A/N: I know that I should be updating Two Southerners and the Rain (and I am working on the 7th chapter) but this was begging to be written more. Laura's back story will be a combination of the comics and the cartoon.

Italics are telepathic conversations

Unexpected Visit

A, blue, beat up sedan with an California license plate, pulled up to the Xavier Institute and stopped at the gates. A black haired, female figure, leaned out the driver's window and pushed a button on the intercom, on the wall next to the gate.

"Mutant manor, we take all freaks."

"Tabitha your not suppose to answer the intercom that way." came the harsh whispered reply.


"I need to see Logan."

Tabitha and Amara gave each other confused looks before Amara said "Someone came to see Logan."

"And it's a girl, we enter the twilight zone?"

"What are you two doin'?"

Tabitha whirled around to see Logan walk into the kitchen. "God Badger you trying to give us a heart attack?"

"Maybe, and it's Wolverine." He said as he walked to the fridge and pulled out a beer.

"There's someone at the gate for you." Amara said as she pointed to the intercom.

Logan sighed as he walked over to the intercom and pressed a button. "Who is this?"

"Just open the gate before I ram it."

Logan had a look of shock on his face as he pushed the button to open the gate. Then opened his beer and proceeded to chug it. He then set the bottle on the counter and quickly turned around and left the kitchen.

"Hey Badger wait up." Tabitha called as she followed after him with Amara right behind her.

"Vhat's going on?" Kurt asked as he saw the both of them run out of the kitchen.

"There's some chick at the gate for Badger." Tabitha said without slowing down.

"vhat!?" Kurt followed after them.

They got outside to see Logan sake his head and walk down the steps as the blue sedan drive down the driveway, around the fountain and stop in front of the steps.

"I wonder who it is." Amara said to no one in particular.

"Probably some secret girlfriend."

"If she ver secret she vouldn't come here." Kurt said as he rolled his eyes at Tabitha's instance that it was a girlfriend.

"You even old enough to drive kid?" Logan asked as he stood at the bottom of the steps with his arms crossed over his chest.

"I'm not a kid."

"ya gotta take that to the garage."

"Then open it."

"Elf, go open the garage."

"Vhat! Ve do even know vho she iz."

"Go." Logan barked

Kurt groaned as he teleported away. A few moments later the garage door opened and the Sedan drove away from the steps and towards the garage.

"So who is she Badger." Tabitha asked as she and Amara followed him to the garage.

"Smith, how many times have I told ya, my name is Wolverine or Logan, not Badger."

"What, so you get to give us all nick names, but we can't."

"Now yer catchin' on."

"That's not fair."

"I'm an adult, I don't have to be fair."

"Come on who is she?" Tabitha asked again as the three of them walked into the garage.

"Go stand over there with the Elf." Logan said as he ignored Tabitha's question and pointed over to the door.

"Not until--" Tabitha stopped mid sentence when the look he gave her clearly said: Keep it up and you're going to regret it.

Tabitha groaned as she and Amara walked over to Kurt and could see a weird look on his face. Tabitha and Amara looked over to the car to see a girl who looked to be about fifteen or sixteen, with long black hair and green eyes. She was wearing a red spaghetti strap shirt, a watch on her left wrist, a choker, dark blue jeans, a brown belt and black combat boots. She had a green duffel bag with an orange strap over her left shoulder and was also holding what appeared to be an X-Men jacket in her right hand.

"Where did ya get the car?" Logan asked.

"California." She said as she walked over to the back of the car and opened the trunk.

"Does she look familiar to anyone else?" Tabitha whispered.

"I…I th-think it's that girl…that--that um broke in." Amara answered in fear.

"Oh." Tabitha responded with fear colored in her voice as well.

"Ya steal it?"

"Yes." She said as she started pulling a couple of shopping bags out and then closed the trunk. "Here." she walked towards Logan and held the jacket out to him.

Logan smiled and took it from her before saying "ya alright?"



"I'm fine." Laura said as she walked around Logan and towards the door where Kurt, Amara and Tabitha were still standing. Laura could smell the fear practically dripping off all three of them. Feeling guilty that they were so afraid of her she decided that she should apologize. "I'm sorry for attacking you guys." All three of them nodded too afraid to speak. Laura had expected this. They had all felt safe at the institute, they had the security, their mutations, and as far as they knew the unstoppable Wolverine and she had single-handedly destroyed it all. She had gotten past the security, taken out every mutant, but Wolverine in under fifteen minutes and had almost killed said mutant in the end. It was fine with her if they stayed afraid of her, she decided, it would make it easier when she needed to disappear.

