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Rosalie leaned against the door of her room, sliding down it slowly as she forced herself not to cry. You don't like her, you don't even know her. Just forget it all. But the vampire could not forget those brown eyes, that soft looking hair, how it framed the angel's face with a grace only found in mortals. That was one of the things she most regretted about not being human. Sure, she was stunning, but unnaturally so. If humans had good looks, it was the natural kind which made it that much more unique. Each vampire was bound to have great looks, heavenly pure skin with their golden or ruby eyes. But humans... Their tanned skin so warm and soft, their eyes that could put even the sky to shame with their blues, or the gorgeous pine trees with their greens. The browns…God, the bronzes…

Rosalie jumped and was at the other side of the room when she heard a knock on the other side of the door. Alice.

"Hey, Rose, can I come in?" The small vampire with spiky black hair had already foreseen her answer, but waited for it nonetheless.

"Of course," Rosalie said, composting herself. Alice fluttered in and sat on the bed by her "sister", crossing her legs delicately.

"Jasper says that you've been feeling out of sorts lately," Alice said, referring to Jasper's ability to sense and tamper with other's emotions.

"Oh…it's nothing."

"Is it Emmet?"

"No, no, it's not him." Rosalie just couldn't shake the stiffness she felt, feeling guilty for the thoughts she'd been having. They consumed her days and, since she didn't need sleep, her nights. Whether Alice had been able to see what would come to pass or not, Rose didn't really want to know. She could only hope that her sister didn't know, and if she did, that she'd help her by leaving her be.

"You know you can come to me for anything."

"I know," Rose smiled, accepting the offered hug, realizing after Alice had left her room that she had been pretending that her sister was someone else locked in her arms comforting her. God, I'm losing my mind.

The next day as Rosalie drove to school in her red convertible, there was only one thing on her mind: wondering how to behave. Should she go for it? But that was impossible. She was a vampire, and could never work with a mortal. Not like that. Even if she could, she had no idea if the human was even interested in girls. She didn't seem to be, but then again, you can't tell by looks alone. She parked her car absent mindedly, stepping out rather slowly, arriving a bit early.

"Um…hi," a voice said behind her that made her jump, even for someone with such keen hearing. She turned to see her, the dweller of her dreams. She was wearing a simple grey t-shirt with an intricate pattern in blue, smooth jeans, and a black corduroy jacket. She looked ravishing; her hair neatly pulled back, face smiling cautiously.

"Hello," she managed to say back.

"It's Rosalie, right?"

Rosalie nodded.

"Or Rose."

Bella grinned, feeling a little more at ease. She was awe-struck in the presence of this goddess of a blonde, feeling small and inconsequential. She had no idea that Rosalie was thinking something similar.

"How-How are you? Have your first few weeks gone okay?" Rosalie said, trying to act natural.

"It's been all right… a little boring to be honest. I'm doing well in my classes, I just can't seem to…" Bella paused, feeling awkward at how open she almost was.

"What? Can't seem to…?"

"It's just people are a little harder to warm up to here. I guess that comes with being the new kid though." Bella shrugged. Rosalie thought about that, wondering how this clumsy angel could ever have trouble making friends.

"Has no one talked to you?"

Well, this guy Mike. He's nice, he's just a little…"

"Annoying?" Rose knew which Mike Bella was referring to. She'd seen them talking a few times in the halls and at lunch.

Bella laughed, embarrassed. "Pretty much…"

"Well, you know there's this concert coming up in Seattle. I wasn't really planning on going, but if you'd be up for it…" Did she just say that? Rosalie internally smacked herself. What was she thinking? But Bella surprised her with her answer.

"That sounds like fun," Bella smiled appreciatively, glad to finally have something to do besides stay at home with Charlie and the damp green landscape, reading and watching boring sitcoms. She was so thrilled she didn't even think to ask which band was performing. She would have gone even if she disliked the band though, the opportunity for new friendship like a large steak being thrust into the face of a starving dog. The bell rang all too quickly and the two walked to their separate classes, both of them thinking about the upcoming concert. One was excited at the opportunity; the other was wracked with nervous tension, almost panicking at what she'd just done. Hang in there, Rose, she's only a girl like you. But there was nothing similar about them and Rosalie knew it. She knew that Bella was sweet and clumsy and innocent. Rosalie was a fiendish blood-sucking monster.

Bella went through her classes happily that day, chattering with Mike cheerfully when he approached her. She didn't expect Rosalie to join her for lunch, she and her brothers and sisters always eating together, rarely separating. But Rosalie couldn't help but glance and Bella's table now and then, stealing glimpses as if it were a crime to behold such loveliness without paying a fee. Rosalie would have paid everything she had. More. Bella's eyes met her own golden ones a few times, Bella smiling and even waving once, feeling very stupid afterwards.

Jasper felt Rosalie's excitement and worry, but felt it best to say nothing as Emmet remained as clueless as ever. Edward busied himself with keeping his mind off of reading Rosalie's. Alice gave her sister a smile, knowing full well what Rosalie was feeling, and what it would eventually come to in the end.

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