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Hey everyone! Like I said on my profile I would post the first chapter of this story and when I get back from my vacation I will type up what I wrote there. This is my very first fan fiction and I do want to become a better writer so yes the following is wanted

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Yeah, since this is my first story it will probably suck but no harm done in trying. It was really hard to start this one off, so please keep in mind I AM TRYING!!


Kenji's character is based on this boy:


Mr. Takahashi looks like him, only a bit more awkward. :) drools : i109./albums/n77/Angellover02/Anime men/anime.jpg

Rumiko looks like this girl :

i22./albums/b336/tigerarrow/Anime Pictures/Girls/School girls/schoolgirlstudy.jpg

Maika looks like this girl : i143./albums/r140/Dragonflame-Crystal/angermanagementME.jpg

Everyone is 16 in this story, and if you want any more info (Which I doubt you do!) just ask.

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters from Inuyasha or the pictures above. I do own this stories specific plot but not its category (I suppose that belongs to everyone hmm?)

Summary : After over-hearing a few school mates Kagome begins to diet. When she takes it too far will Inuyasha be able to save her before it's too late?

So without further adue, on with the story!

"Did you hear about the new boy?" said Ayumi ecstatically.

"No, what about him?" replied Kagome pretending to care.

"He is sooo cute! Every girl in this school is going to go after him! I hope he likes me!" chirped in Eri as if it was the only thing that mattered in the world.

"There is no use going crazy about some boy" said Kagome sheepishly.

"Kagome is right, you two don't even know what he is like! Let's just get to class already." shouted an angry Yuka.

Kagome and her best friends all walked into math class and sat down. In the back of Kagome's mind she couldn't help but wonder how cute this boy really was. She had been crushing on Inuyasha for so long, but didn't think that he liked her back one bit. He constantly fought with her and was so rarely sweet, so maybe it was time to look into someone new….


Kagome looked up quickly restraining the urge to shout at the person responsible for waking her out of her thoughts. The classroom had door slammed shut and her slightly awkward teacher Mr. Takahashi walked in flustered and out of breath as usual… but she couldn't help but notice the absolutely gorgeous boy walk in behind him.

The boy had unruly black hair that looked as soft as a feather, a small nose and lips pressed tight together in a line as if he would refuse to say anything at all. And his eyes, his bright green eyes shone with a will and might so intense that Kagome couldn't bring herself to look away.

"Everyone say hello too Kenji Nakamura" said Mr. Takahashi as if he had a gun to his head while he said it. Darting his eyes back and forth over his students preparing for the reactions he knew he would see.

All of the boys either squinted their eyes in envy or widened them in awe. All of the girls blushed either a bright red or a soft pink and giggled like a child.

"Yo." he said coolly, increasing the count of giggles and glares before he sat down in the wooden desk in front of Kagome.

The lesson proceeded as usua,l though nobody would have noticed if it didnt considering how occupied they were. Every single person would stare at Kenji at the very least once in jealousy or lust. At one point he had turned around to Kagome, flashed a smile that melted her heart and asked for a pencil. Kagome nodded like a bobble head and smiled as wide as she could like a complete idiot while she went to grab her pencil out of her yellow backpack. She gave the pencil to him shouting and giggling to not worry about returning it. He had looked at her quizzically and then like she was insane and turned around.

Kagome went into deep thought and filled her head with "Oh my god Kagome NICE GOING! He thinks you're a complete moron! No way will he ever like you now!! Ugh… If there was something I could do to make him like me…


The bell woke Kagome out of her self anger. She grabbed her books and walked into the hallway, still mentally kicking herself for her moment of complete stupidity. Once she had arrived at her locker she dumped her backpack into her locker and took out some money before slamming the door shut in rage and taking a moment to breathe.

"Kags wait up!" shouted Eri, Yuka and Ayumi in unison.

