Teague walked back to the house, holding Jack's hand. The boy looked around at random things on the way back; some trees, a butterfly, a cloud, anything. After noticing the dog was gone, he kept walking until they got to the house's study.

"Jackie!" Danielle said, rushing over to her son. "Are ye alright? Did ye get hurt?"

"I think those two questions pretty much mean the same thing." Jack pointed out.

"Aye, he's fine." Danielle and Teague both said at the same time. Then Danielle turned to Teague. "Who was he?"

"I don't know, but I think he was sent here by someone." Teague said, rubbing his chin.

"Do ye have any enemies in Singapore?" Jack asked, playing with the knife he had on the Lady.

"Do ye think Sao Feng might've sent him?" Teague asked Danielle, before kneeling down in front of Jack. "Jackie, did he have a dragon tattoo?"

"No. I didn't see one." Jack said. "But he did have a silk cloth over his forehead the whole time."

"If he was working for Sao Feng, he'd have a dragon tattoo showing the whole time, for all to see." Teague said.

"I don't think I like where this is headed." Danielle said, pulling the knife out of Jack's hand.

"What if he was a spy?" Jack asked. "Becky, old Rusty Knicker's daughter, said that the British are sending spies out to all parts of the World, looking for the Pirate Lords." Then Jack tilted his head in confusing. "What are Pirate Lords?"

"Jackie, stop tilting yer head like some stupid mutt." Teague said. "There are nine Pirate Lords, the Brethren Court. They've only met three times, so many Pirate Lords have lived their who lives not attending a single meeting. Ye know that big heavy book." He pointed at a book on it's usual place, on the desk. Jack nodded.

"That book is the Pirata Codex, the Pirate Code. We pirates live by the rules written on those pages." Teague continued. "The book also has the names of the rigens and requirements for becoming a Lord, or the Pirate King." Then he smiled at Jack, knowing that his son was ready.

That night, while Jack was asleep, Teague walked over to his bed. He then carefully lifted his son's head and wrapped the red bandana around his head, along with a string of beads, ending with a silver coin. Then he looked over at the music box playing the melody to 'Hoist the Colors'.

"With the keys to the cage, and the Devil to pay, we lay to Fiddler's green." He sang, before closing the box. "Congrats Jackie, yer a Pirate Lord now, of the Caribbean." Then he smiled. "One day, I know ye'll make us proud."