Kurt silently opened the door that lead into the house and held it open so the others could get in. Once everyone was in Kurt closed the door and the followed after the four of them into the kitchen and had only made it a few paces before stopping and standing beside Tabitha and Amara.

Logan and Laura kept walking through the kitchen as Logan started a conversation. "What's in the shopping bags?"

"Cloths." Laura said as she followed after him.

They walked out of the kitchen leaving Amara, Kurt and Tabitha to stand in the Kitchen in silence. "We have to tell everyone." Tabitha said.

"Yeah." Amara agreed as all three of them left the Kitchen to inform their housemates of their new visitor.


(Logan and Laura)

"What's in the duffel bag?" Logan started.


"Could ya be a little more specific?"

"It doesn't concern you."

Logan sighed and shook his head before saying "Look darlin' you're safe here, so you can relax."

"What makes you think I'm not relaxed?" Laura said as she glared over at Logan and he could hear the edge in her voice.

"Take it easy," Logan held his hands up in surrender "yer shoulders are tense and ya keep lookin' around like somethin' going to attack ya."

"I'm on grad." She looked forward again.

"Forget I said anything." Logan said as he went to knock on a door, however, a voice beat him to it.

"Come in."

"I hate it when he does that." Logan grumbled under his breath as he opened the door. He held it open for Laura to walk in and she could see Professor Xavier sitting behind his desk with a kind, welcoming smile on his face.

"It's good to see you again. I'm glad that we could meet under better circumstances this time. Please have a seat." Xavier said as gestured to the two chairs in front of his desk.

"I'm sorry about attacking the school." Laura said as she took a seat and set her duffel bag in her lap with her shopping bags on the floor next to the chair and Logan standing on her other side.

"It's quit alright. May I ask what it is that brought you here?"

"I…I don't know. I just started driving and ended up here."

"Well you're more than welcome to stay for as long as you like."

"What do mean--" Logan attempted to interrupt.

Logan we will discuss this when she leaves.

Xavier turned his attention back to Laura. "Now, I have called for an escort to show you to your room. You may come in Storm."

"You know Charles I don't think anyone in this house will ever get use to that." Storm said as she walked in and closed the door behind her.

Laura stood up out of her chair, slung her bag back over her shoulder and picked up her shopping bags. She turned around and could hear Storm suck in a breath at recognizing her.

"Storm, I would like you to take her to a bedroom." It's alright Storm she means us no harm

Trusting the professor's judgment she chose not to question. "Of course Charles, right this way Laura." Storm opened the door and gestured for Laura to follow her.

Laura started walking towards the door but then suddenly stopped and turned around. "Thank you professor."

"You're quite welcome Laura." Laura then turned back around and followed Storm out of the room.

"Now what the hell was up with saying: you can stay as long as you like, I don't want her to leave."

"Logan please calm down. We can't box her, the moment we make her feel like a prisoner is the moment she decides to leave.


(Storm and Laura)

"This will be your room." Storm said as she walked into a bedroom with Laura following behind her.

The room was just like any other room in the Xavier Institute. It had a queen size bed, a nightstand with a lamp, a dresser with a mirror, a balcony and a closet. Laura walked over to her bed and placed her shopping bags on top as Storm opened her curtains. Storm then turned back around to see Laura squatted on the floor putting her duffel bag underneath her bed. "Why don't you unpack that?"

"I need it close to the bed."

"Oh, okay. Do you have any cloths?" Storm asked trying to change the subject.

"Yes." Laura said as she reached into one for her shopping bags and started pulling things out. Storm watched as she pulled out an orange jersey, a pair of green shorts, sneakers, and a blue jacket. She then reached into the other bag and pulled out a hooded sweater, a couple of t-shirts, a skirt, a tank top, a pair of jeans, underwear and socks.

"Is this all you have?"

"Yes." Laura suddenly sniffed and looked over left shoulder at her door and after a few seconds of watching could see a petite brunette walk through the doorway.

"Hi I'm Kitty, I was asked to come show you around and introduce you to the other students."

Laura shook Kitty's outstretched hand as Kitty smiled at her. "I already know my way around the school and I also know all of the residents." Laura then turned her attention back to the cloths on her bed. She really had no interest in making friends; they would only get in her way.