Kagome skidded to a halt and they all walked together to the cafeteria, chatting about the new boy and how cute and sweet he seemed. When they had walked into the cafeteria they all practically ran to order their food with a crowd of hungry students hot on their trail. Scanning over the signs as quickly as possible with her chocolate brown eyes Kagome started blurting out what she wanted without even registering what she was saying. Soon enough they all sat down and Kagome began to chow down.

"Are you really going to eat all that?" said Ayumi in a kind but warning voice.

"Uhh… yeah?" Kagome spoke cautiously, wondering if she had done something wrong.

"Oh, well that's fine! If you want to stuff yourself to death go ahead!" Ayumi exclaimed in a joking manner that Kagome didn't seem to pick up on.

Once her friends were done eating Kagome told them she was going to stay and do some studying. They all agreed that it was fine and walked off to enjoy the rest of their lunch period.

"Maybe I do eat a little too much… could it be that I have become fat?" Thought Kagome worriedly, looking down at her stomach that was full to the hilt with food.

Brushing off the thought Kagome strolled over to the vending machines and to get a bottle of water. That's when she heard a comment that would ruin her life.

"Kagome needs to put down the fork, what a fat ass!" said Rumiko with a shrill laugh following. Rumiko was draped over Kenji who was sitting with the large popular crowd.

Kagome gasped and dropped her water bottle as her vision blurred with salty tears. She tried not to let any slip as she bent down to pick it up.

"Hey hey. Your going to make her upset!" said Kenji.

Kagome perked up just a little bit thinking maybe she isn't that fat and that maybe he did like her. Kagome started to walk to her table and meal until as she heard a comment that would stab her through heart and cause her the most pain she had known.

"Really, I would probably cry too, if I had a stomach the size of the ocean blue!" he finished, making the entire crowd laugh hysterically.

Finally the last insult made it's impact as she heard the second in command to the queen bee Rumiko, Maika yell at her "Kagome, you better ditch that yellow backpack! Somebody is going to mistake you for a taxi!"

Kagome ran out of the cafeteria and hot tears rolled down her pale cheeks endlessly. Those words felt like a dagger going through her self confidence. All she could do was wonder if everyone thought that about her, and what she could do about it.

Once arriving at her home she was relieved to find a note saying everyone would be gone until that evening. Kagome ran up the stairs and flung herself onto her large bed, landing with a loud thud.

"Does everybody think I'm a blimp?? Why hasn't anyone told me until now? No wonder Inuyasha doesn't like me, I'm a whale!" she shouted at no one, trying to stop the tears that would not stop falling. Suddenly she got up and walked over to her full length mirror.

"Oh my god! I am fat!! Why didn't I see this before?!" she screamed in furry. Just as quickly as she had walked over to her mirror she was running over to her bathroom scale.

And there in red letters she saw 130 pounds. (I don't know what type of measurement they use so lets just say it's pounds!)

"No! No it can't be! I am fat!" Kagome screamed in disbelief.

"There has to be a way, there just has to be a way!" she cried out. And before she knew it she was hovering over her toilet, tears making small splashes in the water. Jolting foreword she released her lunch from her stomach. Over and over for 20 minutes she shoved 2 fingers into her throat trying to coax the food out. Once she had finally finished she backed up against the wall crying the most heart breaking sobs you would ever hear. She no longer felt the weight in her stomach and she was convinced she had done the right thing. Grabbing onto the seat she lifted herself up and flushed away the evidence and brushed her teeth.

"Well I can't keep doing this… somebody will find out and stop me. But maybe I can do something else?" Kagome said pleasantly. Surfing the web she finally found a website, that would contribute to her undoing.

Well I should leave it at that I suppose! How long was it? Let me know if the chapters should be shorter or longer. I thought I would make it as long to make up for the delay. I am going to attempt to get 1 more chapter up before I leave but if I don't I will update with 2 chapters when I get back. Sorry my AN at the beginning was so long but I thought if you don't want to read it you could just ignore it :P So how was the prologue for my story? Good, Bad? Meh? Keep in mind if you are going to criticize you need to say something nice too :P Braces self Alright! Review!!