The official story was that Sam died in a mugging gone south. And the mourners came pouring in. Sam had quite a few friends from home, family everywhere, and the only person who never left the coffin's side was Dean. He stood there and kept a vigil over his fallen brother, and was heard occasionally to mutter "I should have been able to protect you. That's what big brothers do, we protect our younger brothers." But otherwise the young man stayed silent, as tears flowed down his chiseled features.

Bobby went outside to get some air, he couldn't look at the boy, just couldn't reconcile that he had been unable to do anything other than watch the boy die. He sighed and turned to head back into the funeral home when his cell phone rang. He looked at it, didn't recognize the number, and answered.


"Bobby?" Bobby's tension shot up a notch when he realized who was on the other line.


"He's dead?"


"Then it's been averted."

"You told me that the two of them together could take care of this son of a bitch who was going to bring on Armageddon. You promised…"

"It has been derailed. They did it."

"What in hells bells are you talking about? Sam is dead. He can't do anything to help Dean avert anything."

"Sam's death averted it."

Bobby's face went slack with realization. "You son of a bitch. You had me train them for nothing, you let that boy die."

"It was necessary."


"Dean will be fine. He's strong. He's got good parents to watch him."


"Good bye Bobby." The phone clicked. Bobby ran a hand down his face. How was he ever going to face Dean and Sam's parents again?


John turned around and faced the angel and the demon in front of him. "It's done. I want my reward."

The British demon smiled and conferred with the angel. "Yes you did. You did exactly what we wanted you to do. So, yeah, here's your prize." The British demon clenched his hand and stopped John Winchester's heart. John crumpled to the floor and the demon brushed his hands down his pants.

"There. You see? That's how you take care of the Winchester problem." Castiel looked at the dead John Winchester, and for the first time, Dean's words sunk in. He had made a terrible mistake….but this mistake wasn't one that he could fix. They had changed the timeline, achieved the end result they had wanted. But there had been a significant cost. That cost tarnished his grace, and the man he had become under the Winchester's tutelage. Castiel turned his back and disappeared in a hush of wings.