Setsuna just stared. She really wished she could store personal items near or around the pocket reality that housed the Gate of Time. Because she really needed some aspirin right now! Hades, she was impressed with herself slightly for not needing a defibrillator. She had expected and dreamed a thousand possibilities, but this hadn't been one of them. She had steeled herself for the painfully transparent one of Usagi and Mamoru being reincarnated as Ranma and Akane or some other two random people from that chaos breeding ground some people called a district of Tokyo. Lesbian succubi, only slightly less obvious. Biological Vampires (opposed to the real deal that were allergic to the star of David or crosses) Setsuna had also braced herself for, given the strange tastes the fates clearly had. There had also been the remote possibility that their reincarnations had been off, and they had been born a couple hundred years off the mark or a decade after the rest of the Senshi. Then there were the slightly less crazy, Persocoms, Pokémon, elves and wizards, but it was positively none of these.

This decidedly derailed the threads of fate for the existence of a world running city state where Moon Healing cured people of whatever neurosis plagued them (something Usagi had avoided doing en masse in the timeline unknowingly to avoid being captured and dissected by corporate medical companies). Not to mention putting humanity into suspended animation for about a thousand years to save their lives and soul from an entity whose power was on par with that of the elder god Cthulhu's even worse cousins. She wondered if this meant Saturn would have to blow up the world after all in a couple of decades when push came to shove.

In one corner, the soul of Prince Endymion had, beyond all reason, found itself into the soul of a mutant dinosaur who, after being exposed to the radiation of a nuclear blast, had been awoken from his suspended animation and effectively brought back from the dead (what were they putting IN those Nuclear warheads?)... was this perhaps Endymion's previous incarnation brought back from the dead, preventing his reincarnation as a human? Setsuna had seen reincarnation screw people over a lot worse than this... Wait, no, she hadn't...

And in the opposite corner, we have the soul of Princess Serenity, that had wandered into the body of a giant moth who constantly was born, laid an egg, then died when the egg hatched, more than often producing twins in a life cycle not unlike that of the immortal Phoenix. The reason given for her existence was that the collective life force of the Earth had created her as a guardian against invaders of the giant monster class. Almost always accompanied by two tiny priestesses who spoke for both the giant moth herself and possibly her creator.

The giant lizard was known in other timelines for fighting humanity's enemies but only when it suited him, just as often trying to bring an end to the naked monkeys himself. The giant moth on the other hand, had shown a clear indication of only attacking when directly provoked. Of all the giant monsters that smashed through Japan, these two were the most victorious, and had clashed against each other several times. (Setsuna still thought the battles with King Kong were more epic though). And now it seemed the two were ready to go another round with plenty of property damage and innocent lives taken... Mothra and Godzilla.

Setsuna tried to imagine it, and realized she couldn't resist the demented thought of how Chibi-Usagi could possibility be born here... while that would make things more simple for Setsuna, she actually didn't enjoy the idea of condemning a soul to non-existence. (The heart of the reason why Setsuna hadn't simply given Ranma's mother protection during the wedding night with her husband.) A image of a lizard moth larva popped into Setsuna's head, and she shuddered in disgust. Maybe she could reason (something she had found almost never worked) with Mothra's two priestesses that their mistress had a much larger role to play than merely being Earth's guard dog... if the two giant beasts didn't kill each other first!

After the first shock of the rather... well, shocking revelation was over, Sailor Pluto tried to find out what happened to the incarnations of the other Senshi. She didn't have the valor to check up on Small Lady, however... not yet.

Setsuna was relieved to find out that at least Ami and Makoto were fine and dandy, attending the same school in Juuban, and they even had already become friends. Still, she was unable to find any traces of Rei, Minako, Haruka or Michiru.

For a while, Setsuna tried to stay calm by telling herself that Minako was probably hard to trace down because of her second identity as Sailor V... maybe she even visited another country instead of England in this timeline.

If she'd found out that Minako's current incarnation was, strictly speaking, not even a living creature anymore, she would need more than an aspirin...

Hikaru Yamato was an extremely skilled technician and computer expert, being drafted into the service of the Japanese government at the unusual age of 16. Being positioned in the underground headquarters of the AMF (Anti-Megalosaurus Force), he was responsible for programming the software into their newest secret project.

However, Hikaru was, like most boys his age, a bit of a pervert. It didn't help that back at school, he was ill-reputed to be a nerd extraordinaire. Small, lanky, with huge eyeglasses, he didn't make many friends... and thus, his chances on having a girlfriend were, frankly, quite small.

Being the computer genius he was, it wasn't much of a surprise that he actually used these programming talents to create some sorts of an artificial girlfriend... a computer program with artificial intelligence, programmed to act like a stereotypical schoolgirl.

He was bold (or desperate) enough to use the AMF's headquarters' mainframe to create his 'honey', and skilled enough to hide her presence from his superiors. No one at the base was as skilled with computers as he was, and his virtual girlfriend (which he affectionally named 'Minako') was hidden in the deepest layer of unused data, so that nobody would ever find her.

Unfortunately, Hikaru also created Minako with the ability to learn... and thus, Minako quickly became bored with the information she could find inside the HQ's mainframe.

'A girl needs to get outside,' she thought to herself - as much as a computer program could think. She desperately tried to find a way to escape the computer which was her home, as well as her prison. Unfortunately, security measures were so strict around the base that she couldn't even escape via the internet.

She finally got her chance when the secret project that was constructed in the underground base was coming to an end.

"This is it, gentlemen!" the leading officer proudly told his superior commanders when they came to visit the base. "Our new secret weapon! The next time Godzilla attacks, we will be prepared!"

He pressed a button, and the blind that was covering the window in front of the generals slid open, revealing the immense hangar behind it... as well as the mechanical monstrosity inside.

"Behold... MechaGodzilla!" Commander Gendo smirked and gestured at the metal dinosaur. "Created solely for the purpose of battling - and defeating - the original! Godzilla will never be a threat to Japan anymore."

Afterwards, the Commander showed his superiors the advanced weaponry that was attached to his creation.

"This is truly intriguing," one of the generals, an aged veteran spoke up. "But how will MechaGodzilla be controlled?"

"A pilot will be on board, of course," Gendo smiled. "However, our computer expert has created an advanced A.I. program that will always assist the pilot in battle. It is able to predict any move Godzilla will make in battle. All we need to feed it in and to activate MechaGodzilla is your clearance, sir!"

After a moment of hesitation, the general nodded. "Do it!"

Gendo gave his head technician a signal, and the scientist turned around in his chair.

"Yamato!" he barked at his computer specialist. "Start the procedure!"

"R-right away, sir!" Hikaru nodded nervously.

In his nervousness, however, he didn't notice the mistake he made: Instead of the advanced, military A.I. program he had developed, he accidentally loaded Minako's program into MechaGodzilla's mechanical brain.

'Wow...' Minako giggled as she found herself in the huge, metallic Godzilla body. 'Everyone looks so small...' She turned around her head and looked at the huge glass window in front of her.

The generals gasped. "It... it moved..." one of them said.

Gendo smiled. "Didn't I tell you, gentlemen? This weapon will be the death of Godzilla, trust me..."

However, he wasn't prepared for what happened next... MechaGodzilla suddenly opened his mouth and spoke in the voice of a teenage schoolgirl: "Yo, how's it going?"

For a while, it was very quiet in the hangar.

Gendo suddenly realized that the glances of all present generals were directed at him... and they weren't friendly ones.

He gulped nervously.