"How?" Kitty asked as she watched Laura pick up her shirts and walk over to her closet.

"I watched the school for a week before I broke in."

"Oh, that's a pretty long time. Well there are some people that weren't here when you broke in."

Deciding that meeting new people would be good, if only to find out about their powers, she agreed to go with Kitty.

Storm had walked over to Kitty and had attempted to have a private conversation with her. Unfortunately Laura's sensitive hearing could still hear what they were saying.

"Are you sure you're going to be alright showing her around?"

"Yeah, besides Mr. Logan said we weren't even her targets, she just didn't want us helping him."

"Alright." Storm tuned around to face Laura and said "I hope you enjoy staying here."

Laura only nodded in response.

Storm smiled and nodded in return before leaving the two girls alone in the room.

"Okay come on." Kitty said as she turned around and walked out into the hallway.

Laura followed Kitty out into the hallway and closed the door to her bedroom. "You never gave me your name." Kitty said as they walked down the hall.


Kitty then went into a long explanation about the rules as they continued walking down the hallway. They then walked down the stairs and headed to what Kitty called the rec. room and explained most of the students hung out there during the day. Kitty opened the door and let Laura go in first.

The occupants in the room were far too absorbed in what they were doing to notice that someone had entered the room. Laura looked around and could see Ray, Jamie and Sam were playing with something that had to do with cars going on a track on the television. Tabitha, Amara, another Jamie and a blond haired boy were playing with sticks and colorful balls on a green table.

Kitty cleared her throat to get their attention and was a little irritated when everybody but Sam gave her their attention. "Sam that means you too."

"One sec Kitty."

Kitty only rolled her eyes and waited for Sam to turn around before saying "everyone this is Laura." She then pointed over to the blond haired boy "That's Alex Masters, he's Scott's brother. He shoots plasma in the form of blasts from his hands." Laura nodded to show that she had heard. "Great. Do you guys know where Jubilee and Rhane are?"

"What, we aren't good enough company?" Tabitha teased

"She doesn't know Jubilee and Rhane."

"You didn't introduce us." Jamie called

"She already knows the rest of you."


"So where are they?"

"They're outside playin' fetch." Sam answered

"Thanks, come on Laura." Kitty said as she grabbed onto her wrist and pulled her through the closed door.

Kitty and Laura walked outside trying to find the two people she had yet to see.

"Head's up!"

Kitty turned just in time to see Laura turn on her left foot, bring her right hand up with a claw out and slice the oncoming Frisbee in half. Kitty looked around Laura to see Roberto, running behind Rhane who was in the process of shape shifting out of her wolf form.

"Sorry about that." Roberto said once he got close enough.

"That's okay. Meet the new member of our family." Kitty said as she gestured to Laura, who had squatted down to pick up the halves of the Frisbee.

"Hey, you look familiar." Roberto said once Laura stood up.

"I'm the one that broke in." Laura said as she held the pieces of Frisbee out to Roberto

"Oh." he said as he hesitantly reached out and took them from her.

"Anyway," Kitty changed the subject before things got even more uncomfortable. "This is Rhane and as you have probably figured out she shape shifts into a wolf."

"Ye the one broke in? That's quite a feat lass."

Laura only nodded as she was not quite sure how to respond to what Rhane had said.

"Where's Jubilee?" Kitty asked as she looked around.

"Her and Bobby went back inside to get something to drink." Roberto answered.

"Thanks." Kitty turned around to see Jubilee opening the front door. "Hey we were just coming to see you."

"Well I came to tell you guys that diner was ready. What did you need me for?"

Roberto and Rhane both ran into the house in their excitement for diner leaving the three of them to talk.

"This is Laura." Kitty said as she started walking up the stairs into the house. "This is Jubilee she shoots fireworks from her hands."

They then walked into the dinning room to see everyone setting up the diner table.

"Do you want to help us?" Kitty asked.

"No." Laura decided it was better that she just stay out of their way.

"Okay." Kitty said as she and Jubilee walked off to help set up diner.

Laura watched as twenty Jamie's walked around setting up silverware and napkins as plates floated gently down to the table. Bobby walked around the table filling cups with ice as Jubilee, Amara, Rhane, Tabitha and Kitty came out of the kitchen carrying different kinds of drinks. Everyone else then walked out of the kitchen carrying covered blows and trays.

"So, Half-Pint show ya around?"

"Yes." Laura was not surprised that Logan was standing beside her.

