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Logan walked down the darkened hallway towards the girl's wing because the Professor had told him telepathically that Laura was having a very stressful nightmare. Logan opened Laura's door and was bombarded with the thick smell of sweat and fear. He looked over at Laura's bed to see her hyperventilating and whimpering. He went over to her bed and called her name to try and wake her. When that had not worked he grabbed her shoulder, which turned out to be his biggest mistake.

Laura's four adamantium claws drove into his chest, narrowly missing his heart, but puncturing a lung. Laura sat in shock for a split second before pulling her claws out of his chest. Logan staggered backwards and griped her nightstand for support breathing heavily as the blood dripped down his bare chest. Laura flew out of bed, dropped to her knees and grabbed her duffel bag.

"What…are…ya doin'?" Logan asked while struggling to breathe as his wounds were healing.

Laura did not answer; only turned and ran for her balcony.

"Laura!" Logan called as he tried to grab her.

"What's going--oh my God Mr. Logan!" Kitty had phased strait through the wall that she shared with Laura and saw Logan hunched over bleeding.

"Go get Jean." Logan said as he went after Laura.

Laura slammed her shoulder into her balcony door braking it open as she had forgot to unlock it before going to bed and had not wanted to waste time opening it. She stumbled out into the rain and hoped off her balcony with Logan following closely behind.

"Laura, stop!" Logan called as he continued to chase her across the front yard.

Laura continued to ignore him and ran for the front gates. That did not last long as the next moment she was stopped in her tracks, but not because she chose too. Jean had telekinetically grabbed a hold of her to keep her from running. Laura sent thoughts to Jean in an attempt to get Jean to let her go and was pleased to be released. That however did not matter, because the next moment Logan tackled her.

"Get off!" Laura attempted to struggle but found it very difficult as he weighed about three times as much as she did.

"What are ya doin'?"

"This was a mistake."

"I'm not mad, I know it was an accident."

"That's not the point!" Laura said as she continued to struggle, as the fighter in her refused to give up.

"What are ya talkin' about?"

"What if it hadn't been you?"


"If it had been Kitty? She would be dead right now."

Logan sat in silence for a moment, he had not thought of what would happen had it been someone else. He knew that the only reason Laura had missed his heart was because her claws had slid off his ribcage. Logan sighed as he pulled Laura to her feet.

"Let go!" Laura continued to struggle as Logan held both her wrists in his right hand.

"Yer not goin' anywhere, so stop strugglin'." Logan then proceeded to drag her back in the direction of the house. Laura could see the entire school outside watching. Jean was clutching her head as Scott held her up and she also noted that the professor seemed to be the only one that was relaxed.

After a few minutes of digging her heels into the earth Laura gave up and allowed Logan to lead her back to the house. She knew that she could have attacked him but she wasn't so sure she wanted to leave anymore. He actually cared enough to stop her from leaving and she really had nowhere else to go.

"I would like everyone else to go back to bed. Laura, I would like to talk to you before going back to bed." said the Professor

Laura and Logan sat in the chairs in front of the professor's desk; both wrapped in towels to keep the mud from getting on the chairs.

"Now, Laura, can you tell me what happened?"

Laura looked up from her duffel bag that was sitting on her lap she had mud on her cheeks and pieces of her hair was plastered to her face. "I was dreaming and I felt someone grab so I reacted. After I stabbed him I panicked and ran."

"Alright, would you like to talk about this dream?"

Laura shook her head no.

"Alright, you're welcome to go back to bed."

Laura had a look of shock on her face she thought for sure she was in trouble. Memories of Kimura beating for her mistakes passed through her mind and she found it odd that that was all he had to say. Laura put her duffel bag back over her shoulder and started to leave the room.

"Hold up Laura, I want to know what's in that bag."

Laura turned around to face Logan who was still sitting in the chair. "I already told you that it did not concern you."

"It was the only thing you grabbed when you left the room." Logan said as he as he got up out of his chair and walked towards her. Laura tightened her grip on her bag obviously afraid he was going to take it from her.

"Logan I do believe that Laura is entitled to some privacy."

"I happen to know that she has a gun in it, Chuck."

Laura got an angry look on her face before yelling at Logan "If you knew, why didn't you take it earlier?"

"I wasn't certain you were carrying it, now I know for sure."

"Laura is this true?"

"Would it matter?"

"I need to know that my students are safe."

"I wouldn't need a gun to hurt your students."

"I never said I was worried you were going to hurt them with it"

"They would not need a gun either."

"Be that as it may I would feel better knowing that you did not have a weapon on you."

"I always have a weapon on me."

"Just give him the gun."

Laura blew out a frustrated breath as she squatted down and opened her bag. Logan walked behind her to try and see in the bag over her shoulder but Laura shifted positions to keep him from seeing. Laura then pulled out a handgun and zipped her bag back up. She threw her bag back over her shoulder and walked towards the Professor's desk.

"Thank you, Laura." The professor said as Laura set the gun down on his desk. Laura only nodded in response and left the room.

Logan started walking towards the door when the professor stopped him. "Logan."

"Yeah." Logan said as he turned to face the professor.

"I believe that Laura is in need of intense therapy."

"You get her to talk? Great, Chuck."

