I spend a lot of time thinking. It's unavoidable, really, having lived as long as I have.

I have wondered long and thought hard over the past. Would things be different if I had been better, been faster, if I had run away with my wife?

Of course they would be.

I still mourn having no choice. I was born to bring balance back into the world, to bring peace, to be the light to his dark. To lose everybody I have ever known and everybody I have ever cared about. To live far beyond my natural lifespan, watching everything change. To see darkness appear once again.

It worries me. This darkness is different. I fear I can do nothing to stop it. I have lost my fervor, my will to go out and fight. So I set up a group which would do it for me - but none of them have what it takes. Feckle, jealous, greedy, all unsuitable for doing more then feeding their own desires.

Except the young boy.

The young boy who disturbed the fairy.

He is so naive, yet the darkness lurks within him biding it's time. I told the boy to gather the orbs from the forest - that they will banish the darkness from him - which it will. Once I play my lute. My father's lute.

I have never played it before. I always thought it would bring something demonic to this world.

I was wrong. The demon is already here and it is festering in the one thing that can defeat it.

Once I play my lute, it will banish the darkness from him.

And bring it into myself.