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"Where's my girl?" Booth yelled playfully as he bounded up the stairs to a busy Brennan. She hovered over a skeleton, examining every bone individually. Her eyebrows were furrowed as she stared at the hubris particularly hard. Annoyed at being ignored, Booth took matters into his own hands, literally. Coming up behind Bones, he grabbed her waist and walked her down the steps.

"Booth! Put me down this instant!" Brennan screeched as she pounded her fist into his back repeatedly.

"Nope. I need to talk to you with out you thinking about bones," he replied.

"You are seriously going to regret this," she said and he knew he probably would. Angela came running out of her office as she heard all of the commotion. Seeing the sight of Brennan in Booth's arms made her laugh. Finally, she thought to herself.

"Angela. This isn't funny," Brennan huffed. Turning her body this way and that, trying to dislodge herself from his strong grip.

"You know you like it Sweetie," Angela chirped. She grinned even more when her best friend sent her a death glare.

Booth continued to hold on to Brennan until he reached her office. Carefully, he put Bones back on her feet. Brennan pushed herself out of his grasp and stood in front of him with her hands on her hips.

"Happy Birthday."

"You carried me all the way in here to say Happy Birthday?" Brennan shot.

"Yes and…" Booth tried to explain.

"There is a family out there wondering where there loved one is and I need to help them. I don't need to fuss over my birthday."

"But," he tried to interject.

"Besides, I don't celebrate my birthday. I haven't since I was fifteen, so stop making such a big deal about it," she huffed.

"I," Booth kept trying to tell her.

"No! Seriously Booth, stop. Act like it's any other day," Brennan commanded.

"No," Booth said nonchalantly.

"Fine. Then you can leave." Brennan began to walk back towards the platform and her dead body. She could feel Booth hurrying to catch back up with her. Her eyes rolled as he walked side by side with her.

Not even looking at her partner, she kept her pace up. Reaching the bottom of the platform, she bounded up the stairs one at a time. Booth copied her every move. Brennan cut him off with her body as she bent over the remains. Sighing, he just walked to the other side of the table. He lowered his body until he was eye leave with Brennan.

Glancing up from her work, she saw a smiling Booth staring directly at her. Aggravated she turned on her heel and went to look at the screen. Her eyes narrowed as she spotted something that might help them solve the case. Booth's phone began to ring loudly, but he didn't make a move towards it. He just kept grinning at Bones.

"Will you answer you phone already?" Brennan snapped.

"Anything for the birthday girl," he said sincerely. "Booth. Yes… We'll be right over." He snapped the phone shut and turned to a curious Bones.

"Come on, there's another body."

"Alright, lets go." Brennan took off her lab coat and threw it one of the chairs. She followed Booth out as they headed out the door to his SUV. Brennan climbed onto the passenger seat, knowing she wouldn't be allowed to drive. Booth started the engine and began to drive towards the crime scene.

Neither one of them talked for a change. Usually, they were always arguing. Booth took his hand off the wheel and reached for something in his jacket. He pulled out an envelope and threw it onto Bones' lap.

"What is this?" Brennan questioned.

"Just open it Bones," Booth sighed.

Brennan tore open the seal and took out a packet and a gift card. She began to read through the papers and glanced up at Booth.

"You need to take some time to yourself," he answered the unasked question.

"I do have time to myself. Every time I go to sleep in fact," she responded seriously.

"Bones, you know what I mean."

"But, what if I don't want use this?" Brennan questioned as she lifted up the sliver and black gift card.

"I'll make you use it," Booth threatened.

"Oh you will?" she lifted her eyebrows.


"Fine," she responded.

Brennan took out her cell phone and began to type the number on the pamphlet in. Pressing the send button, she began the call. Booth couldn't hear the other end of the call, but he mostly definitely heard what Bones said.

"Yes, I would like to schedule a couple's massage for next Thursday," she said politely. "With Cara? Yes, that should be fine. Alright. Thank you." Brennan snapped the phone shut and looked over at a very angry and surprised Booth.

"What? If I have to go to the spa, than so do you," she smirked.

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