"I don't think that's a good idea, Danielle." Teague said, running his hand through his greasy hair. He had just got back from Madagascar, to restock before going to Singapore, when his wife told him that she needed his to watch Jack while she went to the doctor's office. After he told her that he had to go sailing as soon as possible, she said he should bring Jack with him.

"Well, he should go. If he's going to be a pirate in the future, might as well get him used to the sea at an early age, no?" She said, already folding his clothes. "After all, I can't bring him, not after what happened last time."

"What happened last time that was so bad that you wont bring him back?" Teague asked. He didn't realize how long he was in Madagascar until then, which is what usually happens. He would go sailing, then come back to find Jack noticeably taller then when he left. It never really bother him too much, until he saw the boy walk in. The five year old boy was soaked, as if he just went for a swim in the ocean, and from the fish in his boot, it was obvious that he did.

"Oi Jackie! Didn't I tell ye not to go swimming alone?" Danielle said. "And tell you to take off yer boots before swimming?" The five year old boy nodded, then looked at Teague, clearly not recognizing him. Jack tilted his head to the side, as if it would help.

"Who's he?" Jack asked, giving up on trying to remember.

"Jack. He's yer father." Danielle said. She was trying not to sound angry at both of them. She was angry for Jack for not remembering and at Teague for not being there for them. She knew that Teague didn't want to say he was the father, but it was obvious that he was.

"Oh yeah!" Jack said brightly. "You mean that son of a-"

"Jack Sparrow!" Danielle and Teague both shouted at him, shocked by what he almost said.

"Jackie, who taught ye that?" Teague asked, getting over the shock, but trying not to laugh.

"Uncle Brannigan." Jack said. "He called you that after Grandmama told him about one of your adventures." Then he turned to his mother. "And I didn't not go swimming alone. I went swimming with the fishies."

"Jack Sparrow, go to yer room, and change before you catch a cold." Danielle said, handing him some clean clothes. After Jack left, Danielle turned to Teague. "Teague, I think it would help if he-"

"Say no more." Teague said, interrupting her. "I'll take him with me. He needs to see that the world is much bigger than these islands." Then he thought for a moment, rubbing his chin. "I could also use a cabin boy."

"Teague!" Danielle shouted.

"I'm just joking!" Teague said smiling. "Any way, I need to leave tonight to be able to 'help' a merchant ship 'trade' it's goods."

Danielle handed him a bag, along with Jack's jacket. "That's it. Make sure he eats his vegetables, savvy?" She said, smiling. Then she straightened out his jacket. "I'm sure ye'll make a fine sailor out of him."