EZ – Pete Yorn

She's running, so fast, so far, trying to escape everything she's come to know.

Hands in hair, lips on lips, limbs tangled and bodies flush against each other.

Her mind relives each second of the event leading up to her escape, she feels as though her brain is about to explode.

Up against the wall one minute, pinned on the bed the next. All she feels is the desire pumping through her heart and pooling between her creamy thighs.

Rain is pouring down on her, washing away her uncleanliness, washing away him.

She screams his name as his fingers pump her quickly. In and out, in and out like the steady beat of a good dance song.

The heel on her left shoe snaps and then the right. She takes them off and leaves the 3000 pair of shoes on the curb in the pouring rain.

Skin becomes a beautiful piece of artwork, filled with numerous purple and red love bites scattered all over her body.

Faster she runs, her bare feet becoming black on the souls.

When her hand wraps around his thick, hard cock he gasps and she feels something she's never felt with Nate.

Her soul becoming black.

Mouth meets cock, sucking, licking, biting, teeth grazing. It's mind blowing for the both.

Passer bys think she's insane, running through the Manhattan streets in the pouring rain late at night.

His hand in her hair, twisting it between his fingers.

She stops to catch her breath, the breath that's suddenly escaped her exhausted body.

Soft kisses towards her mouth as he pushes inside her slowly. A mew of pain as he breaks past her virginity.

She must have run 20 blocks by now if not more.

Muscles clench as she tenses, he groans and whispers for her to relax. "Relax Blair."

Her body slumps onto the dirty sidewalk, leaning against a building for support as she feels as though she might faint.

Legs wrap around his waist, pulling him in deeper and pushing her closer to her release.

Tears or rain drops. She feels one or both on her flustered cheeks.

"I love you, Blair Waldorf."

Quivering and quaking from the sobs that ripple through her lithe body she hears a car pull up to the curb.

"I love you, Chuck Bass."

A door clicks open, she see feet dressed in Italian leather step out and into a puddle. The occupant of the shoes doesn't care.

Hours later after being awoken from a light sleep, glasses clink in a not too distant room where a male and a female converse.

She doesn't need to look up to know who the person is. She already knows. Only he would go after her, only he would look for her.

Lips on lips, but they aren't hers and his, there his and who is that's?

The rain pours down on his gorgeous face, looking up she hates him and loves him all the same.

He sees her in the corner of his eye as she gasps and tears well in her too-beautiful eyes. "I hate you, Chuck Bass."

His hands run through her damp hair as he presses his lips against hers.

"Wait! Blair, I'm sorry!"

All is forgotten when he kisses her.

"Don't!" Throwing on clothes she leaves his hotel room in a hurry.

"I'm so sorry, B. Come home with me?"

Following her, he chases her all the way outside the Palace Hotel before she disappears around the corner. Shit, fuck, oh God.

She nods as he helps her up and brings her inside his limousine.

Chuck Bass, you've ruined the best thing that's ever going to happen to you.

Her head leaning against his chest, drying her eyes with his jacket, she falls asleep right there listening to that thump, thump his heart makes.

"No." He refuses to give into thought. He will not let the universe win.

"I fucking love you, Blair." Whispers unheard by the girl in his arms.


I don't know what this is. It's like 2.35am here, not unusual for me, I can't sleep so I write. It's short, sad but with a semi-happy ending.

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