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Katara narrowed her eyes as she watched Mai lock her lips with the Fire Lord. Tapping her fingers against the cold hard wooden table with one hand, she grabbed her chopsticks with her other and stuffed some food in her mouth.

"Oh, Zuko..." Katara almost gagged, grabbing a glass of water before she could do so. I mean, seriously. This was a dinner party. Not a 'extreme-personal-display-of-affection' celebration, because if it was, she rather be jumping off a cliff or struck by Azula than this.

She rolled her eyes, putting down the glass, looking back at the couple. She leaned towards Suki, who was calmly sitting next to her, taking a bite of the meat. "Isn't that just gross?" Katara nudged her friend slightly on the shoulder, almost making Suki drop the meat that was in her mouth.

"Mmph..." Suki chewed her food and swallowed before she answered back. "What do you mean? Do you mean the food?" She poked it with one of her chopsticks, then looking back at Katara. "Cause the meat's not that bad if you eat it with-"

Katara shook her head, whispering back. "Not that! The food's fine." She took her napkin and covered her mouth, moving closer to Suki. "I mean, them." She motioned Suki with her finger towards the 'royal' couple.

Suki's eyes widened. "Oh!" She said almost too loudly, causing the people around the table to look at her. "You mean Zuk- oomph." Katara pulled her down before she could finish her sentence.

"Shhhh!" Katara put a finger to her lips, instructing Suki to do the same. Suki sighed, and rested her index finger on her lips. They were now almost under the table, using the edge of the tablecloth to cover their heads. "Don't let them hear you!"

"Okay, okay I won't." Suki said, putting her finger down and away from her lips. "And so what?" She asked Katara, who was looking back up menacingly at the couple. "Katara!" She gripped the sleeve of her shirt and pulled the waterbender back down. "What's wrong with them, anyways?"

"They're just so..." Katara shuddered. "Touchy. And-" She pointed out. "- and they kissed!"

Suki cocked her head to the side. "So?" She said, relaxing her shoulders. "They're a couple. Is that so wrong? I touch Sokka all the time," She looked back at Sokka who was munching on a leg of lamb, and kissed him on the cheek. He turned to her and gave her a grin, then went back to eating. "And that's not so wrong is it? I kiss him too. You have Aang. Don't you do that with Aang too?"

Katara paused, got up to face Aang, smiled, and went back down under the tablecloth before he could even blink. "Well- yeah- sometimes- maybe- a little- not really..." She started mumbling, pushing both her index fingers together as the trailed in thought. Suki face palmed herself. "But that's not the point, Suki! It's just... so... uncomfortable! We're sitting across from them! Don't they know that?"

"Well, I guess..." Suki shrugged, swiping away a piece of her own hair from her face. "But you know, I don't really care that much." She pointed out. "I really don't."

Katara pointed to them. "How can you not care?!" She asked, her hands almost up in the air. "Look at that!" She and Suki looked back up to see Mai leaning on Zuko's shoulder. "Look at that! What do you call that?"

Suki grabbed a piece of meat from her plate and bit it. "Love?" she suggested. "Just ignore them and eat."

"You're right." Katara sighed, grabbing her chopsticks and poking into her salad. "It's better that way." She chewed on a vegetable. "I mean, if I close my eyes, I don't see anything at all-"

Inwardly, Suki groaned. "Maybe, you're just jealous." She pointed out, poking Sokka to get her more food. He complied, and reached for a bowl.

"Thanks," Suki whispered, giving Sokka another kiss on the cheek as he gave her the bowl full of more buffalo deer meat. She used her utensil to pick out some, going back to Katara. "I mean, you're the only one who's been ranting about them, so maybe that's it. Jealous."

Katara huffed at the thought, and crossed her arms indignantly. "And why would I be jealous of them?"

Suki shrugged her shoulders again, looking at her. "Maybe..." She paused, picking at her mean. "Maybe you like Zuko?" Katara almost fell down laughing.

"Me?" She started, wiping non-existant tears from her eyes. "And... Zuko?"

Suki nodded, glancing at Katara, then Zuko, who now was starting to notice that their conversation revolved around him. She lowered her voice. "I mean, Katara, think about it. I know you have Aang and all, but when was the last time you kissed him?"

Katara scratched the back of her head. "Um. That's sort of a private issue here..." Suki rubbed her chin in though. "Ah, so you haven't kissed him in awhile, huh..." Katara froze, a nerve in the back of her brain twitching.


"What?" She gave a innocent look towards her friend, wagging her finger at her. "And now, anyways, look at that. You're about to gag when watching Mai kiss Zuko and lean on his shoulder, which is jealousy, madam."

"It is not!"

"Oh, don't you know it." Suki nodded at her own explanations. "It's true." She poked Katara on the arm. "And now, you know the truth."

Before Katara could reply with the 'I told you I'm not jealous!'-denial line, Zuko nudged the dozed-off Mai off his shoulder stood from across the table, casting his eyes on both Katara and Suki. "What truth?" He asked, curiously. He had heard the beginning part and ending part of their conversation. "Is there something you'd like to say?" He stared at Katara intently, waiting for her answer.

Katara stood up, unconsciously clutching onto her napkin. "Um." She peered down at Suki, who was now eying her, then Zuko, then her, then Zuko, motioning for her to say something. "I-" She looked back down at Suki. Suki nudged her a little, mouthing "Go ahead, say something!"


"Yes?" Zuko leaned in to hear her. "You... ?"

"I-" Katara dropped her napkin furiously, which really didn't have any effect on the element of the scene because it pretty much floated slowly down. "I don't like your girlfriend!" She said triumphantly. Grabbing one last piece of buffalo deer meat, she stuffed it in her mouth, looked at him, gave a 'humph!', then stomped out in fury.

"W- What?!" Zuko said, in total confusion.

Sokka leaned towards Suki, and whispered in her ear. "I don't like Mai either."

Suki laughed.

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