Sonic knew the second he woke up, that today was gonna be a really freaking' bad day. Not only did he stumble into a river in his half-asleep stupor, but Amy caught him off guard and pinned him in the water for a full hour.

'Yeah, today really sucks!' He thought as he looked at his egg-shaped enemy.

"You won't stop me this time, Sonic!" The doctor declared as he swiped his arms in dramatic fashion.

Sonic looked around the room from the table he was strapped to, all his backup was unconscious on the floor, even Shadow and Rouge, and he'd never seen that happen before, especially with Rouge. Not because she was amazing or anything, but because she rarely did anything aside from hang back and occasionally jump in, and that one jump in moment was what left the bat woman sprawled across the floor.

"You see, Sonic, with this Chaos Emerald, I can tear open the fabric of the worlds for my own bidding. Hmmmmm, I think I'll start with a monster capable of crushing this entire planet!" Eggman cried excitedly as he stuffed the emerald into the machine, pressing a lot of buttons as he did so.

Sonic couldn't let this happen, he pulled at his binds, trying desperately to free himself, but it was no use, the binds were too strong.

'I can't believe I fell for such a stupid trick!' The blue hero berated himself.

Then Sonic noticed something. Shadow, without even looking up, raised his hand in the direction he thought the machine was. A small ball of light began to form in the hands of the anti-hero, becoming brighter and brighter. Using the last bit of his power, Shadow let it lose.

"Chaos...Spear," He barely whispered.

The beam shot out and struck the machine. Eggman freaked out as sparks flew over the base, threatening to light his brand-spanking new carpet on fire.

"AHHHHHHH!! I just got that today!" The scientist screamed.

There was a blinding light as the machine grew in power and malfunctioned even more. Sonic's wounds got the better of him and he passed out before the ordeal was over. He was glad Shad managed to destroy the machine and he assumed that was it, but he couldn't be more wrong. Where one adventure ends, another begins.


"Adventure!" The blond boy shouted as he walked into the run-down building with his captain.

"Not so loud Flapjack, Peppermint Larry might get suspicious if he learns we're going somewhere!" His captain shushed him.

"Adventure..." The boy, known as Flapjack, whispered.

"Good," His literally blue captain smiled as they walked up to the bar.

"Hello boys!" The bartender, Peppermint Larry, greeted as his two best customers walked up to the bar, "The usual drink for ye?"

"You bet!" The captain affirmitized.

The bartender shoved two glasses towards the adventurers, the glasses filled with candy. The two excitedly snatched up the 'drinks', the captain paying as he did so.

"Say, K'nuckles," The boy said to his captain as they walked over to their usual booth, "Where are we adventuring today?"

"I found a map to Candied Island today, Flap! This is the big one!" K'nuckles replied as he snatched up his drink with his wooden hands.

The captain grimaced a little as he saw the boy's face suddenly light up to blinding status.

"MY EYES!!" Someone screamed as the blinding light hit him in the face and threw him against the wall.

Flapjack inhaled like he was about scream to the heavens, but was silenced when a wooden hand wrapped around his face.

"Easy, boy! Remember, we can't let anyone get suspicious."

The boy's words were muffled as he agreed.

After finishing off their 'drinks', the two walked out and began to make their way through the murky dock-like town of Stormalong.

Making their way to the edge of the town, the two came to the edge and looked down, finding their ship.

"Hey Bubbie!" The boy greeted the blue whale as he hopped down into her arms.

"Hey, baby!" She hugged the boy affectionately, "How was your trip into town?"

"It was great! Apparently when I wasn't lookin', K'nuckles secured some info about Candied Island!"

"Oh no, don't tell me we're goin' on another wild goose chase for that place!" The boy's mother figure didn't seem too pleased.

"Don't worry Bubbie, this time it's the real deal! I just know it is!"

"Whatever you say Flap-baby." The woman opened her mouth so the two could climb into their primary mode of transport.

K'nuckles climbed through the whale's blow hole and stood atop the steed, pulling a map out of his adventuring hat. He scratched his chin with his wooden hands as he tried to decipher the paper.

"Let's see...according to the map, we need to go...north!" K'nuckles pointed and Bubbie took off.

"Adventure!" Flapjack shouted as the trio cut through the sea.


Sonic groaned as he woke up in the lush forest. He looked around, searching for his friends. Finding nothing, the hedgehog sat up and trudged forward, ignoring his battle scars the best he could. Soon he saw an end to the forest and he pushed through the brush. He froze as he looked out into the vast ocean.

The blue hero suddenly felt a little light-headed, and found himself in the sand within the next few seconds.

' much...water...' And like that he was out for the second time in the past few minutes.


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