"Actually Logan, I was thinking you would be a much better candidate."

"You want me to do what?" Logan had a look of complete shock on his face.

"You would be able to relate to her the best, Logan."

"I'll talk to her." Logan said as he left the room.


Laura walked into her bedroom and locked the door behind her. She set her duffel bag down on the floor next to her bed and then changed out of her mud and rain soaked cloths. She pulled the belt off her pants and wrapped it around the handles of her French door to keep it closed. Laura then sat down on her bed and put the duffel bag in her lap. She started pulling out a pair of sneakers, a few files, a bloodstained copy of Pinocchio and her fighting uniform; the bottom of the bag had been lined with money. She unfolded the clothing and pulled out a couple of CD's. Laura opened the CD cases to cheek for damages from when Logan had tackled her. Once she was satisfied that everything was fine she put everything back in the bag, zipped it up and placed it back under the bed. Laura then lay down in bed, checked her watch (3:12:06AM), rolled over and went to sleep.

Laura awoke at 5:00am just like she did every morning. Once she used the restroom she walked down the hallway without making a single sound. She knew that everyone except Logan was still asleep, and that the others would not wake up until around seven. She walked into the empty kitchen and glanced around for a moment to figure out something to eat. Once coming to a conclusion she made herself a bowl of cereal and sat down at the island to eat. She ate as fast as she could, rinsed her bowl and spoon in the sink and went outside.

Once outside Laura stretched and then bowed to an invisible opponent.


Logan had come outside to run one of the outdoor obstacle courses to make sure that it worked for later, what he had not expected to see was Laura practicing in the front lawn. He walked towards her and stood about ten feet away and watched her.

"I don't like being watched." Laura said as she continued to practice.

"I didn't think you noticed me. So wanna run an obstacle course?"

Laura turned around to face Logan and enthusiastically nodded her head obviously overjoyed at the possibility of having a decent training session.

"So," Logan started as he led Laura in the direction of the obstacle course. "Wanna talk about last night?"


Logan sighed and shook his head he could already tell that it was going to be difficult to get her to talk. "How bout the nightmare you had?"

"That would fall under the category of last night."

"Look, Laura, ya gotta trust us sometime."

"Technically I don't."

Logan was quiet for a moment trying to think of the best way to get her to talk. "Ya know I have nightmares too."

"Logically everyone does."

"About the project."

Laura turned and gave Logan a confused look, "You said you didn't remember anything."

"I don't they're repressed memories and when I go to sleep sometimes I relive them."

"Which ones?"

"Most of the time, it's the bonding process."

"They left you awake too?"

A look of anger flashed onto his face as he asked, "They left you awake? Sarah never said anything about you being awake."

"Dr. Rice didn't want me put under."

His look of anger tuned to one of sorrow, "I'm sorry Laura you never should have had to put up with that."

"Where is this obstacle course?" Laura said changing the subject.

Logan decided not to push her into talking. He knew they were going to have to take baby steps. Logan walked over to a statue and popped the head up on it reviling a red button underneath. Logan pushed the button and several weapons to pop out of the ground and from other statues. Logan and Laura then both walked over to the start of the course.

"Alright," Logan said "the course will start in ten seconds and remember, be careful."

Laura glared at Logan in response clearly not happy at being treated like a newbie.

A buzzer sounded and they both ran the course. Once finished Logan was surprised that Laura had managed to keep up as well as she had. They ran the course a couple more times and at almost six in the morning the younger students came out to run the course. Laura had decided that she wanted to watch their training session, so she sat down in the grass and observed.

What she saw had shocked her completely. Nobody seemed to be paying any attention to what Logan had to say. Jubilee and Bobby were leaning on each other and appeared to be falling asleep standing up. Tabitha was inspecting her nails, and Amara and Rhane kept whispering to each other. Roberto appeared to be falling asleep as well and kept trying to lean on Sam who kept pushing him. She did note that Sam and Alex appeared to be the only ones the most awake but she wasn't sure they were paying attention any way. Yet oddly enough it wasn't the students that surprised Laura the most, it was Logan.

All Logan did was yell at Jubilee, Bobby and Roberto to wake up, Rhane and Amara to stop talking and for Tabitha to pay attention. That was all he did: yell. Laura was bombarded with memories of her training sessions. She had never thought to disobey or not listen to any of her teachers and anytime she had made a mistake she was beaten for it by Kimura or drilled harder. Filled with anger at watching the display in front of her Laura stood up and started to walk away.

"Where ya goin' Laura?"

Laura turned around to face Logan and said, "I wanted to explore."

"Okay." Logan said as he turned his attention back to the training session.

Laura walked into the house and all the way upstairs to her room. She locked the door behind her and then sat on her bed. Still full of anger she popped the first claw in her right hand and slid it across her left underside forearm in a diagonal line. She only cut into the skin and felt better at seeing the blood trickle down her arm. She repeated the movement in the opposite direction crating an X on her arm.

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Comic info:

When Logan is referring to Sarah not mentioning that Laura was wake when she got her metal claws he's talking about a letter. Sarah wrote Laura a letter explaining why she was created and her thoughts and notes on Laura's experience. She sent a copy of the letter to Logan incase anything happened to herself.

In the comics Laura cuts herself.