth was yanked down as a bullet whizzed past.

"Wretch!" She went to smack him across the face. He grabbed her wrist before she reached his face.

"Ahh, where's dear William?" Jack paused a moment to look around her.

"Will?" She turned to see Rogue and Remy trying to lift the bars. "Will!" She ran toward the two.

"Remy can't blow it up or the ship will sink!" He noticed an extra pair of hands trying to lift the steel.

"Elizabeth!" Will cried out from below. Sea water was up to his neck. Elizabeth pulled with all her might but nothing budged. She caught the sad glance of Rogue.

"We can't get it to budge! Kitty could— she would have—" Rogue was sobbing. Gambit's eyes looked downward.

"Where is she? We must find her!" Elizabeth was about to jump up.

"She's dead," Gambit said. Elizabeth's eyes widened.

"What! How?" Will's voice cracked. Before Rogue answered, two pairs of hands roughly grabbed her arms, not touching her bare skin, and yanked her up. The crew of the Black Pearl had fully boarded the ship.

"Chere!" Gambit shot up and sent a few exploding cards at them. Rogue let out a yell as she tried to kick at the surrounding pirates. More surrounded them as Elizabeth was pulled up. Rogue was able to land a kick square in the chest of one and elbowed the other holding her right arm. She flipped around and shoved her palm upward and knocked the other's head back.

"That better hurt," She growled as she went to aid Elizabeth and landed another blow to a pirate that rushed toward her. "Gambit!" He was busy ducking from a sword swipe from one of the pirates to notice another creeping up behind him. The back of a gun crashed down hard on the back of his head. He saw nothing but darkness. Rogue sprang forward. One of the men next to her landed a punch to her stomach causing her to double over. She was not able to move out of the way before the pirates dragged her away.

Scott lifted the cloth wrapped around his eyes and unleashed a red blast before a group of pirates neared him and Jean. He swung his arm out and slugged a pirate while he unsheathed his sword. As he went to hit the pirate, his sword rebounded off of thin air. He turned to find Jean standing still, a telepathic shield surrounding her. She stared forward with a blank expression. Scott did not have time to cry out to her as another pirate shot at him. He barely dodged him as the man dropped the pistol and ran at him. Scott's sword was knocked out of his hand when the blades came in contact. Scott went to reach for the white cloth when a punch hit him in the face. He was thrown onto his back by the blow, his head was spinning. The pirate raised his sword and thrust it downward. Scott couldn't roll out of the way fast enough.

A large clang was heard. Scott looked up to see Colossus standing in front of him. The sword broke in half at his feet. Piotr's eyes narrowed as the pirate took a step back. His eyes widened in shock. Piotr threw a punch that sent the pirate flying over the side of the ship.

"Thanks," Scott said as he rolled onto his stomach to stand up. They both continued their fight.

Ororo was able to fly up in the air as she sent lightning bolts at the pirates. She saw Scott and Piotr below and flew down.

"Watch your back!" She grabbed one of the men before he could shoot at the two and dropped him into the sea. She landed next to Piotr. Both were very surprised and relieved to see her.

"How did you get back?" Scott said when they found a moment to cease fighting. They only had a few moments to speak as he explained what had happened to Kitty. Ororo felt as if her heart stopped beating. She could not believe him. It finally struck her that her friend was truly gone when she saw the look on Piotr's face. Words could not come out as she clenched her fists.

Everything seemed to blur as more pirates swung between the two ships.

A bullet shot past, grazing Scott in the arm. He hissed in pain as he tried to rip off some cloth to wrap around it. His attempt was stopped when he saw a gun pointed at his face. He slowly straightened himself up as the pirate started to smile from the small victory. Colossus turned to help him when he realized that he was slowly returning to his normal form. He overexerted himself to the point of exhaustion and pulled out his sword. There were too many pirates surrounding them with their pistols aimed. Ororo was tackled to the ground, the air knocked out of her. Scott was about to swing at the one coming toward Jean. He was knocked to the ground when he was hit in the side.

Jean stood still as she let down the shield. Her eyes snapped toward the pirates and narrowed. Scott gazed up toward her with blurry vision as his head ached from hitting the ground hard. Trying to get up, he did not see her eyes glow red and the grin that crept up on her face. A pirate next to her wasted no time and knocked her out.

Jack spotted the infernal monkey that had the medallion in his grasp. It seemed to be laughing at him and ran across the mast between the two ships. Jack silently cursed and chased after the monkey. He crawled across the mast and flung his arm out to grab the medallion. The monkey jumped away and landed on the shoulder of Barbossa.

"Why thank you Jack." The monkey let go of the medallion which landed in his hand.

"You're welcome," Jack swayed as he went to move back.

"Not you, we named the monkey Jack," he smirked. Jack glowered.

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