"Babe, wanna do me a favor?" Adam Copeland asked his girlfriend, Bianca.

"Depends on what it is." She answered in a bored tone, staring at the uninteresting program playing on the television.

"It'll give you something to do," he taunted in a sweet voice, his green eyes glinting in the dim light of their bedroom.

Bianca rolled her eyes, seeming to catch onto what he wanted to do. "Adam, not now I'm tired."

Adam shook his head. "For once, I'm not talking about that."

Her brown eyes perked up, "Ooh. What?"

"Would you please get me some fish?"

She sat there silently. No he didn't just ask her to…

"It's fried," she informed him.

"I don't care," he shrugged. "I can indulge when I want to."

"On what, two granola bars instead of one?! You're such a rebel, Adam," Bianca rolled her eyes.

"No," he denied. "For your information Bianca, I'm known to eat three granola bars and a bag of Goldfish." He informed her with a proud smirk on his face.

"Yeah, sure."

"Would you please just get my fish?"

Bianca sighed. Technically, it was something to do. "Fine. Ketchup or hot sauce?"

Adam looked at his beloved oddly. "What's hot sauce?"

Bianca's eyes widened. "You didn't just ask that question."

"Yes, I did. What the hell is hot sauce?"

"Only the greatest of sauces in the world! Let me get that Red Rooster out of the cabinet."

Ten Minutes Later

"It's here!" Bianca ran in the room excitedly, a tray in her hands. On that tray was the fish that her boyfriend requested, and the sacred hot Red Rooster hot sauce.

Adam looked scared. 'Why is there a chicken on the label? Are there chicken bits in there?!' he panicked in his head.

Bianca sat in front of him, placing the warm tray in his lap. She cut the fish into squares and sprinkled a certain amount of hot sauce onto the fish, and picked it up. She held it up to her boyfriends' mouth, as if she were feeding a two year old. "Open up!" she instructed.

Adam eyed the meat covered in the red solution on the fork. Suddenly, he didn't want fish anymore.

"Have I…" he started. "Ever told you that I'm a Canadian? You know… 'Aboot' and 'I-don't-want-to-eat-this' kind of Canadian?" he rushed, hoping that Bianca didn't hear the last part.

Her face fell. He assumed that she heard it.

"Oh, sweetie…" she smiled at him sweetly.

Cool, he was still in her good graces.

"You're going to eat this." She determined, her face turning deadly.

Or not.

Adam whined, "But I don't want to!"

"But you are!" Bianca said before shoving the food into Adam's mouth, his eyes widening in surprise.

He didn't want to. But she was going to make him, and he knew it. He really didn't want to, though.

"Do it." She instructed.

Well he couldn't let it sit in his mouth all day. It was spicy. So he did what he had to do.

He swallowed.

Bianca smiled, "Good boy. Now finish your fish!"

Adam flashed a forced smile at her before watching her skip out of the room. He waited for a minute before grinning devilishly and taking the bottle of Red Rooster, twisting the top off. "I thought she'd never leave."

And with that, he poured more hot sauce on the fish than was originally on it.

Well at least we all know…

Adam loves him some Red Rooster.


A/N: FINISHED. Woo. Hoped you liked it Bianca!