Chapter 1: A Night in the Cemetery

It is almost Halloween and five girls are at Will's house busy trying to come up with a haunted house that a certain guardian decided to sign them up for in school. "Hay Lin, I can't believe you did this to us again. Don't get me wrong Hay Lin, I love the idea of having a haunted house for the school Halloween party; but did you have to sign us up to build it and be the monsters to scare people. I can't pull off the monster look Hay Lin." Cornelia complained in her usual whinny tone.

"Yeah, except when you wake up in the morning." Irma said making one of her jokes toward Cornelia. Irma got a death glare from Cornelia. "There you go Cornelia, just give them your death glare and then you'll frighten the people off." Irma said making another joke toward Cornelia.

"Enough you two; we have a haunted house to plan and work on." Will said getting tired of the two getting at the others last nerve. For the last week, Irma and Corny have been at each others throats more then usual and Will got tired of it the day after it started and she has been the patient one of the girls.

The girls had been working since twelve that afternoon and it is about three now when a knock came to the door. Will got up and answered it. "Hey Matt, what's up?"

"Hey Will, I was just wondering if you would like to go to the old Heatherfield cemetery just for a scare since it is almost Halloween and all." Then the other girls got up and went to the door to listen in. Will pushed them back and thought about it. "Sure Matt, why not have a good scare before we scare the pants off others." Matt laughed a little and then an idea came to his head. "I have an idea, why don't you have a specific area for the different types of Halloween creatures. One for Vampires, one for werewolves, and so on." The girls looked at each other and agreed to it but Will called the vampire area. "So Will; pick you up at say eight?" Will nodded and then he left.

"So Will gets to go freak herself out at the cemetery tonight and cuddle with her Matt. So cute." Irma teased.

"Come on Irma, that's cute. Will gets to get scared and then cuddle up next to Matt as if they were at a scary movie." Hay Lin said being one hundred percent serious.

"Ok everyone, let's get back to work. We only have two days to do this so thanks to Matt, we made a three day amount of work into a two day job. Either way, we need to hurry so let's get going. So we have a Vampire and werewolf area. What else is there?" They all thought about this for a moment and then came up with some answers.

"We can do a zombie area." Taranee suggested.

"Yeah, and how about one for Frankenstein and one for ghosts which would be best for me since I can turn invisible." Hay Lin said happily.

"Ok then, those are all taken care of now for the rest of the project." Then they assigned the ones without a monster to choose from a monster. Cornelia got werewolf since the costume would cover up her face so nobody will recognize her. Irma got Zombie and Taranee got Frankenstein. They worked on the project for another four hours and then quit there to get ready for her date. She walked to her room and the girls followed. Will turned around and didn't see them. "I am either tired or they are trying to scare me." Will ignored it and entered her room then turned around and shut the door and locked it. She turned back around and the four girls were right in her face making Will jump. "What are you four doing in my room and how did you get here before me? My windows locked and I was the closest to the door and there is no way to sneak around me in the small hallway." Will asked confused.

The girls looked at each other and shrugged. "By all accounts, it doesn't make sense." Taranee said. (A/N: I got that from the Emperors New Groove.)

"Whatever, could you leave so I can get dressed?" Will asked somewhat annoyed forgetting about her first question. The four girls looked down and walked out the door. Will quickly got dressed and ran out her room to grab something to eat. She got to the kitchen and then saw her mother and her mothers' boyfriend. "Mom, I am going out with Matt tonight ok." Susan nodded and went back to talking. Will quickly grabbed a cereal bar and left the kitchen. After she ate the bar, she quickly brushed her teeth and went into the living room to watch some T.V. before Matt comes by. She still had five minutes to kill after watching for about fifteen minutes but then a knock came to the door. Will quickly got up and answered it. "Matt, let's go now." Will said in a hurry to get away before her mother does anything to ruin her chance to go with Matt. She seemed to have been doing that a lot lately.

The two walked out the door and walked away from the house. "Ready for the cemetery Will? Kids seem to be attacked at graveyards you know." Matt asked.

"Oh yeah I'm ready for the cemetery. I have the heart with me so nobody would dare attack us as people like to do for reasons I would rather not say and your Shagon so there is the other defense. I think we'll be fine, so let's go." Will said in a hurry to get out.

"I'm surprised your mother is letting us go to the cemetery honestly." Matt said now realizing that little detail.

"Yeah, she doesn't exactly know so let's go already." Will said. Matt wasn't to sure about it but he wasn't about to argue with his girlfriend about something like this especially since his mom doesn't really know about this either. Not long after they left, they arrived at the cemetery. The two walked in and looked around. After a while of walking, they heard noises all around them. "Great, the girls followed us here just to scare us." Will said slightly irritated but then it gave her a reason to get close to Matt."

"You sure it's the girls Will?" Will nodded and they continued. After a while longer of walking, Matt checked the time and decided that they should leave." Come on Will, it's getting late, we should go." Will looked up at him and then shook her head.

"You can go Matt, I am going to find my friends and give them a scare of their life." Matt double checked and even triple checked with Will to see if she would be ok but after hearing the irritated tone in her voice he left. "Ok girls, you can come on out now, Matt left." She didn't get a response and there was nobody around now. Will was slightly scared from being alone but being in a cemetery alone would scare anyone to death. After hearing more noises, Will had finally decided to leave. She turned around and then everything went black.

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