"Come on." Logan then led Laura over to the table and sat down. Laura sat in scilence as the professor introduced to the whole student body and had told everyone to treat her as any other new student.

Kitty sat on Laura's other side and asked "You ever--." Kitty had stopped mid sentence at seeing Laura eating about as fast as she could.

"Whoa, whoa, slow down dralin' yer gonna choke, didn't ya eat on the road?"

"Yes." Laura said once she swallowed and then proceeded to shove more food in her mouth.

"Why are ya eatin' so fast?" Logan asked as he waited for her to swallow.

"I have always eaten this fast."

Logan decided to let it go as she had already almost finished half the plate and knew that in the next few minutes she would be done. Once Laura did finish she sat and watched everyone else eat and interact with one another. It was something HYDRA had always had her do, it was so she knew how to blend in to her surroundings. About an hour later everyone was finished with their meals and cleaned up. Laura had attempted to get out of the room without getting caught unfortunately Kitty saw her.

"Hey where are you going, we were going to watch a movie."

Laura stood still for a moment trying to think up a good excuse, unfortunately someone beat her to it.

"She'd love to."

Laura glared over her shoulder at Logan for forcing her to be with the other students.

"Great." Kitty said as she grabbed her and lead her to the television room.

Laura sat down in a chair and watched as the others argued over which movie to see. Finally coming to a decision based on voting everyone settled down to enjoy the movie. By the end of the movie Laura was just confused. Everyone watching had laughed at several parts of the movie and Laura had not found one thing funny.

"Not yer cup a tea, huh?"

Laura looked over to see Rogue standing to her left and gave her a confused look before saying, "I'm not drinking tea."

Rogue smiled to her self at Laura's answer before saying, "Ah know, it just means ya weren't inta the movie."

Laura shook her head no.

"Alright," Scott said as he got up off the couch. "Time for bed everyone and don't forget there's a training session in the morning before school." Several of the students groaned and or booed at Scott, but still got out of the room to go to bed. Laura remained seated on the chair as she was not ready to go to bed.

"ya know that included you to."

"I wanted to check the security." Laura got up out of her chair and turned to face Logan, who had surprisingly watched the movie as well. Logan had look on his face that showed that he wanted to ague that she did not have too, but the look on Laura's face clearly said it was not up for debate.

"Fine let's go."

Logan walked around the school setting the security with Laura pointing out all the flaws. By the end of the whole thing Logan was quite dissatisfied with the security and had promised Laura that they would fix it as soon as possible. They then walked to Laura's room, said their goodnights and Laura closed her door behind her.

Laura walked through her dark room and sat down on the edge of her bed. She then proceeded to pull off her combat boots and set them next to the bed. She pulled back her comforter and laid down still wearing her street cloths because training had always taught her to be ready. The last thing Laura saw before going to sleep was her watch, showing the time of 11:15:06 p.m.

Laura saw Logan, or what was left of him, strapped to a table cut open like a frog. Several scientists were standing around him inspecting him and taking notes. Storm was begging to be let out of a small room, her voice hoarse from talking and probably screaming. All of the other X-men were white rooms being experimented on. The next scene she saw was of herself standing in the training room at HYDRA and Kimura in the observation room with an evil smirk on her face. Laura then watched in horror as the New Mutants came up from the floor. They all looked sick, exhausted as if they were going to drop any moment, their arms were covered in pin pricks, starvation was obvious and their spirits broken. Laura watched herself breathe in through her nose and then saw her eyes become blood shot; it could only mean one thing: The Trigger Scent. Laura then watched herself slaughter them all, they had not stood a chance. Laura then felt someone grab her shoulder and instinct took over as she popped her claws, turned and drove them into her attacker's chest. Unfortunately she realized all too late that she was no longer dreaming.

A.N.: yes Laura did stab someone, I just couldn't resist adding a cliff hanger. Well I hope I kept everyone in character and that you guys enjoyed this first chapter. I have know idea when the second one will be up. I am sorry for any spelling and grammar mistakes it's really late plus I am bad with those. Oh by the way Jamie, Sam and Ray were playing a racing video game. Please Review!!

my reason for laura's eating habit: In her comic book her and her cousin are at lunch and Laura's tray is pushed off to the side while her cousin is still eating. which leads me to believe that either her cousin eats slow or Laura eats fast. It makes more since to me that she would eat fast because I do not think that the facility would give her a lot of time to eat.